Ruling On Returning Back To The Jumu’ah Prayer After Lockdown Eases – Shaykh Abu Eesa

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The speakers discuss the importance of maintaining rules and regulations in cases where there is a danger of infection and avoid setting oneself too far away from work. They stress the need to stay at home and avoid overwhelming the system, as well as the importance of a spiritual process. They also warn against giving up on one's desire and suggest using the current rules to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

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As the global lockdown starts to ease, what's the ruling on returning back to the dhammapada?

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Well, let's remind ourselves first of the ruling of the dhammapada Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you're living in Amman either no dia de Sala T. Miyama Giamatti. First out, illogically lead whether there are you who believe, when the call to the prayer of Juma is given, then rush to the remembrance of Allah and leave off your trade, rush first our obligation whether rebel leave off your trade, obligation and anything which is obligatory for us to do which is support ourselves do a work and business and anything which is telling us to leave often obligation can only be a big obligation. So many ideas about what what happened to the heart about how the hearts will be sealed

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if you keep missing Juma. The most important Hadith is the one written narrated by the prophets Eliza Lem in the Sahaba have an authentic hadith by Abu Dawood,

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Juma Hakuna Muslim Muslim larva,

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from New York

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to an old Soviet Union omarion that the Juma is an absolute right and obligation upon every single Muslim except for for the slave, the woman, the child and the one who is ill. And that has always been the ruling on the Juma prayer. And it will always remain the ruling on the Juma prayer, the fact that we in COVID-19 era right now have been praying at home, it's only because we've been prevented from going to the masjid the ruling has not changed. And so we pray at home a lot. But now, obviously Muslim countries have started to open up, a number of the Western countries have started as well reduced capacity, loads of conditions, and Hamdulillah, the masajid there are those

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who are responsible have started to carefully and diligently using good standard operating procedures are

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getting ready for the Muslims to come back. And it's very important for the Muslims to come back, the obligation hasn't changed, we have to stick to that actual original principle, the fact that we think that just because there is still a threat of the of the virus itself is the same as the threat of the virus every other place. And if we are going out to the other places, then we should, again, if we are maintaining the rules means and what are some of these rules, we know that the capacity has been thrown right down that that's worse than it was when an area completely separate two meters all the way around us. It was one way in one way out no mixing of people people carrying their shoes

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with them in a bag so that they don't you know have that little you know, that little congestion in the shoe area. We're also aware of

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the reduced numbers meaning that the any kind of coughing, spluttering, whatever has a minimal effect everyone bringing their own masks wearing at all times everyone bring their own suggest that the masala that you pray on the prayer mat, all of these things, separating the prayers out to accommodate for the numbers having booking system so that no one can can having a one of the trustees check, for example, one on the gate where the cars are coming in one on the door, having an efficient system and as many apps out there now that have been developed in many, you know, normal systems that it can be used bar codes, etc, etc. This is not difficult, okay, it's not difficult to

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establish this and it is being established.

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with these systems following these rules, obviously no one who's sick can come those who have got conditions or causes coexisting conditions, they can't come over 65 to stay at home. children shouldn't be there anyway. So we're asking the sisters, for example, taking one for the team as well, even though I personally believe the sisters should always be praying and invested in that their reward is more in a message not at home or some of the focus or belief. However, I do think in the Juma prayer, they definitely should remain at the moment at this moment in time at home. And I know how tough it is. And the problem is, is that everybody at home now who's substituted the actual

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room are for a online reminder, that's what the sisters are putting up with all the time. And you know, after one or two weeks of that nobody now watches listens, cares. Everyone's drinking their coffee, tea playing around whatever whatnot while it's going on a background coming to the machine is a very important spiritual process. And it's not just about the what you're hearing and the reminder, a sense of community. It's a sense of sacredness that you get to experience after a week of Hedden ism a week of dunya a week of work. You know, in actual fact, the remembrance in the Juma prayer is the small part. The Prayer is the longer experience that's what the prophets I seldom said

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that from the sign of someone's intelligence and level of deepness of, of knowledge is that they reduce the size of the hook by the increased size that a prayer. So for us to go back is an absolute obligation and we must go back according to the conditions that our massages for us, or have stated for us, and we thought we would do it in the in the safe right way. However, can we say what we're emphasizing this obligation, as someone who's so scared and worried for their health or whatever, that they are sinful for not going? That's really difficult for us to say, that's really difficult for us to say.

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If I could stay silent, and just say that it's an obligation, that's it. I'm not gonna say anything else I would but obviously academic ones.

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requires us for us to say that the same ruling will not apply in these current extreme circumstances as it would normally. It's clear that there's a danger out there, there are people who are very, very scared. And if they justify to themselves that they really can't come out, and they shouldn't, then they shouldn't. Okay. And would I think that they are sinful, no. But I do want to put a warning out there, there are a lot of people saying to set themselves right now we've all become lazy and enjoying, you know, chilling and not going out on a mission it is on a Friday anyway. And you know, how many limb clippers we've heard in our life and art and any opportunity to get away

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from that, or, you know, people are making their own excuses, right, they've started to now schedule something in house in on a Friday afternoon, biblical days, sleeping in, whatever. The point is, is that we don't want to allow this West west to become the dominant voice in this issue, we have to fight those desires and get back to the state of sacredness that we had for Jamal before, but in a safer way. And, you know, the scholars will have to allow these little concessions where the prayer might go over into the hours of time, so you might have one at 130 230-334-3530. Or we take from the some of the positions that are a bit odd in the Cherie Abbott's supported by some of the schools and

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some of the scholars like that, which is known as the humblest call starting before the dark time. So 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock, one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock in these kind of scenarios, taking from that kind of concession or using this kind of opinion, is better than not having drama at all, or not going at all. And so you can choose ones which are quieter for you and safer for you. So there really isn't any excuse. But I don't want to be standing here and be accused of, of not being honest, I don't think that someone's going to be punished by law, because they're so scared to not go to the gym or because of the genuine fear. When you're going to shops, you're going out

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everybody has accepted the new normal, and as long as you maintain safety, then you must be going to the gym. But if a person couldn't bring it to themselves, they they did find it too worrying that I don't think that they are sending and a loss of power to Allah knows best. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ is like a low high dose and I want to