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The transcript describes the Muslim community's history and how they differ from their own deeds. A woman facing a boulder on a cave and giving a thirsty dog for a reward leads to her escape. A woman who gave a large amount of money to her for a boulder hit a hole in a cave causing her to have milk and eat it, leading to her escape.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Juana and he also he has made

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the province that I Salim said in a hadith recorded by Imam autonomy the amendment magia

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a very interesting and very powerful Hadith

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describing one of the ways in which the hisab will occur on the day of judgment

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and he says that he sees you psychobiological in mean OMA to Yamanaka parameter Allahu Sinhala, that

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a man from my Alma will be called in front of everyone.

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You will be called by his name to come forward for the questioning. And he says for you insha Allah Hotez satin what is known as cedula Kulusuk Jianlin middle Bazaar, he says that a 99 scrolls will be brought forth

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each scroll the length of which if you were to open and roll all the way out would be as far as the eye can see.

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So 99 scrolls are brought he's brought in front of all of mankind. And any nine scrolls are brought. Then Allah subhana wa Tada. He says, Helton key Roman had che.

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So these scrolls are the scrolls of his evil deeds that he did.

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99 scrolls as far as the eye can see, of evil. And Allah then asked him, do you reject anything that's written in any of these scrolls?

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For Oh, no, no. niab He will say no, oh my lord.

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So the Allah will then ask him of Allah Metka katabatic and Hatfield goon, the the angels who recorded your deeds? Did they wronged you in any way?

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And then he says, Allah oven asks him before he can answer he says, Alexa,

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do you have any sort of excuse?

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And then he says,

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Alexa has Santa? Did you even do just one good deed that you brought?

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99 That's it. I mean, the imagine the amount of regret at that moment. You know, all the times he was weak in this world. And now he's standing before Allah. And Allah has asked him do you do you reject and he's giving him a chance to maybe argue? Do you have any excuse do you even have a good deed? And the narration says for you have Orajel fire kulula So the man becomes this terrified realizing the realization upon him and he just says no, I have no excuse.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Bella in Malacca and Anna Hassan

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rather you actually have not just one good deed with us but many good deeds. And he says, we're in a who level Malika yum. And most definitely, there'll be no wrong upon you today. So the narration says photographer, photographer doula who vitarka a card will be brought out. He just had 99 scrolls, each of which is imagine the weight of each one. Maybe how many angels are carrying each one? I mean, as long as I can see in the now a simple card is brought out a note card for two Krajina who be taka, fie, ha ha do Allah illallah wa Muhammad Abdul Hora Su.

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And written on this card is the shahada team, that I testify that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah subhanho wa Taala and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his sleeve, and His messenger. So the narration says for pulling me out of the womb I had he'll be talking about how these sins alert, the man who will say like, I mean really, maybe he got excited for a moment Allah says you have Hessonite with us but then a card comes and he says, Oh Allah, what will this one card do? Compared to 99 scrolls of,

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of deeds. And Allah Samantha responds and tells him in Nicola Tulum.

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let the process play out and Nicola told them you won't be wronged you will not be wrong today. So then the weighing of the deeds takes place. And then Harrison says for toolbar CG lotfy Keifa. We'll be talking to Vicki first. So all the scrolls are placed on one scale and the card is placed on the other skill and he says fail Pass Fail pass at a CG lat without quality will be blocked.

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And he says that the 99 scrolls are like thrown off the

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The scale by the weight of the heaviness of the card that says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Now this is very interesting.

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Now why is this interesting because every Muslim has this card. Is that true or no?

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By definition to become a Muslim you have to say, I said to Allah Allah Allah Chandra, everybody has this card, but are there Muslims who will enter Hellfire

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so how do we understand the Hadith?

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How is it that this man is right in front of mankind and he's completely overwhelmed and fear for you have Orajel he just realized he's destroyed yet his card would save him but others we know Muslims who will go to hellfire right So Abraham Allah Tada he, he talks about this and he actually sees what am I Norman and Nicola Moorhead Aloha they will be talking it is known that every believer in Allah, in the Oneness of Allah has this card he has in possession this card but he says what cathedral mean who had the Quran now, but many of them will enter Hellfire be the newbie based on their sins. But He says why be utility philosophy feito Hedy Heaney rabita Baracoa Tala. Because of

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the, the,

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the lack of sincerity,

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in his belief in the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala

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the lack of sincerity in the oneness of belief in the Oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he goes on to say, the Indian Arman, learn to the file that will be Swati, ha ha, that the HA, deeds, they aren't given preference over another based on their number that you do, or based on their their outward appearance. We've all just pray to Russia. But all of us may not have obtained the same reward from our Salah Tonatiuh.

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He says the look of the Isha was the same, we all pray the same Jamaah the same method side by side. But that's not what differentiates how much good deeds or how much reward you get from Allah. He says

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we're in the master file, there'll be two Falguni MAs and polu. But what differentiates them is the what's in the heart during the action. So he says so two deeds could look the same. But he says, but the difference between them is a difference between the heavens and the earth. Right and even Taymiyah Rahman, Allah Allah he says about this and he sees as an example of this hadith of the Prophet occurred. He says, Well, we know the woman from Bani Israel in for example, who was a prostitute how many bad deeds has she committed? Yet she was forgiven her sins and granted Jana forgiving a thirsty dog water. But he then goes on to say does not every person who gives a thirsty

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dog water granted the same reward? Right but it's insincerity in her heart. And so

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I wanted to end by sharing with you a hadith that you've all heard before. But briefly, it's a long stories and body and Muslims authentic hadith that reaches the highest levels of authentification, in which the Messenger of Allah says said, I'm told us about three men, you probably heard this before they were out and there was a big storm. So they saw a shelter in a cave. And during the storm, a huge boulder fell and covered the mouth of the cave. And so they were had no exit from this, from this, from this, from this cave. So they said to each other, why don't you make dua to Allah,

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beseeching him by virtue of a deed that you did that was sincere for the sake of Allah. So think back in your life, just come up with one thing you did, that was good for the sake of Allah. And by virtue of that, ask Allah to remove this boulder from the mouth of the of the cave, so we can escape. And so the they do so and so the first man he says, I, he makes DUA and he says, Oh Allah, I would bring milk for my parents. And one time I was delayed, I had to go further out than normal. By the time I came back, my parents had fallen asleep, and I had the milk for them, and I did not want to disturb their sleep or wake them up. And my kids were at my feets

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in hunger.

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But he said, he said, I felt it was the right of my parents to have the milk before my children. So I stood there all night until they awoke and I gave them the milk and my kids slept at my feet hungry. And he says, Oh Allah if I did that, for your sake thing fitting thinking that our animal only found two that he could deliver our Chica frozen I mean half Raja he says, Oh Allah if you know I did this sincerely for your sake, then Allah please make it way off for us. So the rock moved and they could see the crack of the sky. Then the second man comes forth and this is very interesting because you might be thinking brother, you're telling me about doing this sincere deeds for Allah

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who's gonna stand on my in front of the parents house? You know, I could just amazon prime them some milk and come in two hours, no problem. Like, you're talking about things that are like I'm drowning in sin. Every day I send you're talking about sincerity to Allah doing amazing things. Look at this next man. He says I was so in love with my cousin. I was I

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I was just overwhelmed with love for her and I asked her to marry me and she refused and so a time came upon in her life that she was in need of money so she came to ask me for money she needed 100 Dina dinar is the gold right there Hamas silver dinar is expensive so well 100 D not as expensive as a lot. He says I don't even have that money. But my cousin said I need 100 dinar so he said okay, I will give you that money on condition that you sleep with me.

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So she agreed she was a need. So she agreed. And so he worked and he worked and he worked and he gathered the 100 dinar and then urgencies until the point that he was about to do the deed and she says yeah, Abdullah tequila.

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Oh slave of Allah fear Allah and don't approach that which Allah has, has forbidden Allah by that which is halal. And when he heard fear Allah, He left her at the moment the need was about to be done.

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And he says, Oh Allah, if you know that I did this for your sake alone, then Oh Allah frigiliana for Raja, then Oh Allah make your way out for us. Did he do a good deed?

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I mean, yes, you get reward for leaving a sin. But think about it. He planned this all households, he coerced her into committing about deed. And then he left the bad deed. But he didn't did it sincerely for Allah.

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So you you may be going through struggles, addictions, you may be having struggled whatever it is, but you you lower your gaze, you leave off that, that sin, whatever it is sincerely, no one knows. But that moment comes and you you say you know what I am I for Allah, I will leave it. That could be your ticket agenda. And the third man is a man who he had hired someone and he promised him some some seed as payment. The man refused the payment. He offered it to him, the man refused. And so the person who hired him planted, the seeds grew. And he, from that profit, he was able to buy cows and even hire a shepherd. Later, the man who refused the payment now comes back and says, Hey, I want my

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money. So he can actually just pay him the amount of the seeds and be done right. But he says you take all the cows and the shepherd who I hired as well.

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And the nourishing body sees a test as you will be you're you're you're mocking me like what do you mean, and you just pay me and from the seeds. You're telling me to take all these cows and the worker to take care of them? And he said, Yeah, it's yours. Because there was his money that he invested. And so the profit he gave to him as well and he says, Oh Allah, you know, I did this only for your sake, then Oh Allah make your way out for us. And he did. The point being the question I want all of us to ask ourselves as we drive home from a shot tonight, if we were behind a bolt or stuck in the cave, do we have a deed we can call upon Allah to say Oh ALLAH sincerely I did it for

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Do we have something in our life? Because we will come on the day of judgment with this card? We will come to sha Allah we die as believers we ask about it. Let us live as believers and die as believers Aloma Amin, but will we come with the sincerity that is required of saying I should do Allah ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, because it's not just speech, if it was just speech and the people who refuse to face that God and the time of Abu Bakr, Abubakar want to have fun them.

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But the speech is, is is is testify to its sincerity in the truth and its truth by your actions. So we ask Allah to make us amongst those who have sincerity in our hearts and who do deeds sincerely for the sake of Allah. And we ask Allah to be able to meet him on the day of judgment with deeds that we will be proud of that only he did only for his sake alone, seeking His pleasure alone Allah Allah Subhana Allah whom will be having thicknesses of allied islands, the sulfur content will be Nick