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Embracing Islam and coming back to the deen of Allah (SWT) is truly a blessing. One who accepts Islam is said to have all their past sins erased. What should a new Muslim’s first steps be right after accepting Islam?

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick answers.

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What should be the first steps that a new Muslim takes after he or she embraces Islam?

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After embracing Islam Alhamdulillah, the new Muslim recognizes the fact that his or her life has changed. And so, in the beginning, we need to pause to calm down. And to realize this is not just an ideological change, but it is the change of a lifetime. One of the great scholars of Islam, see the absorbed man and Aphrodite? Who wrote a book amalaki thick book for children, actually. But he put it in the beginning, if somebody is embracing Islam, what are the things that they should do? I found a profound statement by this North African scholar. And what he said is that the first thing that a person should do is to correct and authenticate their faith. And that means that the person

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actually has a faith as a Christian is there a Jew is there, a Hindu is there, there are other religions, so correct it authenticated, but we recognize that it still remains within that person. But bring out the tawheed the the oneness of God, that was within that original faith. Then he said, it's important to gain the knowledge of the basic concepts. So learn the father of Islam, your your acts that are an obligation to Allah subhanaw taala learn the halal and haram. But above all, take it easy, calm down, go stage by stage, this is a life change. This is an amazing impact that this will have upon us your life. And I pray that Almighty Allah would give success to all those who are

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embracing this beautiful religion of Islam.