Why Does Allah (SWT) Put Us Through Hardships?

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Everyone faces hardships in their lives. Why does Allah (SWT) put us through them? What is the wisdom by letting us go through hardships?

Shaykh Saad Tasleem answers.

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The speaker discusses how difficult situations can lead to hardships, but they can also bring them closer to their loss of data. They acknowledge that they are in a difficult situation and that they can take it as a good sign to reach out to Allah for help. The speaker believes that they are in a good spot to benefit from Allah's help.

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Why does a lot put us through hardships?

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amongst the many reasons why alumni put us in a hardship or put us through difficult situations, is the reason that Allah wants to bring us closer to him. That alone wants to raise our Eman and raise our status with Allah. This is something that all of the profits went through. They were all tested and tried. And we know that they were the closest to a loss of data. So likewise, we can take it as a glad tidings as a good sign. When we see that we're going through hardships, as long as we recognize that that is a test from a loss penalty. That is an opportunity a chance for us to reach out to Allah to seek Allah's help rely upon Allah and in turn, get closer to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Allah knows best