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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of the law referring to the language and how it refers to the makeup of the people. They also mention that the default language in Arabic is that it is likely to be that way for a long time, but in French and other languages, the sun is likely to be that way. The loss of celebrate data is considered a "work loss."
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Why does the law refer to himself as he?

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hamdulillah Salat Salam O Allah so Allah so this goes back to every language having its own logic, every language having its own makeup. Now with regards to the Arabic language in the Arabic language, we don't have anything that denotes it, right? So we say he or she or in English indicating something that's inanimate in Arabic, every inanimate object and every object that is beyond female and male, a biological female or biological male will still have will still be defined as being either masculine or feminine. And so this exists also in French and in Spanish, and I'm sure many other languages where you have to learn that for example, a tree is feminine and that a

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table or is masculine or what have you. And in Arabic, the sun is feminine and the moon is masculine, even though the sun isn't female and the moon isn't male. And so the default with regards to anything is that it is masculine until there's a reason for it to become feminine. And so Allah Subhana Allah not being male or female, so Anahata either, a loss of habitat is above all of these things, but a loss of Hana data is called the default which is masculine who and Allah subhanho data

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