Omar Suleiman – Meeting Muhammad PBUH #05 – Sitting in His Circle

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a gathering where they practice Islam while the pastor gives guidance on what to expect. They also discuss the importance of sitting in a gathering and not being too busy. The Prophet's actions include cutting people off from eating, using them as weapons, and even using them as bait. They emphasize the importance of sharing dreams and experiences to benefit from the Prophet's teachings, and encourage young men to share their dream to benefit from the Prophet's teachings.
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So now you've seen the Prophet salaallah Han, he was in the congregation in Juma and you have prayed behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and now you're wanting to sit in a gathering with him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and observe him in the midst of that gathering.

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The youth in particular used to love the mornings that they would have with the Prophet sallallahu it was Sunday, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was some would of course, lead the Sahaba and sell out their budget he lead them in the budget prayer, and then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to sit in the budget and remember Allah subhana wa tada after the budget prayer, all the way up until a little too hot until the sunrise. And sometimes that would be immediately after the sunrise and sometimes it would be a little bit longer after the sunrise and even then Subhan Allah, after his worship throughout the night, after all of his worship in the morning and remembrance of Allah,

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the prophet SAW some did not always just pray to cause at the time of sunrise, he would pray to for six or even more at the time of sunrise, sola lahardee, he was alone, and if he missed any of his usual record any of his usual prayers in the night, then he would make them up sometime between the sunrise and the the her prayer sallallahu it he was on them. So what would happen is that the Sahaba would also sit in the masjid and they'd remember Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and they would wait until the Prophet slicin finished his salata, bluehat and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam Subhana Allah is so close to the youth in the masjid, that he would go and he would sit with

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whatever gathering he saw in the masjid it his thoughts was Salah. So I don't even know have you thought about the Allahu taala and who describes the scene prophet slice lm gets up from his Salah, and he's coming to join your group, and ideal the Allah tada and he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would sit wherever the group ended, he would not go to the front, but he would sit wherever the group ended, and he encouraged everyone to do the same sallallahu wasallam and the profits of the licen. And when he would sit with the people, he would give every single person in the mejlis in that gathering there do so that each person felt like no one was more important to him

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than them. So he would look at each one of them. Salalah Hardy was selam he would make sure to interact with everyone that was sitting in the group Salalah whitey who was selling an A supramolecular, the Illa and who of course, was a young man, he says no one was more beloved to us, then also less ice alum. However, if we saw him we wouldn't stand up for him because we knew how much he disliked that. So it's a kind of like he's so humble. I think his thought was Sarah, that he will come in if anyone wants to stand he'll signal to them to sit down and he'll sit wherever the spot is open some Allah Hi, are you listening rather than going and assuming a place in the front.

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And this is something that used to shock people I don't even know how to apply. He says that when I came to the Prophet sly seldom to ask him about Islam. And the Prophet slice I'm invited me to sit down, he asked for a pillow and he put the pillow between us and he put his arm on its license. And he told me to put my elbow on it as well. And I knew at that point that this is not a king that this man is very different from the usual kings and the heads of state that existed around the world. sallallahu wasallam. It it'll be a lot tighter and who also says realizing that not all of those that were sitting there were used to sitting with the prophets lie Selim, he said if someone asked

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the prophets lie, some for something that he needed, the prophets lie, some would never send that person away, empty handed, and at the very least the prophets lie. Some would give him some words of comfort Jabu, some are the Allahu taala and he was asked did you use to sit with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? And he said yes, he said, when the Prophet slice alum would prefer Egypt, he would sit in that place, and he would stay there remembering Allah, and then he would join his companions. And guess what jabot will the alongside and Who says? He says that his companions would talk and they would remember things from the time of the days of ignorance from the

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times of Hillier, and they would recite poetry and they would laugh and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would smile with us at his Salatu was Salam and the prophets I seldom used to just sit there in silence and Invicta Of course, we know that the prophets lie some would recite in any gathering is too far at least 70 times it his slot was sitting there smiling, looking on at the people, not taking over the conversation Salalah how it was seldom, there was once a man who recited up to 100 lines from the poetry of omega be salt and the Prophet slice on let him do so. And this is something that might be surprising to us. When we read about the Prophet slice some of the

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companions the way that we do it been said even hemo lots either he was once asked that the companions actually used to have fun. Did they ever have moments of laughter and moments of joking and, and human moments and what did he respond? He said Macondo Illa can nurse he said they were not but people. He said even in our model of the law, tada and who can yums a wheelchair

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Share it the normal the low tide and who used to make jokes and he used to compose lines of poetry. So it wasn't just Hello part of remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala though the Prophet slice them never sat in the Holocaust or in a gathering without any remembrance of Allah, and if there was anything that was sinful sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would not approve, or be there it his thought was set up, then you see some of these young companions narrate, and they used to love for the Prophet slice them to participate. They didn't tab with all the data and who says couldn't Mr. Rasulullah sallallahu it was stolen. We were with the Prophet sallallahu it was stolen either the

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covenant dunya the Callahan arena, when we spoke about worldly things, the Prophet slicin spoke about worldly things. Well, either the covenant Africa and when we spoke about the Hereafter, the Callaghan Nana, the prophet slice alum spoke about the hereafter as well. Well, either the covenant the arm and when we talked about food, the kind of Homer I know the Prophet slice, I'm talking about food as well. Well, what would he do it his Salatu was salam, he would say beneficial things about worldly things he would talk about food so the lie he said, I'm not in the way of, you know, what's the best restaurant that's out there? Where do you want to go and and get your next goat from

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prophets lie some would talk about beneficial things in regards to eating beneficial regimens that people should have and some things that they should try and some of his favorite foods sallallahu it he was selling them so he brought a beneficial elements even when he talked about dunya or when he talked about matters regarding food. And one of the most famous Hadith we have of the Prophet slice and then with the youth came in one of these gatherings when they've been misoo, little the Allahu tada and who says that some of us young men were sitting in the message, and we were talking about how we wanted to get married. Yes, young Sahaba talking about marriage, not just Africa, and the

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prophets lysozyme said yeah, Marcelo Shabaab minister, but I'm in komaba affiliate is a witch, oh, young men, whoever amongst you can afford to get married, then do so and whoever cannot then let them fast and that will be a shield for them. The profit slice I'm also used to ask the Sahaba and these gatherings used to say, Did anyone have a dream that they had last night that they can share with us a good dream because the prophets lie. Some said when you have your bad dreams, don't share them just seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala and it won't harm you. So you want to have a dream to share with the prophets lie Selim because you want it to have that conversation with the Prophet

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slice them in the gathering. And the love No matter the law, tada and Homer, he said, I even made dua to Allah Subhana Allah Allah O Allah, if you know of any good in me, the Let me see a good dream that I can share with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so that I can have that conversation with him sallallahu wasallam and of course instead, in our model, the allow tada and Homer had a dream that scared him a bit and the prophets license still interpreted it via his sister hafsa while the Allahu Allah and so the prophets lie, some of them was someone that sits in the gathering, and you want to talk to him, and the Prophet slice alum remains approachable he sits on the ground like everyone

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else, he sits in a particular position, he doesn't ruin the conversation. Everyone is constantly mindful of his presence, and they want to hear him sallallahu wasallam but the Prophet slicin makes it a point to include everyone in those small after pheasant gathering salaallah Hardy was and the scene was by the way, that you could see the Prophet slice I'm laying down in the masjid, with one leg over the other you can see him reclining on a cushion. sallallahu wasallam you saw him in his most human form it his Salatu was Salam. He had always bringing a blessed presence. So guess who felt left out? The women felt left out. So I was a little the Allah and who says they came to the

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Prophet slice them and they said the eldest with Allah, you know, you hang out with the male companions but we don't get a chance to benefit from you. So the Prophet slice of them says, just a Maranatha. Yomi Kava Kava v mecanica kether. So the Prophet slice and I'm said will gather in such and such place at such and such time, and I will come to you. So he went to them salaallah hari was Solomon he appointed a day of the week when he would sit with them at his Salatu was Salam and he would give them advice and he would give them knowledge and Subhana Allah the very first * up of the Prophet slice on had with the women is when he told them it his slot was saddam that whoever

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amongst you loses three children they will be a shield for them on the day of judgment and they said the other sort of law What about to the profit slice and I'm said even to and that is to say that the profit slice and and as he's sitting with these different groups of people, the prophets I send them is telling them what they can benefit from what they can learn from. And every time the prophets lie, some sits with a group of people in his oma, then he leaves them with greater perspective and pursuing a greater reward. So

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