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The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a discussion about loan options and credit cards. The speakers discuss the cost of paying a loan and the benefits of a student loan. They also talk about the cost of paying interest on a student loan and the need for a workforce to pay interest. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a discussion about loan options and credit cards.

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So one critical question people they have right now on the ask is about the cost of education. So how can I study or go to medical school, for example, a law school or any other higher education that requires a lot of investment without taking student loans? So they're asking, Is it permissible for me that that justifies, you know, the means of doing so?

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The answer, honestly, is multifold. It's not just, you know, one thing, first of all, is it Is that considered a necessity? Because, yes, if it's necessity, in this case, then yeah, we can justify taking concessions and so forth. But obviously, an honestly, honest opinion is actually it's not a necessity. It's a need, yeah, maybe. But for many people, it's really I want somebody who wants to become a doctor, they want to become a lawyer. And they have different reasons for that, and so forth. But they cannot do this based on their personal means. So is it this that does justify for them to go and take the route of taking student loans and so on? That's one thing. So it's not a

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necessity. So therefore, I would say from a harm perspective, let's say you should not take a loan just because you want to become in this professional, that profession and so forth. People, they would say, well, we need doctors, we need engineers, I believe in handler we have very good amount of data engineers are shallow to water Kota Allah. And again, it's not the chat, the main channels that we really, we have in our time. So that's the first The second thing economically speaking, even right now, when you look at the corporate America, they're actually they're, they're removing the degree for money with their, you know, their position, they're looking for skills, they're

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looking for experience they're looking for people have higher EQ than IQ. So basically, it's a matter of, you know, the market is shifting here and there and I don't know if it's going to be actually,

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you know, economically, I would say worth it for many people to put so much investment that after they graduate, you're going to have to pay almost a mortgage amount of loan back into the degree before they are they're off of course the hook and so forth. So therefore, I would say generally speaking, no, it doesn't justify it. And I hope we shall allow that become an incentive for many, many brothers and sisters to find other alternatives finding

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interest free loans and hamdulillah I know that we have some organization that provide actually that kind of assistance and that helps Sharla surgeon and I know some individuals some brothers that handle a lot that I know personally, who finished their medical degree and they advanced Mashallah so high in their in their field, without even having to take a loan. Why? Because they were pretty persistent. They're very, very organized, very systematic, and they were able to acquire lots and lots of scholarships. They never looked down at a scholarship that prize in $100 or $150, or something like that. There are so many other ways of taking care of it but taking a student loan

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that requires some you to pay interest on after you're done. It doesn't justify that well done.