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AI: Summary © The speaker is asking the audience to acknowledge the actions of their mother and grandma, and to replace them with a good deed. They stress the importance of making it an act of forgiveness and being aware of the consequences of a fall. The speaker also suggests reading a book and bringing it back to the table.
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What should I do if I drop Ron?

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Peace be upon you. Mistakes happen to all of us. We've dropped $1,000 iPhones and more preciously, we've also dropped a copy of our Koran. Now I'm really asking this question and answering it so that I can first say, I understand that when I say drop the Quran, how many of you said,

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automatically like you saw that movie in your head? Right? So let's go off the bat. No, we don't need to kiss whatever falls on the floor. But again, I'm going to call all of our attention whether this is the first question you're seeing, or the second cultural sensitivity. If a mom dropped a baby, what do you want her to be? Like? There's no deal to say I got a kiss this thing. It's an affection thing. It's something that emotionally affected someone. So I'm first validating everyone who does go through the process. Oh, my God, I've done something wrong. How can I rectify it? What do you do you go back to the earliest memory mommy and grandma and everyone used to kiss it. So I do

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the same. When you drop a must have, I really think the most important thing for you to do, acknowledge, make acknowledge, make a stick far and I would do the real important thing here. Say sapana law, replace it with a good deed. So acknowledge that something has happened. immediately move to it because I've a lot of people freeze. I hate when that happens. They're like, Oh, I don't know what to do. So the ground just laying there, acknowledge, say a star for law, replace it with a good deed. And what's really important to me, why did it fall in the first place? what way did you place it so that so that whatever happened to it was able to happen is your must have not in the

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middle of the table? Do you not know where it is? When you're done reading with it? Did you reading it? Did you not put it away back into the bag? Why is it in a situation? So now you're gonna say no, but it just felt okay. So it just fell and whether it was a pull on, or something else of importance that you dropped? seek the forgiveness of your Lord and move forward, but I'm gonna poke us all here cultural or not. Are you worried about dropping it? Or are you concerned that you're not reading it? Get your hands on that book and start to read the book.

Dropping the Qur’an can happen to anyone. It can slip out of one’s hand and accidentally fall to the ground. What should one do when they drop the Book Of Allah (SWT)? Are we required to do anything specific?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers.

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