Farhan Abdul Azeez – A Tour of Jannah

Farhan Abdul Azeez
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming journey into the afterlife, where people will face overwhelming sadness and wear masks to enter Jannah. They also talk about the holy month and how people will be surprised when they enter Jannah. The physical appearance of the beast, including its appearance in various foods and animals, is emphasized. The speakers also mention the use of ruffles and the importance of being present in public. The conversation ends with a video of a man named Jesus who talks about his success and the importance of Jran, and a woman named Jana who wants to be the highest level of Jran.
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supple Hadith Kitab Allah wa Halal how do you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, wa Salam o morning MacArthur to have a column of data timbira kula Middleton, dadada, Bakula? Dadada Tim for now.

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Shala would like to us like us to take a journey into the afterlife. And what we're going to do is we're going to fast forward past death and pass the grave and pass the Day of Judgment. And we will get to the moment as a first person in sha Allah.

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As we get to the gates of Jannah Allah subhanho wa Taala he sees what's the the telco Rob Bell will meet Al Jun Elgin. attys O'Meara and those who are Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be taken in groups to the gates of Jannah. Just imagine that moment after all you've been through to get to the gates of gender and to see with your own eyes. What the Prophet Salam described when he said that about Medina Misra and even masari al Jana Masirah, to Aruba, Aina Sana, he says that the distance between two shutters from the gates of Jana, or the distance of 40 years and travel, massive gates, massive gates, and he says I sent him one Deanna and a Yeoman will who will cover you will mean as

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the ham. But as big as these gates are as massive as they are, they will come upon a day upon them a day in which it will be so crowded with the believers will be entering into paradise We ask Allah to make us amongst them

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41 Call

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center to

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center on gnarly incomplete into federal Hulu Hall The and when they reach the gates they will hear the guardians of the gates the angels saying Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you. Believe it Tim you've succeeded

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for the holidays so enter to stay in forever. And when they enter it's imagine the overwhelming feeling of love they will have for Allah. That because we know no one enters Jannah based on their deeds but rather by the mercy of Allah, even the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so knowing that Allah has made us amongst those who he has granted His mercy to enter into paradise, work on all hamdulillah

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they praise Allah, Allah, the solder corner

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who has fulfilled his promise to us?

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Well more than one at about what will mean engine at the highest ownership

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and we will inherit the land of Jana where we can go wherever we want in it's the feeling of love for Allah in that moment, because all your sadness is all your sorrows. Everything you know is behind you. It's all gone. Well gone on

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horizon, in

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banner photo, shackle Shankle, they will say and Praise be to Allah Who was removed from us and hasn

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of sadness and sorrow is gone. The fear of the Day of Judgment 50,000 years standing there, the pains of this world, the sicknesses, the ailments, the sorrows that we go through in the day to day life, all of that is gone.

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And Levy 100 comments, felt loony ly Amazona free

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zone Fe he had been the one who has granted us the home of permanent abode from His bounty and we will not have any awareness of mind nor fatigue that will touch us there in and as you enter Jannah you hear a crier call out and he says yeah lol Jana

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he says a crier calls out to the people of Jana united the monad and people cry call across it and he says in

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Medical mental health and attimo to Avada you will live and you will never die there's no fear of death. Why Nana come and

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come and you will be healthy forever and you will never have to worry about being sick. Why Nico mentorship bufala Teramo Abba and you will be young and you will never grow old. We're in telecom antenna mo te su Abba. And you will always be in a constant state of bounty you'll never have to worry about any, any loss. And when you enter Jannah the past enemy says up now with Allah Athena Athena Athena Athena Athena center, you will be 30 or 33 years old,

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the peak of your strength and your health and you will never grow past that forever you will stay in that age and as you enter Jannah

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you are clothed with the clothes of Jannah Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Jen to hardening the whole Luna you Hello Nafi I mean, as we roaming the heavy one, no. One Eban zoom Fi hi Heidi. Allah says that when they enter Jannah they will be clothed with the clothes of adorn with the adornments of Jana from bracelets of gold and pearls, and their garments, their clothing will be of silk. And so you enter Jannah, after a long, stressful day of 50,000 years in the day of judgment.

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And as many of us, our minds always go to is what's there to eat.

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And so a Jewish rabbi, he came to the Messenger of Allah Salam, and he was testing him to see if he had knowledge from the knowledge that he had. And it was a long Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and amongst the questions he asked the Messenger of Allah sai sadhana minutes, he says is what will be their first meal in paradise. And so the Messenger of Allah so I sent him he said, Ziad to Cabo de noon, which may not sound like the first choice you would have. He said that their first meal will be from the liver of a whale.

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This is a whale of Jana. So even if it doesn't sound the most appetizing, we know that Jana will be tastes and joys of which we have never experienced and we will only want more and better and then he asked him after that and what will be their food after that? And that's when perhaps what our minds what to some good steak.

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Here's where the state comes in the province on him he says, he says, You inherit a home filled with Jen Ella de Kenya Kuruman raffia a steer and ox from Jana which used to eat from the vegetation of Jana will be slaughtered for them and they will have its meats. And then they asked he asked what will be their drink and he says a drink from Sal Sabine a spring in paradise Allah talks about in the Quran. So you will have been fed with the beautiful food of Jana and the drinks of Jana, and then your instincts will guide you to your property

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prossimi sees one Levine fcba de la him and Debbie Manzini, if it didn't fill Jana me newbie Manzini counterfeit dunya that you will be more aware and more familiar with your home and Jana that you will be when you're home in this world.

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If the lights go out and pitch black, you can still find your way around your house because you know your home you're intimately aware of your home, you are more intimately aware of your home and Jana. Why?

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Because that is our home.

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We were created for Jana, and fact everybody from Allah who has created has a home in paradise. Everybody has a home in paradise, even the non Muslims. Allah has given everybody a place in paradise but those who reject Jana and choose Hellfire then Allah subhana wa Tada allows those who intergender to inherit all of what they left behind. So you will know your place in Jannah just like you know your home in this world, but in fact even better,

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and then you will go to your home. And the palaces of Jannah are remarkable. Gold and silver and emeralds and rubies. In fact, the last person and they had the person who described the last person to cross over the setup to get to Jana, he says, he says vampire Nikolai mohatta You have to who the whole Bible Castle, a massive palace. And by the way, that hadith I'm cutting it short. There's a long Hadith but he had previous palaces before this one. He comes to a massive palace. And when he it says that the door of the palace will be opened and he so I sent him says that it's made of a hollowed Pearl, the roof, the doors, the locks and even the keys are all from this are all made from

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this pearl.

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And then you see your spouse, your wife or your husband and you just freeze and because Jen has eternity, you could spend 10 years just gazing at the beauty that Allah has created for you

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the beauty of your wife

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For the beauty of your husband and everybody will be married in Jannah there is nobody single engine everybody will have a spouse if you were married in this world you will be joined together in the hereafter inshallah

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I see some sad faces but it's okay.

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Because Because Allah subhanaw taala will remove any sadness or any tension or any stress between the husband and the wife. What is that for you so duty him in real? Like the first day you got married? That level of joy you have with your spouse and if you weren't married then Allah will create for you a spouse and you will be married both men and women. And that to give you an idea of the beauty of the woman of Jana, the person he says in a heartbeat he says when I went Nimrods in January ba

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ba at my Boehner Houma if just a woman from the woman in paradise, were just to look towards this dunya the space between the paradise and this video will be filled with lights

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one and asleep hoo ha had out us Yeah, hate on me to dunya mafia and the claw that is on her head.

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It the simple cloth is worth more than all of this world, whatever it contains. What are we chasing after? And what are we sacrificing? So you see your wife and you see your palace and you see the decor cushions and carpets and thrones and and and sofas and beds and the like. And then you want to eat some more you can eat some more whatever you want is given for you it's there for you. And then you decide let's go out let's explore why don't we explore that in a little bit. So you walk out of your home and right away just like when you entered you are greeted with a beautiful smell a beautiful smell and so you're wondering where does this smell coming from? And you realize the

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Hadith of the Prophet I sent him where he says what either terrazzo Halal misc, its soil is as has a scent of misc. So you're surrounded by beautiful smells like your own Fe Hashem. So what as I'm harira you won't find it too hot, nor will it be too cold, perfect weather as you wish. And if you like a little warmer and somebody likes it a little cooler, everybody will experience Jannah on their own

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as they like and you don't have to worry about using the bathroom personally says lie It's over Wartune

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zuccon He says that you won't have to use the bathroom and you don't have to have nasal congestion or allergies. You won't have to spit and he says what actual hormonal misc and if you sweat it's going to be the smell of misc. It's going to make you adorn you and beauty and and enjoyment.

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And then you hear the rivers of Jannah

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you hear water flowing outside of your property so you say let's go see what this is. What's the sound of this water and Allah subhanaw taala he says methadone and Jen neti neti worry that remote

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in why Ed is in the description of the paradise who Allah has given to them with nothing. There is four four flowing rivers The first of which is described as water that never gets contaminated. What and how many Lebanese lamea

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are moved and rivers of milk whose tastes will never change one mean that in Nisha DB and rivers of wine that are sweetness to those who drink it neither does it intoxicating new doors, nor does that give you a headache. What and how me not sunny most of and rivers of purified honey. So you go to your rivers that are flowing beneath literally flowing tragedy mentality * and how beneath your gardens. You perhaps drink from one river and another and another and each time you drink couldn't lose your home in Hammond Pamela to respond God we have another couple. Every time you eat some fruit or you take something from Jana, you say this looks like what I tasted before but every time

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you taste it has a new and better taste than the time before Allahu Akbar.

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And so you pass by the rivers of Jana and you see the trees of Jana in Nephele Jannetty Sharanya zero Locky woofie Lilia Miata Santa light meet me at the Sun Allah Tala, you will see massive trees in Jana, Brazil MCs a rider can ride through its shade for 100 years and not pass it by.

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And he's always sending me he says that Marfil Jannetty Shala in our sample home in the hub, the trunks of the trees of Jana are made of gold. And as you're walking by agenda and you see the believers and you see your family members because Allah says those who believe from your family will be joined together with you and how can I be him good Rita Halima, let's now minimally him and shake your children if perhaps they were better than you and you're afraid you won't be with them or your parents were better than you and you're afraid you won't be with them. If you both make it

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Jana, Allah will raise your whole family together to the one who had the highest level and you will be with your family and Jana so you see your son and you see mashallah he's wearing beautiful clothes and you want to have the color he's wearing. So even our bass he was asked about the clothes of Jana and he says the clothes of Jana come from the trees of Jana whose fruits are like pomegranates. When you wish to have a piece of clothing, it will come to you. It will open and you will find 70 different colors of clothes, you could choose whichever one you want.

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It's like unlimited colors of hijab. You don't have to worry about the closet having only 40 colors 100 million, whatever you want. Every time you choose, you will have a different color and a different beautiful coating to beautify you from the people of Ghana. And then you see something very interesting. You're walking through Jana, the smells, the sights, the sounds, the believers, and then you see someone flying on a horse

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flying on a horse. And not only that the horse is made of rubies and he maybe he waves to you and he says Santa Monica, I'm from the Sahaba of the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam because a man who the messenger boss has on him, he asked him the Messenger of Allah he says hello Phil Jannetty Heil messenger of Allah I just love horses. So are there going to be horses in Jannah? Because we know the Hadith on the Day of Judgment, all the animals, there'll be justice between them and then Allah will say Kudo Torah become destiny will become dust.

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So messenger of Allah will be well there will there be horses in Jannah and he says, he says the Messenger of Allah told him that if Allah enters into Jannah, that Allah who will give you a horse made a rubies, a red rubies that you can that has two wings, you can fly with it wherever you want to Jana, you want to go visit the process and I'm on the horse go ahead and go to Costa to go ahead and go to the MBI go to the Saudi Hey, fly wherever you want. So if you want a Ferrari and Jana you can have Inshallah, if you want kittens and Jenna you can have Inshallah, whatever you like somebody likes to work, somebody who just enjoys the hobby that they have a messenger of Allah was talking to

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the companion saying, There's a man in Jannah who will ask Allah to start farming. So Allah will ask him Don't you have everything you want? And Jana, he says in new hippo Zara, but I love to farm Oh Allah, I love to farm. So Allah will allow him to farm in that moment he plans to see me become as big as mountains. And so one of the veterans who are listening to the Hadith he said O Messenger of Allah, perhaps this man is from the from the from the Mahajan, one of the Ansara. Because the Bedouins we can farm like that.

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So whatever you want the home fee How am I a shop owner, Holly Dean, Allah says they will have whatever they want. They will stay there forever. And I'll end the first clip out with a statement from the ambassador on Houma. He says, while khulumani Sakura, hula hula Allah Phil Quran me mehfil Jana Felisa whom in houfy dunya internalism. And everything Allah has mentioned in about Jana, it only shares in this dunya the relationship to the stuff on this dunya is just the name, but when we go there, it will be something completely beyond our imagination Lacuna Coil it has I was offered only when it come for Sofitel who in the Horn of Africa right

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it's not him I know him from the lower banana you know sort of seminar suited a while and he was so heavy his mind beyond all of that, beyond the families and the children and you know, being with your family and your wives and your husbands and the food and the trees and the rivers and the palaces of Jannah there's something that's above and beyond all of that. The Messenger of Allah Sanam was talking to Sabrina his Salaam and he was telling him about Yeoman Juma the day of Friday and how great of a day it is and how on this day there is an hour that you make dua and it will never be turned away. And then he sees one afternoon at the roof will ask Allah to Yeoman mozzie

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then Giuliani, Saddam Caesar in the era we refer to Friday as the day of increase. And so he say so I said to him, why do you call it the day of increase? So the GBI said I'm telling them in Arabic Azerbaijani Takada fill Jannetty yd and Fer Amin Miskin Abbey of your Lord Allah has taken a valley in Ghana, that's more fragrant than white musk for either account or yo went to Joomla and on the day of Friday nessuna Tabata what's odd I mean Alina Allah cool to see you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala descends from the highest level upon his chair, Phil Mahaffey. Well, corsia be Manabi to me, no. And then the his his chair will be surrounded by by pulpits of lights

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from Majah and EBU and a Hetalia de su Allah and the mess of the prophets of Allah will come and they will say on these members of lights, and then he says, then the then the currency will be surrounded by bye, bye bye thrones of gold, and the sun, the moon and the shahada, the martyrs will come and they will sit upon it. And then he says, and then all of the people will join agenda will come and they'll sit on the sand dunes of Jana and no one will think the other to be higher than the other. And then he says, feta Jalla hombre boom Tabata Katana, ha

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So Young guru either

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and at that moment whenever the scene has been set in all the people of gender are sitting in waiting, Allah subhanho wa Taala will appear and they will look at Allah subhanaw taala as face.

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And he will say just like when the people of gender enter gender, they will say Alhamdulillah Allah de sada Karna Wada. Praise be to Allah who fulfilled his promise to us, Allah will look at them and He Himself will tell them and Allah the Sadhak to commodity

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I am the one who fulfilled my promise to you what it's meant to add a commitment to and I have completed my favor upon you have had new kuramathi first and only this is the place for my generosity, so ask me whatever you want. And so they will say,

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Oh Allah, we ask for your pleasure. And Allah will tell them

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my pleasure is what granted you this place in jaaneman allowed you to experience by just generosity, so ask me so everyone from Janna will ask whatever they want of Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever they want of Allah until everyone is done. And then the Hadith says for you to hula home endodontic and at that moment after everybody has Sasha did all their desires. At that moment secrets will be open to them, man I wanna Oh, do not send me out what a hopper Allah I'll be back

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at that moment, Allah who will open for them what no eye has ever seen, and no ear has ever heard, and no mind has ever even fathom. That's the greatest joy to see the face of Allah and Jana as Allah and there's so many Hadith about it. I can share with them for the sake of time, but we know from the Hadith, the Prophet says that the greatest joy that people have Jana will have

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is to see the face of Allah. Imagine when you the comfort you get when you see your most beloved thing to you in this world, your child, your son, your daughter, when you see her face, how much joy it gives you. I mean that multiply to the nth degree, when you see the Face of your Lord who you worshipped out of love throughout this life and out of fear and out of hope. You will see his face on the day of judgment and Paradise. And that will be the greatest joy that you will have. And so I'll end by saying what Allah says in the Quran.

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Limited we have fully Amelie and I'm you know, for this, for this reward, that those who are going to work, start to work, that's our home. Allah has already reserved our place for it, our place they are for us. We just have to work to get it to ask Allah for the highest levels of Jannah and we ask Allah to do that the Messenger of Allah used to ask Allahumma Inasa Luca love that another Isla when she called Kareem was Shoka in earlier called Ola we asked you for the sweetness of looking upon your face and to the desire the longing to meet you Allah whom I mean in the Lahoma the economical saloon Allah Nabi yeah you already know him and also knew Allah he was sending an email Lama Sunday

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Allah Muhammad you wanna only Muhammad didn't come also later on Ebrahim wider already below him in the kami de Mogi Allama Burdick Allah Muhammad Juan earning Muhammad income America Rahim Allah Allah Brahim for now and I mean in the Gambia Majeed Allah ma fille Muslim and when was the MA mats What about me? No What about me not an iminium well and what's in the KR Robina semi room carbon Mooji without Allahumma Quinlan for those Ananda deleted ASAP you want to either well in an asset okay out of band let that another EDA what you can Kareem was so caught you daddy for field Lady Laura and Melinda when I fit that in Madonna Allama meanwhile, Fatima Sana.

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