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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © A student in the memorize Mentor Program discusses their experience with the program, stating that it helps with their personal growth and engagement, as they work full-time and have family members to take care of. They also discuss their desire to be a Muslim and how it benefits their personal growth and engagement.
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My name is James

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student in the memorize Mentor Program. And I just like to talk about what I like about memorize Mentor Program.

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What I liked most about it is that it's, I feel encouraged and I feel it's a positive program that's not harsh in any way or negative. And I feel like we're song Sharif is, and COURAGING us as well to be better people that are Muslims.

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It's not just about

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memorizing the Quran.

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what helps for me in the program, as far as memorizing is going through the five doing all the five steps that was I'm sure is recommended. And

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doesn't always have me memorize right away just doing the five steps, but it definitely helps a huge, huge deal and gets me definitely more familiar with it. So

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then, I guess what's different about this program that I like is that it's online. And the online aspect as definitely supports me and I work full time and

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you know, I also exercise into my

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exercise activities. And then I also have family,

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to small children and wife to take care of. So it definitely helps having a more flexible program that I can do things that in a timeframe that works for me. And

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I guess there's overall my experience in the program has been,

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as I said, positive.

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You know, sometimes I've struggled with, you know, balancing all that life has to offer, you know, different things have come up during the program.

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But again, the program is flexible so that you can still manage those things. And I have so many things for me, the big thing for me is that I am memorizing, memorizing the Quran. I spend every day that I've been in the program, I've I've read or recited or did something but I've been in the Quran so, you know, I'm proud of myself for you know, being someone being a Muslim that that reads the Quran every day. And, you know, that makes that effort every day to get closer to Allah. So, thank you and I appreciate you listening to me.

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