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The importance of Islam in helping people cope with the worst-case scenario is discussed, including the use of "has" and "has not" to describe similar experiences. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between loving Islam and finding a way to act with it, balancing love and passion for healthy deeds, and knowing one's power to act in the best way possible. The speaker also discusses the negative impact of Islam on society, including the belief that everyone is supposed to love and be their own doctors, and the need for passionate faith in oneself to achieve healthy deeds. The importance of understanding one's power and its impact on one's behavior is emphasized, along with the need to act in the best way possible to achieve success.

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after praising Allah subhanho wa Taala while recognizing we can never praise him as he deserves, and after testifying that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion with Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed his prophet and his servant that his messenger will be sent as a mercy to the worlds and after welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal, and reminding myself I knew at the top of Allah to be conscious and dutiful and loyal to Allah as best as one can.

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My brothers and sisters, I'm often

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faced with people

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that struggle with faith, and a question that is often looped into the mix. And there are different wordings of it by people who argue that God doesn't exist.

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Why should God care?

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As one of them said to me here in Allentown

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when I took him to a coffee shop to help work through this with him. He said, So you're telling me God created the universe. And yet he cares what tiny me is doing in a tiny corner of this tiny rock Planet Earth in the middle of the universe?

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And of course, this question should bother any person that has regard for Allah azza wa jal, but at the same time, we want to help people work through it. Because as they say, it's in the ether, right? Our ears hear it and the ears of our loved ones here.

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And so it is actually very interesting, because people who say there is no God, they constantly sight more than anything else. Why doesn't God care? Meaning Why is there evil in the world? Right? If God is existing, the why is there evil? Why does he care about what's going on. But in the same vein, when it's talking about their accountability, they don't want to accept the fact that God cares. So it is like a double standard. It's like wanting your cake and eating it too, as we say in English.

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So Allah certainly does care and is certainly in control.

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And the fact that we do not want to face the possibility of being held accountable,

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when we are the ones guilty of wrongdoing, guilty of evil does not change the fact that it's a reality. But at the same time, Islam tells us the Quran tells us that the reality is also that Allah does not want to punish us Subhana Allah to Allah that helps people cope with this, you know, anxiety this question causes them this concern causes them, Allah Tabata God Allah is not indifferent. He says subhanho wa Taala may aside Allah who be either becoming Ceccato meant to Makana Allah Who Shakira malema, what would Allah do with punishing you? Like what is he gets out of punishing you, so long as you are thankful? And so long as you are faithful?

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Meaning he's not inclined to it at all? What can Allah Who Shakira Alima and Allah is so appreciating? So knowing that's what it's really about, that Allah is so appreciating, willing to accept from you the smallest reason to forgive you and have mercy on you. You know, imagine even a person that would spend his life, persecuting people for believing in God, if he were to believe and repent sincerely, a moment before his death. That would mean that Allah knew that he would live to make up for those years, it would be enough that moment, that sincere tear on his deathbed, to get him forgiven. Despite that lifetime, in the Latina faith and well meaning in our community through

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Mala Mia to bufala Hamada Bucha Hana, those who persecute the persecuted the believing men and women, Burn them alive in the Surah and then didn't repent. They will face the hellfire. Look at the generosity look at the great if they don't repent.

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Allah is appreciating but he is also on Iman He is also the most knowing

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He knows despite the vastness of His mercy, who is insisting on refusing to go to Paradise, insisting on seeing his justice, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam told us that as well that is the proper framing Kulu Matthew had hidden agenda 11 ever all of my home everyone I was sent to, will enter paradise except those who refused. They said who would refuse your Rasul Allah? He said, Whoever follows me goes to paradise and whomever rebels whomever refuses to follow me that that is their refusal.

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You know, these people sometimes they they shift gears they okay, I can accept the concept that Allah's Mercy is so wide and so unlimited. But there's still justice, right? He is not limited by His mercy from being wise being just I can accept that. But why does His justice have to be so painful? One of them said, Why is it so severe? Like I read the Quran? And like, it's so harsh, the pictures, the graphic images of the Hellfire, replacing their skins with another skin to taste the punishment? Why does it have to be so harsh?

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Well, hold on Allah subhanho wa taala, who created the human being and knows the psychology of the people because he created that psychology and us knows what is a healthy dose of fear. He knows the danger of us losing sight of this. He knows that if he were to say don't be bad, or else Something might happen will not be enough. Like look at the fruits of this By Allah's grace, even though we are all struggling. The Muslims are the most religiously committed people on earth, not just by Muslims saying this. I remember John Paul the second the previous Pope, he said whatever I look at our huge cathedrals, the beautiful architecture, you know, these massive churches that we have in

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the Catholic world, he says, and then I realized how empty they are, how abandoned they are. I cannot help but admire the Muslims. He said I wish the Christians would pay more attention to the Muslims, who five times on a day doesn't matter where they are, they stop on a diamond they pray. They recognize the great creator, the Almighty Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah knows this works Subhana Allah that and look at the opposite. Look at faith traditions when they reduced God to something simplistic when someone says God is love. What did that produce? It produced people that are two lakhs to act. And then two lakhs even belief, it's probably may or may not be not that big

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of a deal. So the human the Muslim is taught to No, no, you need a balance. That balance Yes, involves loving Allah more than anything else. You know, the early Muslim said, it's like the example of a bird. You're taking flight, your relationship with God, your journey and faith to ascend. It's like a bird, the head of the bird is loving Allah. Because that's, that's if you cut off the head. The third is that your relationship with God is compromised. If it is not spearheaded, if it does not, you know, center on loving Allah, that should be the dominant feeling you have towards God. Absolutely. If you don't see that you don't understand that you haven't read the Quran.

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You haven't understood the mission of the prophets of Allah, Allah salah. They said, but the wings of the bird, which balanced the flight, you know, you're not gonna die, but you still aren't gonna get very far, if it's imbalanced our fear and hope.

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And that is very profound, because when the bird needs to turn, it flaps harder with one wing. And so you need to now understand the right dose for yourself. When you are being too hopeful, you'll stop doing good deeds, or Everything's under control, you become deluded. So in that case, you need to ramp up the fear wing. And when you're too fearful, you stop acting because you think there's no point. In that case, you need to compensate with hope. So Allah told us to love Him most and gave us every reason to and then told us to be our own doctors to customize for ourselves where we focus and there is enough in fear and and hope to be able to get to him healthy, to get to him safely.

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subhanho wa Taala that is why it must be this way.

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You know, some of them also say, Okay, fine, God's justice and God's wisdom. Justice means there has to be punishment. Yes, the care, you know, his wisdom is the dose has to be the scary fine. But how do you understand that it is wise or it's just they say to us, that God would punish me for a sin that I commit forever, like eternity? That's just I can't wrap my head around that one.

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First of all, this is not Islam. Islam does not say you commit a sin, and then you go to the Hellfire forever. Nowhere in Islam doesn't say this. It is only * right? Only this believing in Allah and violating the greatest rights which are the rights of the Creator. The Creator is

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is worth the Earth more important, more rightful, more deserving than the whole creation combined. So, only ship, then it is the people that are guilty of ship because you may commit ship but the message ever came to you so you still may not go right

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then it is the people that are guilty of shirk, and do not repent from their ship from their disbelief and associations with Allah right before they die. These people

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might spend forever in the hellfire and I say might for a reason that the scholars of Islam have all agreed. The scholars of Sunni Islam have all agreed from the time the Sahaba onward that the believer enters paradise forever.

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And the disbeliever the one guilty for his disbelief will never enter paradise no matter what.

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But there is a small disagreement on whether they will spend forever in the Hellfire or not. Some of them is reported about Abdullah and Miss Luton also have been some reported about Omar Baba de la Ron and Abu Hurayrah. That after a very long time, even this very, you know, specific class of people, the Hellfire will vanish and they will vanish with it. They will disintegrate after spending a long time there. I only say that I only mentioned it's not the mainstream position of the scholars. I say it for people that are not able to grasp how Hellfire could be forever if they need that stepping stone. Well, okay. But let us defend the mainstream position. There's nothing unfair

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about someone who fits this description. Spending forever in the fire.

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Why they say but it's a finite crime you committed shidduch for 70 or 100 years How can he spend infinity there? You say but why did he only spend 70 or 100 years committing shirk? Why? Because Allah didn't give him a longer life. So he doesn't get credit for ending it at 70 or 100. You see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it's very important to understand to appreciate Allah's justice.

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Either altar call Muslim and we say for him FL katsu and metodo for now when two Muslims come at each other with their swords not in self defense but actively intentionally trying to kill the other not like this armed them. Both of them go to the fire. They said the auto sort of Allah but I understand why the killer goes to the fire he committed murder, right? But why is the one who was killed going to the fire hall I can hurry Hassan Allah partly so heavy, because he was keen bent intending on killing his partner.

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Meaning just because you didn't win the fight doesn't mean you get absolved of what you're trying to do that you don't get any credit for that. The same exact thing sense Allah azza wa jal says well I will Tara it will pay for Allah Nari, these disbelievers if you could just see them standing on the edge of the fire may Allah protect us and you and saying yeah, lay 10 and Rod Oh Allah send us back for another chance. Allah says Well, I would do that i duly man who who and who, if they were given another lifetime, they would have repeated what they did the first lifetime.

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Allah gave you your life for you to know that he was not unfair with you when he treats you the way he treats you on the Day of Judgment. He will either be just with you or gracious but you will recognize that that he's being fair.

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And so in that case, it would be perfectly fair even if this class of people were to spend forever in the fire.

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And Allah does not do an ounce of injustice to anyone go to Holy hell that was the fallout Emily welcome

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena we have added shadow Allah ilaha illallah, who had the hola Chica her shadow and Mohammed Abdullah, who whenever you hold a pseudo

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some of them add to this question How in the world do you explain to your children that God could throw them in the fire? How do you explain Hellfire to a child?

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And the problem with this question, and it's something for us really take a lesson from is that who in the world reads the Quran and begins the conversation with their children about the hellfire? How did Allah introduce himself to us? A Rahman Al Rahim at the beginning of every single Surah say for a tilde right? Allah told us that he was on Rahman Rahim, the Most Merciful, the grantor of Mercy more merciful to us than our mothers. He told us that about himself before he told us he was Maliki OMA deen the master you know that intimidating is the Day of Judgment because he wants you to see him through that lens. Allah azza wa jal says on little Eli 30 Rahmatullah in the Quran. Look at all

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of the signs

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means of the Mercy of Allah all around you. That's where a person should be focused on. If a person is focused on that, then they will have the best assumptions of Allah about everything else.

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And Jabba didn't Abdullah with this like close he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was heard by us, we heard him say, three days before he died, lie mo 10 Hadoken 1121, nebula he Azerbaijan, let no one of you ever die, except while assuming the very best having the best thoughts about Allah the mighty and majestic.

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And so he created us and revealed to us and gave us that balance by which we can get to him. And we will continue to use this balance in whatever way is most productive for us. So we can act in the best fashion and believe in the strongest fashion. And then when the action is over, or our life is over, no more room for actions, then we continue to assume the best of him because it was never about our actions that we relied on most. It's about his mercy, and that he inscribed on his throne that My Mercy has preceded and overcome my wrath. That is the Lord that we worship subhanho wa Taala when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahu Allah Felina Ohana Allahumma Felina Ohana Lahoma Falun

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Ohana issue Madonna model Muslimeen asking them to then I'll tell them to demean if you never had Alec and haram it will be fun to look and see work. If Ilana has an analogy dinner or how to an hour and dinner or colada during dinner.

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Or salah, Lucha Libre or kind of e&m Hammered early he was like