Divine Doses #04 Mission Accomplished

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In this area sort of alien Ron Allah is telling us whoever is drawn away from the fire and admitted into paradise has certainly prospered. Absolutely, the Hereafter is better and more lasting. escaping the Hellfire on its own is a priceless gift from Allah. But that's not exactly what the verses saying.

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Allah says femen Zhu Zhi Ha. Did you hear the repetition in the word, whoever is drawn away from the fire drawn is Xia, translated from that word. Zhu. z hat means to be drawn away, drawn away, inched away Little by little, whenever there's a repetition in sound in Arabic, it reflects the repetition and meaning, like qubic. Kibo in the Quran means to get tripped up over and over again, as Sasa refers to the morning when it slowly presents its light and it continues to heighten and brighten the day. And so Allah here is telling us, if a person gets dragged away from the fire almost inch inch inch away from the fire, you can almost hear in that word, the grueling nature of what it takes

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of effort to escape the fire, because the Hellfires the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, is surrounded by lusts and temptations and lower appetites that take years to get our grip on to get ourselves to rein them in. And so many times people's lives expired before they are able to do that successfully. But I want you to think about something right now. This mission could be accomplished with one day in Ramadan sometimes. And that's a thought that was brought to us by Raja Rahim Allah, the great scholar, who said, of the bursts of Allah's mercy that exists in Ramadan, are the fact that a person can coincide find himself in a moment and there's so many of these moments where they

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ask Allah for something and no matter what they asked for Allah grants it to them. And they find themselves asking Allah to admit them into paradise to rescue them from their blunders that would send them to the fire. And that's it. They are granted that for a lifetime, because of that burst of mercy that was available in that one moment of Ramadan to

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