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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "goodness" and how it can affect people, including mental conditions. They explain that "goodness" is related to "goodness" and that "goodness" is something that is difficult to verify. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of professional help and increasing one's talent for various conditions.
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How do we know if a mental condition is medical? or black magic related?

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To the last slide was said Mr. suela, this question in regard to someone who have a mental condition? Is it medical or related to black magic?

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A lot of people get confused and well interpret any mental

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conditions as black magic or gin or precession. First of all, let me start by saying that

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Jin posessions is true magic is true. Alain, evil is true.

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In every society, I know how much of it has to do either has said, we have a whole soul about jinn,

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or iron, and they have influence over humans. And I want to say that even gene can cause these medical conditions mental or even physical.

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The answer for this assemble, even if it's a magic, even if it is caused by gender or anything of that nature, the only thing we have at hand is to do what is to make her out to pray to read on too fast is to do the morning and the night at God. And we should do that anyway. It is a matter of black magic and white magic are not magic at all. It is it is something you should be doing anyway. So for me, when someone comes to they say, you don't have to do this at God, regardless, that's one and you make a lot of other velocemente. Here, you and the Rukia is not only related to magic or rock, there also is a healing of Christ as a healer, even for physical and mental conditions. And

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that will not in any shape or form contradict seeking medical help from professional and taking medication and so forth. So when someone has a depression, this is something you there is basically a medical explanation for it. You should see medicine and professional help. And at the same time, you should increase your top while you're talking on the last panel talent, there's no contradiction. But what's wrong is everything happened in the world just we basically connected to black magic and to

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gin which is something you will never be able to verify in 99% of the cases. Now lost data protect all of us and give us all the data

Black magic is real and we’ve been advised about it by our Prophet (PBUH). Black magic comes with symptoms much like a medical condition. How can we differentiate between the two?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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