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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying in a row and standing in the same spot for everyone. They also mention a person who wants to be in the right side of the formation of Hawaii and the importance of praying in a row for everyone.
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If two people praying together in the same row,

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which side the one leading the prayer should stand, and where exactly the other person should stand.

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If two people pray together in Gemini and congregation and congregation can be with two people and a mom and a follower, and in this case what happened the person who praying with the with the Imam should be in the right side of the Imam, and should be exactly on his side. A lot of people what they do they step back a little bit, but that's not correct. You should be exactly on the side of the person as an amendment behind him online. And so he, he mentioned I needed an ambassador to Libya. So someone brought in a bass. He was standing on that basically, he was standing on the left. So now visa Sutherland brought him and he put him right at his right side. That's what Bahati said.

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Bobby Acoma and Yemeni imants Hawaii and the exactly in the same level and this story and second Bahati also in what an Imam Malik Rahim Allah authentic narration of the live near a living room. He said I enter while

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the Allahu and praying so he sought I prayed next to him. I prayed I join him. So he brought me until I was exactly in the same level and had been asked upon when a person pray with another person, which should he stand he said on the right side, he said exactly in the same level or should he be a little bit behind him he said No, exactly in the same level and no space between them. So that's the Sunnah when two people pray with each other two men pray with each other or two women pray with each other, that they will be exactly in the same line and no space between them.

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