His Hajj Story #08 – The Day of Arafah

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Think about the most famous person you've ever seen in public or someone that you were shocked by seeing for the very first time. And imagine what it was like to see the Prophet slice them as a child for the very first time and hatch. Nobody eventually or the allow tada and who he mentions that he went to hedge, my eBay meet with my father and my uncle. And it was the first time that he had been amongst the companions of the Prophet, slice them and this was going to be his time to become a companion. So he said that my father he taught me and he pointed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said, I tala dakka Sahiba Gemini alethea stop. Do you see that man that is

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riding on the red camel, the pus flat, and he's getting caught up? And I said, Yes. So my father, he said, that got us a little law, that's the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. So that first moments of how a lot where it's like, Whoa, that's him. That's the one that we've been hearing about. This entire time. The Hajj was a time where you not only got to see the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but you got to see him exert himself and their eba in the most beautiful voice.

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Had you out of the profits license that hedge is out offer. And what that means is just like your IRA is about that supplication is worship is that the core of Hajj is an alpha, it is the ultimate pillar of Hajj. And so the majority of what is narrated about the prophets lie Selim in his worship, and what he was setting right in this farewell hedge was on the day of alpha, so the prophets of Allah and he was setting them on that day. He enters into alpha for a minute, right before the hook, and he pitches his tentsile Allah Heidi, who is Selamat and Nomura. And there's a message there, of course, now and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he made his way to the mountain, and

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the Prophet slicin made it a point to say that all of our alpha is a place of standing, he knew sallallahu wasallam the way that his alma would flock towards the places that he was at, and how we would all want to stand in the same place he stood. And the Prophet slicin made it a point to say all of this is out of anticipating it his Salatu was salam, that there would one day be millions of people performing this pilgrimage, and he did not want to cause the crowding sallallahu it was set up and so there is no superiority of one place of alpha over the other. Now the day of alpha for the Prophet slicin is divided between two parts. It's the part of him speaking to the community, and

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then the part of him speaking to Allah. It's really between his data and his data. He is speaking to the largest congregation he has ever had. Some of these people have never heard of multiple from the Prophet slice Allah. They've never heard him speak, right? They're just seeing him for the first time. But now they're going to hear these concepts and so what concepts Do you deliver to the people in this one time where you have over 100,000 of them listening to you, so it will solidify some wants to make it a point to capitalize on this moment to convey the major concepts of Islam and what is necessary and fundamental to establishing his community. Now, we find that though the prophets

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lie some gives what is famously known as hot water with that as the farewell hobo, that the prophet SAW some gave multiple short hot buzz on that day. And so, you have the narration, that I mentioned, which actually comes in the form of heat form, from cinema in the late so the son of the late or the low tide and who is he on his father who says, He Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yakubu Yamanaka, Allah geminin I saw the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam giving quotes about on the day of autofair as he was on his camel so the prophets I some was riding his crosswalk around, he was riding his camel around so the LA hide he was solemn. And he was speaking to the

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people, one of those addresses that's narrated that the prophets lie Selim said, Oh people indeed I have left among you that which if you hold fast to, you will never go straight. In one narration, the prophets lie some says the book of Allah and the Sunnah. And another narration the prophets lie some says the book of Allah and my little bit and my family. So it also last Isola is speaking to the people, and he's giving them advices as he is riding around before he starts his day out. So Lola hide he was alone. But then there is the address of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, which has reached us and the Sahaba mentioned that though they were over 100,000 that the voice of the Prophet

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slicin could reach us in our tents, so without loudspeakers, without anything repeating what the prophet slicin was saying. Was sola sigh Salaam is speaking to his entire community and that was understood to be a miracle from Allah subhana wa tada other than why they yield it off as a loss of hundreds I told you but are he mighty Salaam call and it is upon me to deliver the message to the audience. sola, sola sigh

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Some stands up on the day of alpha and think about the hutzpah of alpha of the profit slice on them, and what you're going to hear from him and if it's your first time hearing the hope of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which is the majority of the people that are there at alpha, this is their first time hearing aid from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what do you convey? He starts off sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with hospital Hajin Alhamdulillah he, no matter who went there, you know, the way that you hear in the beginning of every hope, but he praises Allah subhanaw taala and he seeks his aid and his guidance and this is a way of the Prophet slicin conveying the way to give hope about as

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well. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says to them is smart rule mini for in Nila de la Lila Alcock, whom by the army had he said that listen very carefully to me, oh, people, because I don't know this might be the last year that I meet you. I might not meet you after this. And he's speaking not only to the people that are coming from afar, but also the people that have come with him that I don't know if I will see you again next year. This might be the only time that you ever hear a hobo from me. So listen very carefully to me. The first thing the Prophet sites themselves, as the various tribes are gathered and realize that Hajj was a tribal exercise in the

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days of ignorance, it was a time where tribes would flex their muscles over the other tribes, and especially the outsiders, that were coming, the prophet slice alum, the first thing he says, He says, Listen, in that the amount of what unwelcome, how long earlier alikum coahoma. To me, comm harder fi Shadi comm harder fi better decom however, I want you to know that your blood and your wealth are forbidden upon you for each other meaning you cannot fight one another, that your blood and your wealth are as sacred in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala as this day, in this month, and in this particular city, so panela so what's more holy than alpha with the Prophet sallallahu it was

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send them in their hedger and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he then goes on to abolish all of the feuds between the tribes, the prophets, I send them once again, he says all of the blood money, all of the feuds, everything that existed between the tribes is crushed under my foot, I'm putting it under my foot, and I'm doing away with it. SubhanAllah like, no more fighting between the tribes, no more of these old claims. And he said, the first one that I'm abolishing is my own tribes, right? Because there were old disputes that existed. So the Prophet slice of them said, I'm abolishing those. And he said, I'm abolishing Riba, which is usury and interest right

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usury and interest was a means by which the rich became richer and the poor became poor. It probably sounds familiar to you right now. And the prophets lie Some said I'm doing away with Riba altogether. And he said, the first at about that I'm doing away with the first interest is that of an Ibis will be allowed to annual, no more late fees, no more things that you owe him? No, I'm abolishing all of the debts of interest and usury. And I start with my own family, with my own uncle apostle the long time. And then you find these messages. So Pamela, the First Men in history to give a clear and explicit message against racism. There is no man that we know in history that precedes

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the prophets lie some and explicitly saying the following. He says to lulla, why do you say I'm looking out to the people from all over the world? He says, There's no superiority of an Arab over a non Arab, or of a non Arab over an Arab, or one who is white over one who is black, or one who is black over one who is white, I'm abolishing all of this, not just the tribalism, the racism, the colorism, the elitism, all of it is gone amongst you. And we don't know of anyone to say this before the profit slice. And imagine this is the first wholesale you're hearing from him sallallahu wasallam. And you might belong to one of those groups that were discriminated against, and the

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profit slice and missing. This is all done with it's crushed under my foot. And he says a lot what he was saying was still super nice that you hate and treat your women well. And he goes on to lie some to mention the rights of the women over the men and the rights of the man over the women. So he establishes the Family Foundation, sallAllahu wasallam. And he says, Do not go back to striking each other's necks like disbelievers. panela I mean, it's unbelievable. Don't go back to being kuffar striking at each other's necks, how the prophets lie Selim is emphasizing in these moments, unity in the home, and unity in the community. That's what the prophet slicin is doing. And so if you want to

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know what you set right in a community, the ethical paradigms in a community to be set, imagine this prominent horsemen of the prophets lie some of them for most of the Sahaba The only hope that they would ever hear from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then it came upon the Prophet sites on them. This particular verse, the verse that a Jewish man once came to Ahmedabad, Cotabato, the Allahu anhu. And he said, you have a verse in your book, that if we

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The Jews had it then it would be a day of eat for us, it would be a day of festival for us, meaning this verse is so special that it deserves its own holiday, and almost all the Allahu taala. And who said, What is that verse? And he said, it is the verse and Yom are committed to Allah come, Dina come well at Mount to it come near, and it will lead to lekman Islam, Medina, that today I have perfected your religion for you. And I have completed my favorite upon you. And I have chosen Islam for you as your religion and Subhana Allah, Allah to follow the law and who responds and he says, I remember when it was revealed it was yo modify the date of Friday in Alta, and it was revealed upon

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in his farewell address panela The last thing the Prophet slicin shares with them is this idea of the completion of religion. And that came upon the Prophet slice on him in that context. And as the scholars mentioned, no verses of no verses of rulings, no legal rulings or vs came down after that verse. So it was in the hedge of the profit slice on them, and that they have artha that the religion was completed. And all of the verses that came after that, were reinforcing existing ideas, or affirming existing rulings that we had within the so this is indeed a day that we celebrate, and we mark, even if we don't celebrate it with the holidays,

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that other people would celebrate with. And then the Prophet sly seldom says, Listen carefully. And he said, Let those of you who are present, informed those of you who are absent, and this is perhaps why you find the plentiful narrations of this day of alpha, it's already understood that what you hear from the prophets lie, some you want to convey to those that are not there. But here the prophets lie Selim saying to them, that listen, what you hear from me, now, I want you to go back and tell your people, I want you to go back and tell your people what you heard from me. So this message that the Prophet slicin, just gave of the complete oneness of Allah, and of abolishing

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tribalism and racism, and of establishing a family and a community. And doing away with interest in usury, this is now going to go to all parts of the world that Islam has reached, that this is what the prophet slicin chose to address us with, on the date of alpha. and look at the humility of our messenger sallallahu. I use them What Is he concerned with? He's concerned, did I do my job that I properly fulfill my task as a messenger? So he says to them, he says to the people, oh people, and to aluna Omni format until you don't. You're going to be asked on the day of judgment about me. You're going to be asked whether or not I did my job and remember what made the profit slice and cry

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so much was that day of being a Shaheed being a witness over his oma and being a witness over all nations, in fact, and the people being asked about their messenger? So he's saying to them, what are you going to say, when you are asked about me? Call to Nasha to unlock the laughter? What a data when we bear witness that you have delivered the message that you have fulfilled the message that you have given us always sincere counsel and advice. The Prophet slicin puts his finger to the sky and he says Allah Mashhad Allah Masha Allah, Masha, Allah, bear witness, Oh Allah bear witness O Allah bear witness, like yeah, Allah you hear these people imagine that the over 100,000 people

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saying to the profit slice and jasola you did your job yet so Allah, you gave us the message deatils Allah, you gave a sincere advice you fulfilled everything that you were supposed to fulfill a messenger of Allah Allah Allah Heidi listen um so that was the last thing the Prophet slicin looks up to Allah and this is a do alum and the beloved Allah I've delivered the message Allah fish had Allah bear witness, and then the prophets license as was said, Ahmadi monochromator Allah, so he gives Salaam to the people. And he leads a lot of the whole analysis combined so that his darat would not be interrupted. Okay, so an auditor, the wisdom that the scholars mentioned of the Prophet

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slicin I'm combining the whole analysis at the beginning of its time, so that the draft will not be interrupted throughout the day. And so the Prophet slicin leads the whole manassa and the Prophet slicin raises his hands to the sky, the entire day without pause, imagine hours and the hands of the prophets lie, some do not come down. He's in his same spot sallallahu wasallam, invoking Allah subhana wa Taala and they could see his armpits or his Salatu was stolen from his hands going up into the sky. And imagine what that conversation was like between the Prophet slice and Allah what that gap is like from the Prophet slicin as he knows that this is the largest gathering he ever has

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of his oma. He is affirmed in a way that he has never been affirmed before Salallahu it he was selling in this regard. And the people just bore witness that he did his job so Allah why he was selling what he does, like everybody I never knew but he would he would that was a dairy farmer yesterday Woody. Well, you mean will be that alone, you're still doing when Allah says when you call upon him and he's near to you, that you also should respond to his call. Probably

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It's nice Alan just affirmed with the people that Yeah, Allah I did what I was commanded to do. And now he's calling upon Allah knowing that it's probably his last year that he's about to die sallallahu it he was selling on this blessed day of alpha. As the prophets lie Selim was raising his hands, there's one incident that takes place were available. The law I know, he narrates that the prophets lie, some forbade fasting alpha alpha. So if you're an alpha, you can't fast. Now, the people, they doubted whether the Prophet seisen was fasting or not, because they were used to for years before because the legislation of the fasting of alpha came seven years before that, or eight

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years even before that. So they were used to fasting the day of alpha. And they didn't know if the Prophet slicin was fasting or not. But he was so immersed in his day out. So the lahardee, he was so dumb, that they couldn't even interrupt him to ask him if he was fasting or not. So maimunah will be Allah tala and her, the wife of the Prophet slice on them, she witnesses this, and she sees the people and they are so thirsty, they're getting dehydrated, it's hot. And it's right in the plane of alpha, and you don't have air condition, tense, right? They're looking at the profit slice of them, and they're trying to see whether he's fasting or not. So maybe not all the time. I'm how she says

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that I took the glass of milk, and I took it to the profit slice on him while he was making the profit slice and looked at me, he grabbed the glass of milk and he understood so the Lysa what was being done that this was to show the people that he was not fasting. So the prophets lie some he raised up his glass so that everyone would see that he was about to drink from this container of milk. And then he drank from it. So Laurie, someone and then everybody drink, because it was confirmed at that point, that they could hydrate themselves and drink water. What I want to leave you with your brothers and sisters, in this particular day, and I get goosebumps when I think about

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this Pamela offers the best day of the year. And it is the day that every year Allah boasts of his servants, to the inhabitants of the heavens and looks at all of these people making in all of their different languages, and calls the angels to bear witness and says what is it that they're asking? And he boasts about us and he's proud of us and He loves us panda hotel as we're calling upon him on that day of alpha. Can you imagine how bless it the day of alpha is where the profit slice of them he sold the 11 on seller model the allow Anna faulty model, the olana ideal the last annual of a bucket and all metal, the earth normal the lawn, all of these people are in the same place making

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your app. Can you imagine that in complete silence for hours, where the best people that have ever walked the face of the earth are in one single place on the best day of the year, calling upon Allah subhanaw taala imagine the blessings that were descending upon that place at that time.

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In these days, as we exert ourselves with all sorts of good deeds that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us, we invite you to spend in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala so that we may all further ourselves along this journey and draw closer to Him.