Abu Bakr Zoud – The Effect of the Quran in our lives

Abu Bakr Zoud
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Shall Matata today just with to air from solo developer him

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just to any re understand and re appreciate the meaning of polarity in our life loss of Hana data he says is solid evil on him. Adam Takei for Baba mama methyl and Kalamata

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cashew gelatin privaten also has veto nofollow half is similar to the akula in in Vietnam,

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unfairly nursey la la comida Kuru just these two add in where Alonzo, he puts forth an example. This is one of the examples of the plan. And when examples are mentioned in the plan, Danny examples you can count on your fingers there's probably about 30 to 40 a little bit more in the plan and a lot of distortion. He spoke about the examples in the plan as being a special type of knowledge. He said what he can unfold on olive oil in nurse what may happen to her mood allows origin he says that he puts forth examples in the plan examples and the only people that would understand them are removed whenever they

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whenever they used to read an example in the plan and not understand it. They used to feel worried and sad because a lot of Zoysia said those who understand that will be an early mood that's the title they will earn so when you don't understand that that means they did not consider themselves from an early moon even though these were peak scholars in Islam there's a big deal in the concerning the examples in the collapse and this is one of them here let's try to understand something from it together inshallah tada very quickly so that we don't nearly lose and go into into separate meanings so we'll just stay with the A itself is the later version he says in Surah Ibrahim

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Allah tala again for Bala Bala who methoden Kalamata Paiva kashia tiempo de la Sol version, he says, Adam Todd, can't you see? Haven't you observed? Haven't you considered yet? What are you waiting for? In other words, this word Adam Dada is already an invitation from Allah Subhana data to look into this matter. Why haven't you seen in consider this matter? It's already time that you look into this matter and focus and always keep it Yanni in your mind and in your heart. Wherever you go, wherever you come. This meaning of this area shall always be present in your mind. All of this from the very word first words Adam Dada, as though an invitation from a large zosia to keep the meaning

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of this in your heart and in your mind, wherever you go, Alan, kay for Bob allaahu method and Kalamata

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Haven't you considered? And Haven't you seen? how Allah subhanho wa Taala has presented as an example struck for an example, an example of what an example of gelee mettam Paiva a good Pure Word cache.

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And this pure good word is exactly like a pure good tree. Now, what's the good word and what's the good tree? And

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they sit and Kelly motto? The good word, the Pure Word, is the word of God. Every word of the Quran is the kalama iva de las panatela is referring. So first, let's understand Kalimantan. Paiva allows origin is teaching us that every single word in the Quran, let alone and every single word we're looking at a word. Every word is considered to be pure and good. Why was Origen when he described the Quran? He said kita Bonanza La Jolla, aka MOBA Kalia de barro, at that school, and we have revealed and sent it down to you. How did Allah describe it? He described it as medallic. We'll see how the Baraka is in this one word. It's a book full of Baraka, Allah subhanaw taala. He said that

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this is his word. This is why every single word in this collab is a pure good word kalama Tompa denoted ultimately it's a loss of Hannah Diana's word directly from himself. Loss origin he says we're in no Latin zero or banana mean. It is the revealed Word of the Lord of the worlds have been adenine. nessa be your root, I mean, that a royal amine, which is your brother, you set up, he came down with this word, but wouldn't you bleed? Are you Sam took this word from a lot directly. And he came down with this word. Where did he come down with it? Where did he come down, he come down on the on the roof of the garba. Or they come down in the valleys of Mecca and put it there and then he

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was told to go and pick it up from there. That wasn't the case. The word was so special. Every single word was so pure and good that it only deserved to settle in the most pure and good of hearts law.

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He says Mr. W rowhill Ameen. Allah Colby Kelly takuna viramune Li, the Jabra you Sarah came down from this word fresh, straight from Allah subhanaw taala straight on to the best and most pure of heart, and that is the heart of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't, it wasn't revealed anywhere else other than in the heart of Rasul masala. And this is different to all the other previous books, different all the other previous books, the special or the Leonard Cohen is considered a Marchesa, a miracle. The books of the past weren't considered a Marchesa, a Torah is not considered a more human was a horrible Injeel. They're not considered miracles at Mr. Shiva.

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Why? Because the fact that they change already meant that they're not more user, and you know, the adult or the Bible will engineer they altered over time the people change them will be more user, there is a definition for Mars is that it can never be changed part of the miracles part of the condition of a miracle that it does not change and alter over time. And the only book that remained unaltered and unchanged remain in its pure form as it is, is the therefore is the most it's the miracle and the previous books are different in that sense for either las panatela reviews this book, straight onto the heart of loss or loss is because each and every single word of the polarity

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is a pure word. Allah azza wa jal, he says Kelly mettam Eva, were Eonni allows origin when he described the Quran he said Allahu zetta, Arsenal, Hadith de la Xhosa, he revealed and sit down the most best an excellent of speech. What does that mean? That you know, the only when I speak, maybe the beginning of my talk is an excellent speech. Maybe towards the end it gets boring. For every speaker, it's like this. Maybe at the beginning it's boring. Maybe at the end it's gets really excellent and exciting. Long story short, when he described his book, he described it as acid and Hadith keytab and mata shavian keytab motor champion, best and the most excellent of speech motor

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champion, meaning the first part of it is similar to the last part of it is similar to the middle part of it. And what does that mean? It means in style and beauty. At the beginning of the colon is just as beautiful and exciting is the end part of it as the middle part of it. Anywhere you go in the blood. It is all the same it all compares with each other when we speak about its beauty, its purity, and its excellence for love's origin. He says Adam thought I gave up all of our love of metal and Kadima, haven't you considered yet? The example that Allah azzawajal sets forth and puts forth to mankind? The example of a good word and a pure word, which is the one single word of the

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Quran. What does a lot of social compare the one word of the Quran is getting out of?

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He compared it to kashia Latina, Eva, one word of the Quran. Is it because the gafi are careful to be exactly like a pure good Drea la walkabout, a word became a tree, a word became a tree received the

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idea of the Baraka Is that something small becomes something really huge and big. Allah azza wa jal describes a word of God as being this huge tree cachorro temple Eva, what's this charge? Allah? Allah Allah, Allah say said, they said that this tree is the palm tree is the palm tree. What do you know the palm tree by you just got to now think of the palm tree. And you really start thinking about how a palm tree is similar to a word of the lab in terms of what are the benefits of the palm tree. Those are the same benefits of the word of the plant. But consider this. Imagine the world of Boko Haram is a seed, it's a seed.

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And the heart is like the earth, the heart is the soul of the earth. And as soon as the seed which is the word of the plan, enters into this earth into this heart, it becomes chahatein it becomes a huge pure blessing tree Yanis upon Allah.

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Every single word is a tree. You know, you have one word, it grows a tree, another word, another tree, another word, another tree. All of a sudden, the heart itself becomes a paradise. It becomes a garden full of trees who are exactly this is what the effect of the Quran is. One word beautifies the heart two words beautifies it even more. Imagine them the entire program 604 pages of each and every page Allahu Allah now many words it has how many trees would start growing in a person's heart until it becomes like a paradise it becomes like a garden. A person finds the tranquility and that peace in that rest especially

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That connection with loss of Hannah data through His Word loss or shall he says cache our tempo.

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But a Sharapova we said that the good pure tree is the palm tree. When Nevis alone while he was alone when he described the believer, he said methadone mini conformity means that the believer is exactly like a palm tree. With the you know, when you consider the palm tree, and you look at a palm tree, the goodness and the pure part of the palm tree is up the top. That's where the right dates are. That's where the goodness is right up the top. But you cannot get to the top unless you struggle by climbing the the trunk. And climbing the trunk is not an easy job. almost anyone who claims it with his bare hands and bare feet, he gets scraped injured, he might fall, he goes back

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up. Eventually he gets up after a long war. And after lots of effort put and lots of time he gets up to the top, maybe scratched and bleeding and injured and bruised. But then eventually he gets to the good part. And he starts to eat. And they said that the believers journey towards the goodness towards a large soldier must be in the same manner, that at the beginning, there must be effort with a lot of a lot division. At the beginning, it's a seed that you plant in, then there must be effort to continue on growing this plant and growing and looking after this world of absorption in your heart, look after you safeguarded, read the over and over again, read the eye over and over again,

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maybe some a ad, you're required to read it over two 300 times for it to have an effect on your body. If Rasulullah saw SLM would spend an entire night with one air with one air with SIBO setup or have a home alone or be alone would spend entire nights with one area of Nokia, Mohammed Allah, He says somebody Sometimes a person might have a spiritual disease. Maybe his problem is that he cannot control his gaze, and he keeps looking left and right. Whether it's a woman or whether it's looking at things he's not supposed to be looking at. Right? So he said maybe a person like this is supposed to start looking for a solution and a remedy. And his solution would be to recite only data. Only

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momina boomin. I'm sorry, we're

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reading there were a lot of social commands the believers to lower their gaze. But then he said meanie asked to read it 200 300 times. And maybe he has to read it more than that. And let him keep reading this air until it begins to have an effect on him. Sooner or later he realized the effect of the A in his life and so on with any other problem that a person has, is supposed to take the right air to be any as a remedy and as a solution for that problem. And continuously resided will be if Allah Subhana Allah azza wa jal gives him the Shiva from the spiritual illness that he has. This is the believer is like a palm tree in the sense that he puts lots of effort and lots of time, until he

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reaches the beauty of the tree. And he reaches the beauty of the meaning of the collab, a lot of social, he says

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Kalamata Paiva, one pure good word of the collab is like Shujaat unbelieva, like this huge tree that is pure and good. Now, a lot of social, he continues, and he says, a school had a fair bit, its roots affirm the roots of this tree affirm. In other words, the doubts and the misconceptions won't affect this heart anymore. Let me the words of the plan. They have enough power to penetrate deep into the heart, with roots become so firm, that a person can no longer Yanni be affected by waswas, or to shape or be affected by the evil whispers of the SharePoint concerning the last panel data loss. The doubts and the misconceptions are eradicated in his life. That's the power of one word of

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God. It grows into the heart like a tree, but not not, it's not only impressive from the outside, it's also impressive on what it does inside. its roots are so firm in the heart. In other words, this person, very unlikely that he's affected by the doubts and the misconceptions that are held against Islam, when you use them our opponent was he when he walks off right and was worse doesn't affect him. Whether it's mental agility whatnots whether it's a bomb that gives him an was worse, you know, ultimately was was at the shape on end by asking the person the question, who created the last panel what data ultimately was supposed to show? What brings you to this question was was at an

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insert as well, and in an instant do was was a to mankind by coming and giving him misconceptions about Islam. Your Dean says 123 It doesn't make sense and he leaves you like this without and he goes away. But the one who has a tiger with the lion and a connection with the blab that the one word is so powerful that you

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deeply rooted within the heart. In other words, His heart is held properly by the words of Allah azza wa jal, and it is not affected by these doubts in these misconceptions kashia Jonathan Paiva

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saboten yani the words of the Quran. Our reason for commitment, steadfastness and certainty in Allah subhanho wa Taala will take you know, a lot of Zoysia

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when he revealed the laws of the law while he was alive, he gave a reason for why he revealed that to him. You know, all the previous books came down as a whole came down is what the total came down as one philos finished that's it no more is coming down concerning a thought will indeed came down as a whole. No one came down over 23 years ago, Adam photokina, who lithoco Alan scrm

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and sila Alonso had revealed for planning stages over 23 years. What does that mean? Basically it means that also no muscle alarm other US alarm would read or an very frequently then if it's coming down every single day that he's reading pull out every single day. So the police they came to us

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and they sit them Why did it come down to you as a whole? Like it came down to the previous prophets? Allah azza wa jal, he says unsuitable for pop or color la de la cafaro Lola Mozilla Ali Hill.

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The cofounder they said, Why didn't the Quran come down to you as a whole? For la Xhosa explains the reason Allah azza wa jal, he says I sent it down over 23 years, the demand and carrier loss origin revealed over 23 years catabolic, lean with a bitter beef deco de la Hotel de la, so that we keep your heart firm and steadfast upon an email while on a slab. In other words, a nice little alarm on your syllabus relationship with the poet was a daily relationship, obviously, because it's coming down over 23 years. So he must be reading every single day, the new stuff that is coming down, and this just distract of reading. And every single day, a lot of Zoysia. He said lynmouth a bit heavy

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for either the fruit the benefit it gives is that it keeps the heart firm and steadfast upon the meanings of what you read, right? while you're in his heart a lot the effect of the colab on human beings. And yet the unbeliever when he reads the pohanka, Jonathan Paiva also has a veto that we spoke about.

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It's deep. It's deeply rooted within the heart allows or shall then he says, waffle fist center

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its branches close down. Now this tree is growing now. And it grows as he grows, and its branches extend all the way to the heavens love work. But what does this mean? It means

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this one word of the poet. We said it was a seed. He entered the heart. The roots developed and they grabbed strong. In other words, the person now has no doubt. And he's firm upon demon once upon a time. Now allows origin explains how it grows. He says after the man is firm and settled in the heart, it starts growing and it grows. And these branches begin to extend to the heavens. What does that mean? It means that this one word

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leads to good righteous deeds. It leads to good righteous deeds and these good righteous actions. They reach the heavens before anyone on earth knows that out there. This is what it means. So when a man is firming the heart It leads to a person performing righteous good deeds will follow her and follow is a branch will he then is how many branches and nobody's allowed to send them he says in the Hadith and a man will be born was

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born vamos a tuna Chava Javi says that the branches of E man approximately 70. Yani in between 70 and 80 in between 60 and 70 somewhere with a number. What does it mean the branches of event, meaning dandekar reading before it is a branch of event of solid is a branch of email. A second is a branch of email. And there are over 70 kinds of good deeds that a person is supposed to be doing. Alonzo Hill he says when this one word of the art enters the heart and becomes firm in the heart. It leads to the fact that the planet this huge tree would start growing and it grows so quick that the branches of it reach the heavens. These branches are the righteous good deeds that you do after the

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Quran settles in the heart. And these branches Where did they go? They reach the heavens. In other words they reach Allah subhanho wa Taala and the angels are speaking about it or loss of Hannah who Allah accepts it. Then the people might hear about it. Let know when Allah subhana wa tada

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Loves a person, then he sends down to the people of the earth. And he pleases for that person and acceptance. And then the people begin to love him right? For even the IE is for all of his severe somat gives us the understanding of sincerity, that when a person does something, the first concern he has is that he wants a larger version first and foremost to know that if the people on earth knew that or didn't know that this is really not my concern for this scenario, straight away, right, the branches of good fasting of Monday and Thursdays, the goodness to the neighbors, the goodness to the parents, the charity, the morning and the afternoon I've got all of this is for all of these

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branches that the one word of the Quran should lead a person to

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have a love of Allah.

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Allah azza wa jal

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then he says,

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to the Gula Gula, Hainan B is Nero beer. It produces its fruits all the time.

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We began the beginning of the era What did it begin with Kelly mapai was one pure good word of

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it led to branches. It led to roots being firm in the heart. It led to branches going right up to the sky. Not only that, but now there's another part, which is this tree has fruits Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he says to the lion, it produces fruits all the time. What does this mean? The only means is

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if I might give a talk now, and someone might benefit from something, but then this benefit, how long would it last with you? A few hours, a few days, a few months, everyone is different in that someone can give a talk today. Maybe it benefits some it doesn't benefit others, but then it benefits some. The benefit is a couple of hours a couple of days,

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however, allows origins word when he described it, he said to do.

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Its benefit is all the time.

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Over time, the benefit of the word of the Orion doesn't stop. Even the day you die, it still doesn't stop the benefit of the word of the Orion if you are connected to it, it follows you in your grave. Well after you come out of your grave, it flows as follows you on

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and it follows you until the meaning of Allah Subhana died. And then it's the only good deed that's done in the paradise when the believers read the plan. And with every idea they ascend a level in the paradise Chewbacca to where it kept going to the ooda kukuda meaning it gives a fruit Okuda is something that he and something that is beneficial. In other words, the one word of the client benefits you every single time to do cooler, cooler, cooler. So Pamela, how to even when a person is dying, or SharePoint comes to him and tries to make him fall in doubt. Barney's is fine with you and his animosity with you is going to continue until the day you die. So as he believes that he's dying

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to ship on comes it comes through Ben Ross was trying to turn him away from his team in the last moment and he's dying and at that moment only according to this I do

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all you need is someone to recite an AR T or you recite an AR by itself enough it'll be enough of benefit was shaped bottle was was will go away. Do

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you want to sleep straight through so that information right? And then you remember fully diluted agreement so Natalie do Luca Shamsi la voz de la, walk around and you remember last word pre selected for sure all of a sudden you get up? Right? You get the benefit to to you sleep during the night, you will open your eyes up, you find that you know it's still before solid visual. You remember one solutions word, woman a lady.

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Get up and pray something of the night with the hole and all of a sudden, you find yourself getting up. When did this come from a law. So as you said the one word of God gives benefit every single time. Every time you read the word. You're inspired, you're motivated to do some sort of action. So Pamela,

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all right. You're at work during the day, you want to do something How long? You remember most of palatinus work, other miana?

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Doesn't he know that a lot of social watches and oversees every movement and every action and every word he says that he does. All of a sudden one revealed 1400 years ago, you've been reading for how long?

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But every time you read it, and you'll see and you're conscious and you're alert and you're open to the meanings of the eye, how much benefit does it give you? How much goodness does that give you? Different any other talk? I might give a talk now. And then what and how many times are you going to hear it? once, twice, three times. That's it. It's benefit is gone. Give us something new

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In the world of a modern social, every word, its benefit continues, it continues, it continues, does an end to the cola, cola in in Vietnam, perhaps panela. Every word is beneficial all the times. In moments of sadness, you reflect over the story of Uranus and use of Allah His setup. And you'll find benefit in that in movement of sin. Let's say someone committed a disaster committed a sin, He is bothered by it. You open up to the story of Adam and Eve. And you read he committed a sin. And what did he do and how was he Stover and you find benefit in that story. And every single time you will read the story, you'll find the benefit, so panela for my brothers in Islam, and that we cannot

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afford to miss out on our lessons we cannot afford. The only thing that is supposed to stick in your mind after a lesson are the eight and what they mean. Other words of

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lending. That's the only thing that's going to benefit you in the long run right? and long term. That's the only thing that will benefit you. This is the power of the law, honey. And I asked you this question. People that were misguided Muslims that were misguided, or even disbelievers that when when they were disbelievers. And then later on, they came into a slump. And I challenge you asked every single person that was misguided, and every gaffer that became a Muslim. What was the reason for your steadfastness in Islam? When was your reason for why you accepted Islam? Pretty much? I tell you 100% of times the answer is, it was an error. It was a hadith. It was a lecture. It

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was something to do with this one night it was it you did one ad in his life and now close solely and the lawsuit will humbly land is upon goodness, the goodness where did it come from? Well, the Ask yourself, everyone that had a pass, and then came into Step five, ask yourself What brought you here? Where did it all begin the journey? When did it begin from 100% of times? It's one a one a one one hobbies? What lesson about Islam. It brought you here to Panama and for everything you do an area by itself you get the benefit out. It continues ongoing benefit ongoing benefits of Panama. Jordana for myself, before I went to El Medina, I remember and I still remember up until this day,

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it was 1am in solitude, in solitude, Nisa that made me go where I went, will humbly live our lives or shall accept one of our social he says like University hoonah filet mignon home well known as la cama O'Sullivan publicar, Makino sada, tuna Sokka.

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Leg with the ECOSOC t measure on Aviva, the beginning of the university holofil, a minimum, those who are deeply rooted in knowledge and seek this knowledge. At the end of the day, a lot of social issues such people will give them immense and great reward. I remember for myself, this one was the motivation for wireless, whoever has a story with him. And what he did in his life, troops have had a lot to do.

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Every single time it's beneficial. And every A of the cells in your heart becomes a benefit for you every single time. This is why the one who has Oh, I can never be most can never be lost. So I've had a lot to do.

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A lot of social at the end. And this is the last comment the last of the he said to me if need

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be if need be here. It is beneficial every time only by the permission of a law isn't what does that mean? It means that you can never reach a law without a law. You cannot reach a law without a law. And what it means B is the law is that one must always remember that this is a plan. But it is the word of law, you remain attached to a loss aversion. And the reason for the benefit of the Orion is a loss of data or data. So as a result, it means this word B is no bi is encouraging the believer to making plenty of too large so that he makes the benefit in his life. Right. Before we read the Quran, what do we say? Before we read the Quran?

00:29:23 --> 00:29:59

Bismillah Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, by the permission of Allah, we only read this poem, right? Fat B if not B is a very crucial, any kind of conclusion to the A A in the sense that allows or gently saying this is my word. I'm the one that owns it. Keep yourself attached to me. Ask me to make this word. And this will add a benefit to you all times. And this is what I believe is supposed to be doing plenty of data to law so that he makes this cool and beneficial to him and to others around him. Otherwise how many people own and it's of no benefit.

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to them how many people hold the camera?

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memorize it from cover to cover, but there is no benefit absolutely no benefit in his life. Well there are people like this that end up in Jannah Malaya Villa de la sala while he was in the mentioned in the Hadith Messiah. Eden we need to be very careful that

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the words of the Quran alone in the heart, a non beneficial without the permission of Allah azza wa jal giving them an activating this benefit within your heart. So we ask Allah azza wa jal to make the pull out a benefit for us in our life. We asked him Subhana Allah to make us people of the planet, people who benefit from the reminders of in the audio vertical automatic solimar So know that like I don't have enough water and he also hears my name

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