Waleed Basyouni – Are You Choosing The Right Spouse Fiqh Of Love

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having stable relationships for future generations and not being married to someone that is attached to them. They also mention the danger of being emotionally driven in relationships and how it can block one's ability to see the reverse red flags. The speaker emphasizes the need to recognize the emotions of others in relationships and keep them in a common sense.
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some red flags for those who are married. But I want to start and focus more about those who are in relationships and the are consider this person to be a future spouse,

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if for you as an individual or for you as parents, when it comes to your children as well, or friends, or somebody asking you so these are some things that I think you should take it very serious. And hopefully we can have a beneficial conversation tonight about this important topic. Because as we all know, it is so important to

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ensure that the next generation among our community, have a stable life, and not to be married to someone that they just can live with. But they can be married to someone that they can't live without somebody that they're so attached to somebody that they love so much, and they really build a strong relationship and a strong family. A strong family means a strong community, strong community means a strong ummah. Strong, Ahmed means a strong, great future for Islam, and for Muslims, inshallah dad, and for the country of large as well. So

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I know some of the things that I'm going to share with you. And I want to start with this point.

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And in my opinion, this one of the most important points of my talk tonight, that so many of I'm going to tell you, you might know already, something that you are familiar with.

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Many people see the sign, they see this red flags clear in front of them, but they ignore it.

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And they just don't want to be serious about it.

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And I think one of the reasons for many people to do that. It just because they are so deeply in love with the person and that usually, especially before marriage, and before any Halal way of building this relationships, it means that there is so much haram already invested in the relationships they've been I they call it halal date, and I don't call it halal day. I call it Muslim dating style. Because it's not haram and most of the case, so they go out alone, there is an excessive type of conversations that is so much love again.

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Hello, halwa touching, maybe kissing, hugging, no. So much attachment between him and her. So what happened when you have that strong attachment to the person, you develop something that called he or she the only one. And hello, I see for you for yourself. That's the only one out there in the world for me.

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You know what? He is the only one she's the only one absolutely true when you get married.

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He is the only one she's the only one. But before you get married, it's so dangerous to have this mindset. You know, because what what would this mindset do to you and block you from seeing anything else.

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And people when they are so emotionally driven, driven, you cannot come as parents, for example, you cannot come to start to make logic to them or to speak to them logically because he is already blocked. He doesn't think with his brain think with his heart where her his or her heart. So you cannot make any sound logic to them anymore. They are more emotionally driven. So you have to touch their heart, you have to recognize their feeling. You have to bring them to their common sense, you know, step by step. So it's not a logical thing as much as an emotional thing. But this is a case for when you deal with someone in your family or your friends who are so into this even though he or

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she see this red flag. But for you yourself.

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For those who Allah subhanaw taala did not put them in that level yet in that test yet. If you are a relationship please make sure that you keep it head on.

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Because when you cross the line and you start doing haram things in the relationship, Allah subhanaw taala punish you and one of the punishment is that you don't see the reverse red flags anymore. And you keep continuing in this relationship a long way.

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