Why Teach Children Quran When They Don’t Even Understand

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Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair explains

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What's the point of having children memorize the Quran when they don't even understand the importance?

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We teach our children many things that they don't necessarily understand fully, or they understand the significance of, but we teach them those things. Why? Because in sha Allah when they're older, it'll be easier for them to excel in those matters. When it comes to language development, remember that there is a sensitive period of learning, which is from zero to 60 years of age, which means that in order to develop fluency later in life in a certain language, children must be listening to that particular language and also speaking that language. So just like that, if we want our children to have fluency in the Quran, in its recitation, in its comprehension, then we have to start early

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inshallah, if we want to help our children, memorize the Quran, understand the Quran easily later on in their life, then we have to teach them the skills from a very young age. And something that is helpful is memorizing short sutras of the Quran. And unfortunately, we underestimate children, children, if they're taught what the Quran is, if they're taught the reward of memorizing the Quran of reciting the Quran, they would really enjoy this process. And remember that when children memorize the Quran, they learn how to recite it, then they're building a connection with Allah soprano tada you're helping them establish that connection with Allah soprano tada in a Hadees we

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learned that the Quran is the rope of Allah, it's one side is with Allah and the other side is with you. So don't we want that our children have a direct connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. Likewise, we learn that whoever places the Quran in front of them, then the Quran will lead them to gender. So when we help our children memorize the Quran from a young age, we give them the opportunity to have the Quran in front of them. I mean, we expose them to so many things, we teach them the most random things also, why not teach them the Quran, the Book of Allah for which they will get reward also, and it will also help them develop this identity or this trunk connection with

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the Quran that Quran is a part of my life. So for this reason, we must start I said I want to live on a cattle. Thank you so much for watching this video, and I'm so happy that you were able to watch it and chala to benefit from it. If you have not subscribed to faith IQ yet, please do. Click on the link, make sure that you open the notification. So you will always be notified when a new video comes these questions that we answer our questions that submitted by you so please leave us a comment, send a question that you think it will benefit the general public so we can give you the answer if we know it inshallah, Tada. Thank you very much. Your participation means a lot to us. I

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said I'm already coming to light. A lot of cats.