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Who Was the Prophet ﷺ Paired with When He Came to Madinah

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

When the Muslim community migrated from Makkah to Madinah, the Prophet ï·º paired people together in brotherhood. Ansaar families hosted Makkan families, but who hosted the Prophet ï·º when he traveled to Madinah?

Shaykh Hasib Noor explains further and answers the question

Episode Transcript

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In the prophets, I send them a parent between the unsought and the Maha Geodon who was the Prophet so I sent him a paired with when he came to Medina.

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The prophets I send him when he arrived in Medina he stopped by a city or a village right before he entered the city of Medina called Koba, and he stayed in the home of the companion known as consumer but hadn't because the women had them was one of the chiefs of the unsought in the house tribe. And he also stayed in the home of Sadie and hyphema. consumer and had them though was known as the chief so he wanted to show respect to him by staying with him at night. And he stayed in the morning with the companion known as Sam and hyphema, also from the unsub from the tribe because all of the single companions stayed in the home of Saturn hyphema so the prophets I said them wanted to show his

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support and also wanted to teach them in the morning, the prophets I said mystate in Oba in these two companions homes in order to show his affinity and his love for the unsought by staying with the chief as well as with the youngest who pretty much all of the young single people stated and the prophets I said and waited for the arrival of his family earlier the alarm who as well as I shall dwell on her before he would go on to enter the city of the prophets why Selim and Medina