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How Do I Learn To Understand What I Recite In Salah

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We recite Qur’an every single day. In our daily Salah, we recite verses from the Qur’an. A great number of us, however, do not understand what we are reciting. How can one learn to understand what they recite in Salah?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers.

Episode Transcript

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How do I learn to understand what I read in salon?

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salon is a very amazing trip that we go on five times a day. So before you leave for the trip in salon, first step, become aware of what you're going to read before you come to the prayer. If it's a matter of prayer, it's only two sutras that you need to read. Be aware, don't let the one of Balint kulu, Allahu Ahad wala Pauline in our clinical culture, take over your world. That's what happens, right? It's kind of like what a BA lien so what am I going to eat? And what am I going to read after finding out the best way to learn what you know, insula is to know the sutras that you're reading, and for one Vicar at a time, so Subhan Allah, Allah look up its meaning and in the prayer,

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don't rush through it. spend a little time in silence, repeating to yourself what you had said in Arabic so you can understand it. The best way to connect in the prayer is to read what you're saying outside of the translation and go into the prayer pack before you take this trip.