Ahsan Hanif – Lessons from the Birth of Jesus

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The CEO discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Muslims, including the lessons learned from the story of the birth of a Saudi person. The benefits of taqwa rewards, including the return of people to work and the opportunity to pursue education, are emphasized. The importance of trial and hardship in obtaining reward is emphasized, along with the importance of trial and hardship in obtaining reward. The title of Jesus Mary, which appears to be a title for a book, is also discussed, and the historical characteristics of the title are highlighted.
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And then from the delay to Ireland Ahmed who want to start you want to start Euro when are all the below him in short all the unforeseen our woman CEO Dr. Molina, me at the low Philomel the learner who I mean you're deluded further ahead era Why should Allah You know how in Allah wa the hula Cherie Cara? Well I should do a no Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was talking to me he was a limited Sleeman Kathira

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Yeah, you are living on top Allah Hatha Ducati while at a mountain Illa one two Muslim Moon Yohannes dacorum, Bakula, the Hala Takumi nursing Wahida Wirkkala caminhadas o Jaha. Oba thermen humare, Jalan cathinone.

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What Allah Allah de de Luna be here a lot of ham in Allah Kana. Alikum Lacrima Yeah, you live in Takala havapoo Conan's Dida to Stella Kumar, Manoj Kumar, geography London obaku or manual theory la hora Sula, who photographers fools and Alima and my biography nostell Hadith metabolite IRA. Well, how y'all had the head you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot one morning to her Wakulla Makita timbira, a collab with Armada. We're collaborating now.

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From the stories that Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran is the story of the birth of a Saudi salatu salam.

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And due to the relevance of that story for the season that we're currently in, it is important for us to know as Muslims, the perspective of Islam the perspective that the Quran gives concerning this incident, when Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran, the stories of the Prophet so we have in the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the story of our own prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, those stories are not there, so that they become causes of celebration, that they become causes of festivity. But rather they are there first and foremost for us to derive lessons from them and take benefit from those lessons. So when Allah subhanaw taala details to us the story of the

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birth of Resetti cinammon before him in the Quran, the story of the birth of his mother Maria Maria Sinan, it is because of the lessons that we can take from them. And there are many lessons. I want to focus on two or three in the short space of time that we have before us. The first lesson that we take from the story of Miriam and her son residing in Salatu Salam is how Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards the people of Eman and Taqwa how Allah azza wa jal rewards righteousness. And one of the ways in which righteousness and Eman and Tuckwell rewarded by Allah subhana wa Tada is that the benefits and the rewards of the taqwa have felt for many generations that come me and you we don't

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know how our forefathers were in terms of the Eman in terms of their taqwa in terms of their worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the closeness dream, but it is possible and Allah knows best that some or many of the blessings that we enjoy today, some and many of the favors that Allah azza wa jal has bestowed upon us as we live today, us and our children may have been as a result of some of the dryers that our ancestors mean. Perhaps some of the ribeye that they performed, perhaps the measure of sincerity and if Laos that they had in their hearts, that is how Allah azza wa jal rewards the people of righteousness. For generations that effect may be fact. And that's the lesson

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that we take from the story. Because when Allah subhanaw taala details for us the story of the birth of Isa Ali salaam, in fact Allah azza wa jal is casting our mind to another portion of the Quran, which Allah subhanaw taala mentions his ancestry mentioned his forefathers, the family of Emraan Allah azza wa jal tells us in Allah Stofer Adam Ave ha. Well, while Ibrahima earlier in Marana and Eileen, Allah fie with Allah chose Allah selected, add the manure, Holly himself and the family of Ibrahim and the family of Emraan. Over all of mankind. The Family of Imran Imran is the grandfather of the of the Prophet Isa is Salam. The wife of Emraan is the grandmother of any Saudis, Sam, from

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the dryers that the grandmother makes the wife of Imran, for a child and for a progeny and for Descendants that she does not know well yet exist, that she hasn't seen hasn't met. And sometimes this is the close mindedness that we have when it comes to our own doors, that we only think about our direct children that may be living in with us. But the practice of the prophets of Allah azza wa jal is that they would make to our four offspring. for however many generations they would come from the dryers that the wife of Emraan makes for her progeny is that she says in your eco hub in Riga, with the reata Homina shape, honor regime. Allah I seek your refuge for her, and for all of her

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progeny that come

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After her from Shavon, from the benefits of that dua that she made is what our Prophet told us Allah, Allah you will send them in the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim ummah will Herrera the Allahu ang, ma'am in Benny Adam mo Luden Illa Yama sushi pan Mahina Ulan fish the hill Lusardi, Hamid, misshapen, Rainer Maria Mamma Mia. There's not a single child, except that when it is born Shavon comes in it prompts that child. So the child screams at the time of birth, except for Morgan. And for her son residing in SAM. Some of the scholars or many of the scholars would seal what of the position that do and that hadith that is the effect of that wow, that was made that Allah azza wa

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jal relates to us in the Quran. But it's not just that she had righteous ancestry. Maria Maria salaam takes that on herself. She becomes a righteous woman. She sees what her parents were like before. She sees the environment that the left for her the Tobia that they attempted to give to her and she takes that upon herself, as she continues in their footsteps. Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran in Allah has tofurkey what the Hauraki was TopHat tiarella Lisa in Ireland mean, Allah has chosen your Meriam and he is purified you and he has chosen you above not above all of the women of mankind and that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that from the Greatest Women

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ever to live from the four that he named was Maria Maria Salatu was Salam Yeah, Maria makuuchi they are Vicki was God you were carrying him out rockin so Morion be worshipful, dutiful to Lord and be from the people of such that that prostrate before him and make bearing pasta bow make record along with those who make record to him. subhanho wa Taala that is the way the Medallia Santa was born up. So when a person comes from a righteous family, when Allah azza wa jal has bestowed someone with the man and righteousness, don't think that that righteousness is only constricted and narrow down to you. It is something which Allah azza wa jal blesses its effects for many generations to come from

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the other lessons that we take from the story. The second lesson is that alongside that, then the man alongside the taekwondo righteousness, there always comes trial and test. Very rarely is it that you find a story in the Quran, except that somewhere along that story, there will be some type of trial, some type of hardship, difficulty and tribulation, because it is from the sin of Allah from the universal laws of Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala tests us on. And from the ways that he tests the believers is that he tests them dependent upon their level of Eman, as the Prophet told us on Allah while he was still the mission to Nassima and LM br for malema, thoughtful MPhil. Those who

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have the severest of tests of the prophets of Allah than those closest to them than those closest to the meaning in Eman in in Taqwa Maria Maria Sam is tested. Just because you have Eman doesn't mean that you're not tested. And a test. Yes, it is difficult. But a test for the believer doesn't necessarily mean that it is even the test of Maria Maria Salam is Allah subhanaw taala would be still her with an amazing miracle, a miracle that she would give birth to a child without the intervention of any husband or any man. But despite that miracle, they will be within a test. That test would be the way that other people would look at her, what they would see about her, what they

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would accuse her of what they will think concerning them. And that is one of the greatest tests that a person can find. Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran that our own prophets on Allahu alayhi wa sallam from the greatest challenges that he faced, or what the people said concerning him, when they said that he was a magician or crazy or a madman, those are things that affected him. Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, Allah Berkeley or Neff circa 13. Maybe you will almost destroy yourself because of what they say what they do is something which hurts when the people closest to you, your family, your friends, your relatives begin to to doubt you because of your Eman in Allah subhana wa

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Tada. And so when Medallia Sam is presented with this miracle, the angel comes to Gbit Salaam in the form of a man, and he tells her that you will have a child, she says, How is it possible for me to have a child I'm not married, and I'm not a woman of your modesty. He says that is a miracle from your Lord, for hemella to fintiba that be McCann and Kasuya. So she became pregnant with him and human to a remote place far away from the people. And she gave birth. And when she gave birth, and she understood now that she would have to take the child back to her people to a town, and the people would see the child and they would immediately jump to conclusions that weren't good or

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righteous or fair. She says y'all eat any meat to parabola Heather. Welcome to SEM and Sia, if only I had died already. And I was something which was forgotten, because she knows what it's going to be like she knows the difficulty of

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Challenge and trial. But Allah subhanaw taala always helps the people of Eman and that is why the stories are related often in the Quran. There are stories, many of them different in terms of their context, many of them different in terms of their time and in terms of this situation. But one of the common denominators between all of them is that there are tests and trials within them. Whether it's the story of use of Valley Center, or the story of a you Valley CERAM or the story of Ibrahim or know how any of those other prophets of Allah Azza wa Salatu was Salam. You find within it a test, but also you find within it the way that Allah azza wa jal helps the people of Eman

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BarakAllahu li Walakum Fluke Ronnie was suna one of our annual yummy Mefi human hikma a cool look at her that was stockfeed Allah honey welcome. When did you meet a Muslim human Collegium InfraStop Pharaoh in Hokkaido Farah.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he was talking to a woman while I was the limit, the Sleeman Kathira, a MOBA from the greatest lessons that we take from the story of the birth of a Saudi is Salatu Salam is how Allah subhanaw taala hops the people of Eman and Taqwa from the benefits of the taqwa that we mentioned the beginning of this hotbar the remnants the effects that you feel from the righteousness of your parents, your grandparents, your forefathers so long as you keep up that righteousness within you and you attempt to have a measure of Taqwa he man, Allah subhanaw taala helps to believers he doesn't forsake them. So in the story, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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adds miracle upon miracle at the time of the birth of a Saudi salatu salam Allah azza wa jal says to us in the Quran in surah margam for Ajah 100 makhado allegedly Natla the pings of labor led her to the trunk of a deep palm tree. And before that, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that he gave to her a serene a stream. The position of the of many of the scholars to seal was that Allah azza wa jal caused the stream to flow from where there was no stream and he calls the day palm tree to sprout from where there was no day palm tree as miracles for her in the most difficult of time. A woman that is alone and far away from any help in the one of the most challenging moments that a woman can

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go through. Allah subhanaw taala gave her water and he gave to her food to serve the Darling ramen Junya Allah says fresh ripe dates found for her for Cooley was Robbie Walker Rihanna, so that she could eat and she could drink and she could rejoice in the blessings of her Lord, Allah subhanaw taala sings to the people of Eman Signs, He gives to them indications that he is with them, that He loves them that they have His divine care and protection. subhanho wa taala. So when the people come in, they make their accusations when they find Morgan with her son, and they say that your unchaste woman that your parents are known to be righteous, what's gone wrong with you. She made an oath that

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she wouldn't talk to them. But instead for a short delay, she points to reciting Sarah and reciting Islam speaks as a baby from the cradle. Color in the Abdullah attorney al Kitab. Our journey in Libya, he says I am the servant of Allah. Allah has been the blessing and he is meeting your prophet or Jelani Mubarak and ina mcent, while Sani Salatu was the Cathy madam to higher and Allah azza wa jal has made me blessing wherever I may be, and He has commanded me to pray and to give the zurka Wherever he may be. Allah azza wa jal gave the ability to recite Islam and he's one of the very few children that are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us one of the very few babies that were

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given the ability to speak in the cradle, because Allah subhanaw taala helps the people of Eman no matter what Maria Maria Salam had said, no matter what excuse she offered, no matter what justification she gave, those people would never have believed what he said. He said, I'm coming to the defense of his mother. So when you have a man and Taqwa in Allah, when you trust in Allah in the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala, even in the most difficult circumstances, when you think and you don't see any option or any exit or any, any solution to your problem, Allah subhanaw taala says to the people of Eman ways and means by which Allah azza wa jal shows them His love and His divine can

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protection ask Allah subhanaw taala on his best day of Juma that he mixes from amongst those people, that Allah subhanaw taala shows his blessings and His mercy and forgiveness are upon us and upon our families, upon our parents and our forefathers the pastor we before us upon Eman as Allah subhanaw taala that he protects us and our families makes us and then righteous and that Allah subhanaw taala bestows upon us a progeny or an offspring that are righteous that he will then be reunited with the highest levels of Jin SubhanAllah. Bicarbonate is at the mercy phone was salam ala serene Welcome to the law.

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