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Should I Study Arabic Prior To Memorizing Qur’an

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Episode Notes

When it comes to memorizing the Qur’an, the question whether one should study arabic first or should they just dive right into it. Arabic after all is the language of the Qur’an.

Imam Wisam Sharieff explains further and answers the question.

Episode Transcript

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Should I study Arabic before I start hips memorization?

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A lot of times we come to memorization thinking, well, I can read basically. So let me just keep saying this a whole bunch of times, and I'll memorize it. And the other extreme is there's no need and repeating this over and over, I'll just learn the meaning once I learn Arabic, I'll get it completely. The real answer to this question on whether you should study Arabic, and will it really help you is it's a component that is part of a routine. I'm trying to add you towards memorization needs systems, you can memorize the whole core on tomorrow. And if you don't have the systems to keep it in place, it'll run out faster than a dam without a wall. So I'm going to ask you today,

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begin to pick up small vocabulary words from the Arabic language. But do you need spoken Arabic and or grammar and or complete translation? No. If you think about it, every Arab hasn't memorized the Quran. So you're not going to be memorizing the meaning. It's a component study just enough of the Arabic language, some verbs, some nouns and some roof, a roof, some small phrases or letters. Those could be found in a simple vocabulary list of the 80% or onic words, look that up. But will it help you it has to do with your systems, make sure you're dedicated to reading, committing to a relationship with the Koran, and then the Arabic language. We'll just supplement a few words when

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you're making a sentence and memorizing it.