Tafseer Surah Al Kahf Part 13 Intro To Musa, Yusha And Khidr

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In verses 60 to 64, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explains to us the story of Musa, Yusha and Khidr AS.

The story of Musa AS and Khidr is elaborately explained and we are left in awe at the sheer turn of events. This story deals with the Fitnah of knowledge and deserves an intent listen.

What are the lessons and pearls of wisdom that we can imbibe and inculcate from these verses?


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah, He will be one word about.

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So surah telco have we said was forced four stories. The first story was the story of the man in the cave. The second story was the story of the man in the two gardens. The third story is what we're going to start today. And that is the story of Musa and kidder. And the fourth story is the story of what is it, though? corny, now? What did the hood asked? The Prophet says, in which two stories? Who can remind me

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the first and the last us hobble calf, and those are nine? What are the other two stories doing here? Did you ask yourself this question? When they asked him two stories, I'll reveal four, and a lot put two extra here's a bonus, you didn't ask for these two. I'll give you two more. You see the second story, which is the story of the man in the two gardens. This is of relevance to the Quraysh who felt that there are too powerful to accept Islam, they have might they have glory, who are we to accept this message? So that story was a perfect response to the kurush. Now the third story Moosa, and this goes back to the hood of your trip. This is directed towards them. How so? Well, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is reminding them who is your Prophet, who is the one you claim to be following musala his setup and what did Moosa do? Moosa was the most knowledgeable man on earth, but when he found new knowledge he submitted himself to it's when he found new knowledge, he wasn't what he didn't have Kibet, he humbled himself to the truth, and he accepted knowledge from somebody else. And that is the point. Yeah, hello, Kitab. A new prophet has come, you were upon the truth. Your own Prophet would have accepted this prophet had he been alive? Your own Prophet would have been a follower of this prophet. So how about you? Why are you rejecting this prophet? So this story of

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Musa and it deals with the fitna of the arrogance of knowledge? Why? Because knowledge is a blessing, if it is acted upon, but it becomes a curse. If it leads to arrogance. Knowledge is a blessing if it enters the heart. But if knowledge remains in the head and doesn't get to the heart out, we seek Allah's refuge it becomes a curse. And Allah azza wa jal compares these types of groups to a donkey that is carrying books to a donkey that's carrying books. So what if you have the books if it's not benefiting you? So this story, the main message of the story, all Muslims, oh, I had to get up all mankind. Make sure your knowledge does not lead you to become arrogant knowledge should

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lead you to humility. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions what is called a Musashi Fatah who when Moses said to his young servant, his male servant law, who I will continue traveling until I meet the place of the two rivers joining or I continue going for a long period of time. Now what is this story? We will not understand it without turning to the Hadith, because our Prophet system explained it in a lot of detail. And this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim that the process of explained what is the story about and this is shows us we cannot just open up the Quran and interpret it without going back to the Sunnah. It is impossible to understand the Quran without knowing the Sunnah. We would

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not know the details of the story, if we don't go back and see what details our Prophet system gave, who is this man? What is happening here? So hey, Buhari has a page and a half one of the long Heidi's detailed story and then other books have other variations with more wordings. And in a nutshell, this is a story as we all know, between musala his Salaam and between Haldane and by the way, how there is an interesting character, and we have to talk a little bit about and before we get to the story, that the word or the name Haldane is not his proper name. It is in fact the title. And of course, it means green, and even haggard, and others They say he was called huddled because of

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his blessings wherever he went, the land would become green after him, that it would flourish that Allah blessed him that wherever he went, the land would become green. And by the way, the name called indica, it has 10 different pronunciations with the lF land without them. You have hot and hot or you have faded and whether you have Hold on Hold or you have called it so you have all of these different 10 different ways to pronounce it. They're all valid, but it's not his proper name. It is a title and it is the title of the person whom Allah subhana wa Taala blessed to be alive at the time of

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Musashi his Salam. There are two major opinions in the Muslim oma about who is called him one group and in particular those groups that are involved in mysticism. They say that Hubbard was What do you mean? Oh, Leah in LA. They say that Hubbard was a saint, a boozer appeal. And they say that Mossad is set up, was taught to study with this body, and how the according to this interpretation, many of this group, they say how there is a person who's living forever, he's still alive right now according to this opinion. And he visits the sharks and the piers and the ollie up, and he teaches them a secret knowledge. Why? Because Allah says in the Quran, that what artina homie wylam. Now

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humans do not ilma alumna who mil aduna ilma. And they say this is an alien, allegedly, allegedly, we taught him a knowledge. So this group says this is the knowledge directly from a law. And this is the position that some of the mystical groups have, in fact, pretty much all of the Mr. Crew groups, and this position has become so common that when Muslims hear the other opinion, they are amazed that there's actually another opinion out there. And the fact of the matter is that the position that Hubbard is a woody, and that he's still alive has no shred of evidence in the Koran in the sooner in common sense and reason and intellect. it contradicts the Quran because Allah says coluna

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says the apostle mode and Allah subhana wa tada has made the status of the law school and maybe higher than the status of a wedding. And it is not possible that Moosa is less knowledgeable than a wedding even earlier in law. This is simply not allowed to believe what he is existed we believe in what he what he means a good person, but what he does not mean somebody who knows more than the Prophet, that the prophets themselves have to humble themselves in front of already, and the position that it is still alive contradicts the sooner why, because the prophets are seldom when he saw somebody reading the Torah and he's trying to find what Musa is saying a Muslim, he said, while

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la Hilo kinda Moosa Emraan Hagen lemma wasI viani if Moosa had been alive, he would have no option but to come and follow me now. If this is the case of Musa How about Hadith? If it had been alive at the time of the Prophet system, it would have been Why'd you have to come to the Prophet system and give them they are and be his follower. Also, we have the Hadith and Hadith that the Prophet system once gave a multiple in the middle of the night, and there was a full moon and he said to the Sahaba, that do you see this night of yours now, for a law he 100 years from now, not to single man who is alive on earth today will remain alive, and the last Sahabi died literally in the year 110.

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Literally, the last Sahaba he died 110 ager and no man that was alive at that time, the process said Allah what you have, nobody who is alive on the face of this earth now will remain alive after 100 years. If Hubbard had been alive, then he wouldn't be alive after 100 years. So it goes against the Koran, it goes against the sooner it goes against common sense and reason and logic that no human being no Wali, no saint is going to be that knowledgeable that moussaka de Mola Moosa, the one whom Allah chose yeah Moosa in the stuff he took out a Nazi because Ameobi reality I chose you above all of mankind that you then get away and then you tell Musa you have to go study with the one he rather

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as even Tamia and as you've been conceived, and as the real Maha cookin the real researchers they say, there is no doubt that COVID was a nebby min ambia Allahu taala. He was an OB he was somebody whom Allah had sent to another nation. And no doubt every prophet has some knowledge another prophet does not have and that's something we believe Moosa had a speciality is a hadith speciality. Ibrahim had a speciality Khalid has a speciality. So every prophet has some knowledge the other prophet does not have and therefore Moosa has every right to ask Allah that can I study with Hadith because he's a fellow Prophet, and this is proven by the Quran itself. 100 kills that child has we're going to

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come to and he does all of his deeds. What does it say to Moosa ma file to who and Emory I didn't do this from my own command, Allah told me to do it. And Allah does not communicate except with prophets. Ma file to one Emory. I didn't do this from my own command, and allows origin only communicates with whom with profits, so beyond the shadow of a doubt, and also Allah is saying that what I love now humans do not. We taught him and knowledge from us and who is there that Allah teaches directly other than the prophets, right? So there is no question that Hodor was a prophet and all of these superstitious tales and legends that hold it is a green turban figure flying around

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in the air and he visits people will love your brothers and sisters. Our religion is more intuitive.

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And then this or religion does not believe in old wives tales. Don't embarrass yourselves and your religion by quoting these tales to anybody else, how there is a prophet of Allah whom Allah had sent to another nation. He was not available in Israel had he been from the Australia he would have been a follower of Musa but he was sent to another nation and this hadith in Sahih Bukhari says that once moose has stood up to give a sermon, and one of the bunny is right, asked Him and you know, they have a habit of asking these strange questions. So one of the bunnies I asked him almost, who is the most knowledgeable human being on earth. And so Moosa didn't give too much thought and he assumed I

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must be the most knowledgeable, so he said, I am the most knowledgeable and he has every right to assume this because Allah has chosen him like he has chosen no one else and Allah has spoken to him directly and and and all of these different things. Immediately Jubilee came down. This is from Seibel, Holly Heidi immediate immediately gibril came down and Tebow who reprimanded him How could you speak without knowledge? And Subhanallah notice, Moosa made a very rational assumption, I mean, who should be more knowledgeable than him? Right, very logical assumption. But this assumption was not based upon what Allah had told him, he assumed and you cannot assume when it comes to the

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religion of Allah subhana wa Tada. You cannot just imagine, and so immediately, gibreel came down and reprimanded him. How could you say that what you have no knowledge of so Moosa said who has more knowledge than me. And so Allah told you buddy to tell him there is an abdomen a bagina attina hora madam andina, while I'm now human, the donor, there is a servant of ours, we have taught him that which you do not know. And his name is Hadith. So Musa says immediately Oh Allah, can you give me permission to ghost to go meet him and study with him? And Allah says, Go and study with him. Musa says Where will I find him? So Allah says to him, go and take a fish and go in such an I told them

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where the location will be and where you get to where the rivers meet, and the fish disappears, where that fish disappears, that is where you will meet called. And so Moosa took you shot at noon, and you shall be known as the Fatah with our Musashi. Fatah who, and you shall be known was to be the next prophet after the death of Musa when Musa died, the next prophet after him that was the one in charge of and he is sorry, the prophet whom Allah azza wa jal opened up the land Philistine and allowed the Israelites to go yokomen

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Allahu Allah, the prophet whom Allah subhanho wa Taala pause the sun for remember it was Friday night the Hadith in Bukhari tells us it was Friday night they were fighting the AMA declare something I forgot the title of the the other group that we're fighting the other nation and the subject is going to come Saturday is going to come and when the sun sets, they're not allowed to do anything. So usually I made a dua to Allah over law pause the sun for us so that we can finish the battle and win over and enter the Holy Land and Allah subhana wa tada for the one and only time as far as we know. He paused the sun and the bunnies saw Edward the true believers at the time. They

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went over their army. This is usually a bit noon. Right now he's a fighter. Right now he's a teenager right now. He's in the training of Moosa, but this will be you shot that will lead his nation to victory maybe 5070 years after this incident. So the process and told us that Moosa and Lucia they went to the metal bar and they went to where the they were supposed to meet him. And as Allah says, that Moosa says, I will continue labra who means I will not stop doing this until I find where this two rivers meet, or I spend an eternity doing so. And this shows us his eagerness for knowledge. One of the main lessons of this whole story Musab being who he is, instantaneously he

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humbles himself to the extent of traveling, Emanuel Buhari, said the first human who ever traveled for the sake of knowledge was mosa he traveled he made his Europe for the sake of him and after him all the scholars they made this their their model to leave their lands and to go for the sake of knowledge and musala his selam our scholars comment, there is no doubt that okay hold it is an abbey and but in the grand scale of things Moosa is higher than him, because we know that the five oola album which are new, and Ibrahim and moose and Isa and the process of them, these are the elite and everybody is lesser than them in right. So there's no question Moosa is a higher than rank in color,

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even though Khalid has some knowledge Moosa does not have yet still immediately, Moosa agrees Moosa humbles himself and he asks a lot Can I go study with him not only this, he undertakes a long journey, and scholars say this was in Iraq or this was in Jordan. Some even say this was in in the land of Tunisia, Morocco. Wherever it was, he undertook a long journey he learned

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His people for the sake of learning knowledge, brothers and sisters, when was the last time you sat under somebody whom you knew was less knowledgeable than you, but he has some him you don't have. When was the last time that your pride and my pride allowed you to sit down under somebody whom you know this person overall he knows less than me, but in this area, he knows more, let me benefit from him. We find that difficult to do. moussaka Lee Mola had no problem doing it. moussaka de Mola, immediately he says to Allah, I want to go and meet this man holder and the signers we said was the fish would disappear further mobile or much, much more. urbini Jimenez Yahoo Tahoma. When they got

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to this area, they fell asleep. The process of them said they would put their head on a rock they went to sleep and when they were asleep, the fish magically becomes alive and goes back into the the ocean that was the sign where the fish leaves the the the the port that they were carrying for Tata subito fullbody Saba, the fish slipped away and you woke up Moosa woke up, they didn't check on the fish and they continued going, or you should check but he forgot to alert Musa you should check but he forgot to alert Moosa so they continue going for them. Joe was up, they continued going on another day, all the way to the end of the day, and they've met the place, the area has been come.

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But Moosa thinks I still have the fish. Moosa thinks the fish is still here. So he's wondering what's going on. So finally, when they get to the end, Moosa says it Nevada and give us our dinner, La Casa Latina I'm in Sephora Nina hada. Nasir, we are so tired after this long journey. What's going on? Where is this man? Where is the fish? Why is it not going? When he says this? You should remember that? Do you remember when we arrested at the rock? Do you remember we put our heads on the rock? I forgot to mention to you the fish left us there and it wasn't my fault. shavon caused me to forget shaytaan caused me to forget to mention it to you. And that was when amazingly I Jabba

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because the fish resurrected, the fish became alive again. The fish amazingly slipped out and went into the ocean. And so Moosa says otter daddy coma could never leave. That's what we wanted for 1030 Hema kasasa they walk the whole way back. What do we learn here? Not one word of approachment Can you imagine what if that had been me? I know how angry I would have been. If that had been me. And that had been my son. That how Allah who set up with that right? how angry would have been this is not even his son. This is his student. This is still meat. He spends the whole day he's so tired. What does he say? We are fatigued we're wearing I'm hungry now. And then you Shar says I'm sorry,

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way back there. Not one word of rapprochement. And this mirrors the example of our profit system like Ernesto de Matic said, Hold him to nebia salaam Ashura Sana what 10 years I was in the service of the process of him and never once did he say why did you do this or why did you not do this? Never once did he hit me Never once did he speak harshly with me. These are the prophets of Allah he made an honest mistake and most assess to him Okay, that's what when it let's go back where we started from Savannah love, modesty, humility, humbleness, and inshallah, time is over. We will continue tomorrow. The story was like mula halen was set on wanting to come to LA he bought a couch