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Madinah Under Siege

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albula regimes man rahima

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salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Juma in my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh chisako. Okay, thank you so much for joining us. This is part two of our series, the hardest hour, we look at some of those very difficult moments in the oma, we you know, out of Great Tribulation and great difficulty, the Muslims rose up and hamdulillah saw the light at the end of the tunnel. As we go through this, these difficult times, wherever you may be, may Allah make it easy for you. This is also an opportunity for us to to really elevate our status with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today inshallah, we're going to talk about

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the siege of Medina, Medina under siege. And this goes Of course, to the Battle of Allah zap, as mentioned in the Quran or the back of the trench, as many of you would be familiar with. And we'll see that this was perhaps one of the most difficult moments in the life of Navy SEALs for them. And battle we think looks so hopeless, that they will you know, many people believe that this was it was the end, but spent a lot of last panel data shows his power. So let's get into it and talk about this battle insha Allah, little backstory, the battle occurs five years after the hegemon. So that IV system has been in Medina for five years, the Muslim state is established for five years. And

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Alhamdulillah Medina is flourishing and is thriving. also understand within avviso salam came to Medina, at the hegira. They were not they were not just unsired, or just Muslims, they were non Muslims as well. Amongst them were three Jewish tribes. And then obese also entered into an agreement with them called the Constitution of Medina, where they had complete freedom of religion. And they were allowed to remain they weren't required. They weren't required to become Muslims. They were there was an agreement of safety and security. Look, we share one city if and we will not assist one another, a foreign enemy against each other. So Oh, yeah, who are Jews do not help our

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enemies against us, and we will also not help your enemies against you. And we live under this Agreement of peace. And initially, this was the agreement between the province of salam, the Muslims and the yahood. But one by one, these Jewish tribes, committed certain acts that are required that necessitate that they would be expelled For example, one of those tribes, the banana the year they were expelled from Medina, because they try to assassinate the profits or sell them. Now any, you know, any any city in any country in the world. If you try to assassinate its president, you know, at the very least you'll go to jail. So they were they were told look, no one is going to be

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executed, no one is going to go to prison. Just as a type you have broken the agreement leave Medina. So two of these tribes had left Medina and they settled in another city called haber, which was also a Jewish city. And so five years after the establishment of Medina, they were a number of wars between Muslims and Mecca, the Battle of either the Battle of boyhood and so the problem was Alam has now quite a number of enemies. You've got the Jews that were expelled, you got the Quraysh that are trying constantly to invade Medina and destroy, destroy Medina, you also have many Bedouin tribes around Medina that are pagan idol worshipers and they are not, not happy with the with the

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establishment of Medina. And so the leader of the Jewish tribes might remember the name he ate, he was the mastermind and the architect of what would be called the Alaska as up is a confederation or coalition. It bring it means his with a group. So it has many groups coming together. And so it was this man who, who said, Look, there are many of us who are enemies to Medina, let us come together and form a huge army and completely invade Medina. The objective is not to conquer Medina, it is to destroy the city completely. It is to kill every man, woman and child to kill the prophets of Allah to basically cause Islam to be extinct. This was the objective of the Azov and not only did they

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bring together the enemies of the Muslims, the Jews back then as is the case today, Allah bless them, and goodness in that, that they are a people that are gifted in terms of business, that they are wealthy. And so they use this this wealth and this financial power to finance the army and to bring about many mercenary types. So there was a type to the north of Medina called the Hata fan tribe. They were in the north of Medina, they were the Jews, they would have labor said we will pay you half of our annual income if you join our army and we can destroy Medina once and for all. So they were able to put together an army of 10,000 men now in those days. 10,000 is a huge number. In

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fact, 10,000 people is more than the entire population of Medina. So they just think about like that. So for example, in Cape Town, you know the population.

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This is about 10,000 minutes about three, you know, at least double the size of the population of Medina. So if you're in Cape Town, you say we have 3 million

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You know, comparatively speaking, there's an army of 6 million people coming to invade your city. Really, there is no way how you can defeat an army of the size. And this is the first time that you saw multiple enemies coming together and ganging up on the on the Muslims. And so this army is raised in secret, the negotiations were all done in very secret and a very desperate the way in which they were brought together. And so the the news finally reaches the lobbies of Salaam. So the problem gets the news that these troops are moving the Hata foreigner moving south korea moving north, the army of labor is moving from the east, from the west, and they're all converging on

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Medina. And basically we only have about 10 days two weeks before they arrive. So it is completely taken by surprise. The Muslims learn about this. And the prophets of Salaam assesses how, how ready are we to fight this army and he realizes we only have about 3000 fighters we only have if every single man in the whole of Medina picks up a sword. At most at most. We have maybe 3000 fighters against an army of 10,000 that the city looks like the situation is quite, quite bad. So what what do we do? And then obese also lamb as his strategy was he would converge, convene an emergency Council, you'd bring together the senior leadership and ask them what do you think we should do? We

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did this in butter. He did this. And then Elisa Lam's leadership style was one of consultation. Side note here. As I said, as I talk about this crisis, I want us to reflect on our current crisis, we would just you know, for us now, a week, two weeks ago, a month ago, we were thrown into a situation which we were not prepared for. The Muslims are the same. They're thrown in a situation where they had never foresaw something like this, what do we do, then every so seldom immediately, you know, often seeking the assistance of a law. Now you need to prepare a strategy. And you need to come up with some best idea. There are no there are no easy options come up with an idea that is best suited

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for the scenario. And this was completely new. And so then, what does he do? He consults broadly, he doesn't only ask the abubaker is the senior leadership. He asks everyone, does anyone have an idea, because really, no one has a good idea. All the senior leaders, they realize going out and fighting them in the open field that we didn't or heard might not be a good idea. The other option was allow them to enter Medina and we have a street by street kind of battle. But this also is not a good idea. A lot of people are going to die. And so the wildebeest Salamis is presenting the emergency meeting to the Sahaba. Also, it's important here leadership, a leader showing strength is showing is

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informing these people about the crisis. And now he asked them, What do you think we should do? And the man that is not part of the senior group of leaders is not part of the government. He's not expert in any way. In fact, he was just yesterday, he was basically a slave, very new, you know, person on the scene, sell man on fire this he basically raises his hands and he says, I have an idea. I've got an idea. Now we saw mine on Friday. So we take a little detour, we saw a minor fallacy. So man and fantasy meanings are man, the Persian, what is a Persian man doing? You're in Medina, apologia was perhaps the most advanced civilization in the world of the temperatures around

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Iran site, Arabia, we Medina is is a very backward kind of, you know, backward kind of land. So to find a Persian person here, it is like finding, you know,

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you know, a person from from, you know, a professor of, of Harvard University, in the middle of the desert, like, how did you get here? What are you doing here, you're not this is not where you live. And so, so mine, you know, he tells us his story, he tells them a piece of cell numbers. But look, I grew up I was the son of a governor of Persia, he lived on the border with with the Persians, of course, worshipped fire. They were the Russians. And they lived on the border with Christians. And it was on one of his journeys that he, he came across a church, he went to the church, and he found them, he said, You know what, the religion of the Christians is so much better than our religion,

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and he wanted to convert to Christianity. And when his dad found out that he wanted to be a Christian, his dad locked him up. And you know, after some time, someone managed to escape, and he left his home. And so he went to Syria, to live in a monastery and learn Christianity. And so he became a Christian. And you know, he, each time he would come in summarizing his story, every time he would come to a monastery, he would find the the Imam, the chef, the priest, was an old man, and the priest would say, sell man, this version of Christianity, the correct version, only a few people are left on this. And if you I'm about to die, but I know there's a shift in another city, my

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friend, go to Him and He will, he will, he will be your mentor. And so so a man travels from city to city many years, going from one church to the next, trying to learn the true Christianity until he comes to a priest is about to die and the police are man. I'm going to die now, and I don't

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have anyone else lived on this religion? That basically I'm the last of the two Christians, and this version of Christianity is going to come to an end. So some answers What do you suggest I do. So he says, look, go to a city in Arabia, that is surrounded by date trees, that has around it a lava flow. So this is surrounded on one side by lava extinct volcanoes inside their day trees, you will find a prophet in the this prophet, or except he accepts gifts, you give him a gift, he will accept it. But if you give him a sadaqa charity, he's not allowed to take a charity. And at the back on his back is a birthmark really strange looking birthmark look for this man for his awaited profit. And

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so so man, seeking the truth. Now he's been traveling for years looking for the truth. He comes across a group of Arab Bedouin traders in Syria. And he says to them, can you take me to Arabia, to a city like this and the city are fine, no problem you can come with and we'll take you on the journey. I mean, some answers. Once we left Syria, they wronged me, meaning they actually stole my goods, they could change on me and they made me a slave. And now take a pause here. So my only searching for Allah, he had given up, you know, everything. And this is we is it is easy for him to have thought perhaps I was wrong, perhaps Allah isn't looking out for my best interest, I should

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have just stayed at home and become a file remainders reaction. I've done all the swala and look at me now I'm a slave, I have nothing. And so he's taken. And he is taken to Medina actually, without him knowing they sell him to a Jewish person in Medina. And he gets to Medina and he sees this looks like a city and Medina has these two extinct volcanoes to the north in the south. And it's of course that they plantations in the as we know, and he he comes there and he asks, Is there any profit here and he's known as he is known to be in Medina why Kusama arrived before then ob Salam samancor, the first and so someone gets the, and he is basically a soul to a Jewish person. And he has to work on

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the plantation. And he says, I was working with him for a number of years working as a slave, when he says one day is in the trees, and he has a big commotion. And there's a big uproar what's happening, a man called calling himself a prophet has arrived in Medina. So he joe madison just arrives, Samantha almost fell out of the tree. And so,

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you know, he asked his master is who's this, this man that wants to be a prophet. And the master basically hits him and says, it's got nothing to do with you. Your job is to work on the tree, the only profit you must worry about is the profit in my pocket. That's the only profit you need to worry about. So Simon Says he managed to collect some dates. And he goes to visit the Navy system for the first time. And he says to the prophet of Islam, or Muhammad, I see you and your people are quite in need of growth a charity. And so he says I watched an episode of him, he distributed the dates and you can take one for himself because this is Sarika such as one sign. Then a few days

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later, he comes and he says I've come to bring you a gift. And so then he watched gonna be sold and distributed the dates. And he also ate from it. And he said, this is sign number two, I mean, a third time you visit an Amazon lamb and he's trying to look behind the piece of salami trying to look under a shirt to see this moq and the promises and notices that salmaan is tied to look. So the problem lowers his shirt. And they of course, is the Hartman number where the seal of prophethood and someone basically hugs him and says, I've been looking for you. For years, I've been looking to reach you. And so summon and in the process, I'm asked someone tell me your story. And so Simon

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narrates the story. And so now that the year who this man is and that he's been searching for the profit out of his own life, so the people of Medina stand up and this is a man today you're not so manufactory See, you are from Medina, we adopt you, you're going to be Salman al Ansari, and so the margerine stand up and say no, no, no, he's like us. He's made hegira is come from outside. He is a Mahajan. We can adopt him and then there'll be sources of no rather I will adopt him he's from elevate so so nanofibrous he has an honorary honorary member of the elevate and I will see you are from my family. So this sound man of the woods a man basically gets a seat free then I'll be so

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you know, mixed wind places, is master basically say to someone if you want to go free plant 300 trees, and when these trees are fully grown, and they pay fruit, then you can go free. This obviously is going to take like years to do be done. So someone tells them this is what my master requires of me. There is no problem when you go and plant the trees for me. And one by one as they planted the trees and the sun himself would lay would plant the trees McDarrah. Within a few months those trees grew and they bought fruit. And so some man was it free. So now some man who couldn't find that budget and because he's a slave, he's now free year in Africa. Now we know some monies. We

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get back to the emergency meeting. These an army of 10,000 coming here, how do we we only have 3000 at best. How do we fight them? Abubakar? Do you have an idea? No. Do you have an idea? No one has an

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Good idea what to do. And someone puts up his hand and says, I have an idea. What idea do you have? Oh, Simon, this is when we in Persia, we are used to fighting big armies. And when a big Roman army wanted to invade Persia, what we would do is we would dig a trench, a hole around the city, and the army could not into the city. And so they were stuck outside. And then we have provisions on the inside, they don't have provisions. And so the army basically, the the battle, we basically win. And so the purposes of this, this is a good idea and the rest of the Sahaba agree, this is the best idea. Now, this is a completely new idea. Never before had the Muslims done something like this, it

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might even have sound outlandish that look, we're gonna be locked down for two, three weeks, it might sound like a completely strange idea. They might be the one that has a different opinion. But you realize this is the best option we have. It's not a perfect

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option, but it's the best we have. In times of crises. you consult, you do your best, and you take the best option. And now is the time once we've decided it's no point now in arguing we get we only have 10 days, let's go and start digging the strange. And so without going into too much detail. The Trench basically took about 10 days to dig at an intense pace. Look, there's no you know, it's all manual labor. And it took required basically every person every man in Medina to dig the trench, the problem drew a line around way Medina was exposed, and they would dig the whole day into the night They're digging non stop digging this trench, and

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the Muslims are patrolling this line, trying to make sure that it was it was defended. Now, remember, Medina is dependent on agriculture. If everyone is digging, no one is in the farms getting food. And so things are so difficult that everyone was very, very hungry during the Battle of the during this time. And some miracles occurred during this event. So one of the medicals as they were digging the strange that abbyson drew a line on the ground, and the Sahaba digging according to this line, this line, and they find this huge boulder in the ground, and they can't break it no matter how many times they hit this rock. It's not. It's not breaking. And so the Sahaba said, Look, let's

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just dig around it. It's the rock and some said no, Nabisco solemn drew that line, we need to dig on this line. So let's ask him permission, if we may be we may dig around it. And so the quarter prophecies alum, and he comes in any say allow me to break this rock. And so he takes his axe and he strikes the rock and he says Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and one third of the rock breaks with a huge spark flies up and the Prophet is Allahu Akbar, I have been shown the palaces of Syria, Jordan, we will conquer this area that omens and he strikes it again. And he says I was shown Persia, meaning we will conquer Persia and extract it again and the rock breaks and he says will conquer Yemen. Now

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think about this for a second. They were monastics in Medina will saw this. And um Sahaba Allahu Akbar, we're gonna conquer Persia. We're gonna conquer Rome. We're gonna conquer all these places. The monastics of Medina said her, how would it know that these guys now they have become crazy. They are digging a hole trying to survive digging a hole to keep out the enemies. And they're talking about conquering Persia conquering Rome, they don't even know if they're going to live tomorrow, that how, you know, clearly they have lost touch with reality, and Subhanallah, within 10 years from this not even not even 10 years. Within 10 years from this point, the Muslims will conquer all those

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lands, they are digging a hole to save the life. But of course, they know that this is what they said the professor promises this, so it must be true. And so this is one of the miracles the robots are not predicted the expansion from here. Also another miracle that happened during this time, we see that things were very intense in terms of fear, intense in terms of hunger. And so one of the Sahaba Jabulani said, we would put a stone on our stomach and tie tight to alleviate the hunger. And he said while we're digging, and this was also in the trench digging, I mean, he's on the forefront, and he's covered in sand. And he should fell down. And I saw he had two stones, but it's the game

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system. And he said I couldn't speak him. You know it. It disturbed me so much that I went home to my wife and I said to her, Do we have anything that we can invite the process on asylum for food? And she said, Look, we only have some flour, and we've got a goat that is a baby goats are going to be slaughtered, but we can make a meal. But just for him, and maybe one or two people. I don't have enough. Don't embarrass me Don't bring the whole tomato home. I only have enough for two three people. And so just tell him secretly to come. And so jabiru says, What is wrong to who I said I whispered to him, you suffer. And the problem raised his voice. He says, Oh muslimeen Java has

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invited all of us for supper and champion runs. Oh, no, he's gonna get in trouble with his wife and he says, wasn't me the problem. Salam invited everyone I don't know what to do. And so the prophets

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On Cisco Jabber when you get home, don't open the pot like me open the pot, and then a visa Salam comes and he opens the pot, and he spits in it with his Mubarak saliva, and he dishes out the food. And jabiru said he dished out any 10 by 10 the Muslims came and they all dish they ate they fold and another group and someone else jabil many years later, how many people do you think from your food that day jabil city had to have been more than 1000 because the people of the trench were about to 3000 vet people on the ship that time must have been over 1000 they all ate from it. And we still had left over for the next day. So this of the miracles that happened during these this this time.

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And so

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the look at the screen, this is what the the fortification so Medina is 45 the lead are these lava, these extinct volcanoes. You can't really walk there with your army. And you've got these date plantations, all around me It's getting so really the only open area is this weather trench is being dug. There is one weakness in this strategy. One side of Medina is is exposed to the remaining Jewish tribes. There is one Jewish type that remains the city to have them are now what's the other one is still in Medina called abanico. And the question mark, what are they going to do? Are they going to join us? Or are they going to join the federal brothers against us? They sit to the levy

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salon we are with you, we are going to assist you. But they of course have if they flip in the entire plan is I mean there's a breach the entire plan is is is is is destroyed. And so Allah speaks about the attitude of the monastics when Allah says and the N and N remember when the monastic said in whose hearts there was a DS and they said that the the Allah and His Messenger own did not make any promises except delusions that this whole story of Islam is made up there's no way you're going to survive. Now it's game over for you people that this is the end of the line and or other and when a group of the people said oh people have yathrib there is no stability for you to return home and

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appeal to them ask permission of the prophets of Salaam indeed, our houses unpredicted while they well they were not exposed. So now you see them integrity when crisis some people rise up to the occasion and they support one another. You have other people that only enough see enough see myself and they will say this entire thing is nonsense. I'm only look after myself. They have no telecoil in Allah and what do they do that under the shops they buy? You know, panic buy. They are only concerned about their own well being. But now it's every man for himself. This is the mentality of the monastics and so the even system can be so solemn.

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Our homes are unpredicted leaders go and assist our family meaning they aren't even going to help dig the trench they won't even need to assist and support in digging the trench you find and mellow predictive, you find you're the person that in moments of crisis, the only thing you contribute is further fitness further

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debate and argument you disrupt the harmony even more. They really you should look out for yourself is a very dangerous, bad quality. But yes, in times of crisis, these no good, good alternative, but it's better that you work with the Gema trying to make the best of a bad situation than work against it.

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And so, Allah subhanho wa Taala reprimands the monastics about this,

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that, that they were that they, they always were against the against the Gema. And so now after the Alhamdulillah the trench has been dug, the Azov arrived 10,000 men that arrive at the trench. And Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the Muslims when they see this, this calamity arriving this crisis, this hopeless situation, what do they say Allah says, and when the believer saw that has up so now the the enemy is on the doorstep the viruses arrived, the worst scenario has come through. They said, the Muslims now this is what we believe the believers say, this is what Allah and His Messenger had promised us that this is what Allah had always promised us, life is going to be

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difficult. They're going to be tests, we have to just get through it. And, and Allah and His Messenger had spoken the truth and and and it only added to the faith and was Adam imana and submission to Allah. So the Muslim when he sees a calamity, this only adds to the submission and his faith. The believer goes back to Allah and he says, This is what you promised me from the beginning, let's do is not going to be easy. There are going to be trials and tribulations. So now that they we see it, we actually further submit to Allah, look at them when they become they run away, they have panic, they break away they sit, Allah has left us they become hopeless, they become dispiriting

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whereas the believer only increases in his submission. So now that has arrived, and the battle begins. And

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this, you know, took a long period on talk about all the events, but basically the Quraysh could not enter the trench now. So they start

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On the outside, they were not prepared for this. So the strategy was working, it was working, and the azab on the outside the Muslims on the inside. And so the you know, sometimes you do a plan and you do the best you can and a lot of tissue to tie that camel. But even the best of plans, the best of plans might not

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might not be the you know, the might not be the even the base of plans may not go according to what you read what you had intended. So the Muslims are patrolling night and day, and the Muslims are scared. And Ayesha says, I had never seen a time so tense that the Muslims were on a God because every inch of that trench that to be patrolled night and day, and we would make our tech be loud, so that people would think that the sort of the Qureshi would think that look, it's being guarded by a lot more people and the women and children, they will put in a fortress because all the women and children Medina, they were worried that if the if someone if something happens to them, then they

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are exposed to them women are in a fortress, and the men are long the trench and they are patrolling it night and day.

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And so a new plan that has determined they decided a new course of action after a few weeks of not being able to enter Medina, they go to the heat of the Arby's, he said the mastermind is this Jewish man, wait, and he comes up with a, a plan B. And he said if I can speak to the Jews in Medina, and if I can get them to flip, then we can breach Medina, if we can get that Jewish tribe, the bonagura to flip sides, when surely we can defeat the Muslims. And so he slowly slips into media as the trenches working, but now they hadn't prepared for the Muslims and unprepared for this situation. He enters Medina, and he gets into managed to meet the bunu Kaurava. He knocks on the door. They said

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Why are you here? We don't want you to enter. You're only coming with bad news. This is no I'm your brother, we are good. How can you let me stand outside? Let me in. And so he goes in. And he speaks to the Israeli Jewish tribe. And he says, Look, guys, it's only a matter of time when we are able to enter Medina, and we will exterminate the Muslims. So you can choose either be on the winning side or on the losing side. And so without with lots of pressure and lots of

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negotiations, eventually the mannakkara flip the switch sides. And now the news. The news reaches then be so solemn, that this might be the case. And the professor solemn, wants to investigate if this is true, and he sends us How about alternatives find out to the bundle kurita had flipped. And if they had flipped, they became they broke the agreement with us. Don't let it be known only tell me and if it's not true if the case is that they are on our side, then make it known now, there's so much hikma in our day to day the property saying if it's bad news, don't spread it because we don't want to panic our people are demoralized. They're already scared if you need if you tell them now

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that the that the entire plan has come to note because of a new coin flip. There is going to be a mess panic. But if the rumors are false, then make it now let it be if it's good news in spread the Good News Today we are spreading all kinds of false information panicking for every bad news we see it on our on our phones, this causes more panic. And yeah, we see the hate bumblebees asylum panic can can cause even more of a of chaos. But unfortunately the news was bad of an operator had had definitely flipped sides and they had said we are no longer with you they broke the treaty. And so then a visa Salaam and now confirms the worst. What are we going to do now? Now we have no more

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options. Sometimes Allah subhana wa Taala pushes you to the point where he wants you to go 100% you need to do everything in your power. And when you have done everything in your power, so maybe someone is sick, my particular cancer, you need to go to the doctor, take the cure, do the treatment. And even then Allah Subhana Allah will give you maybe a situation where you feel there is nothing more I can do here. Now the math is out of my hands. The Muslims are now in the situation. These absolutely nothing more they can do. They've dug the trench they've prepared they're patrolling they women are in a fortress. This is what more can they do. Now the manipulator flipped.

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All they can do is wait wait for the invasion to occur. And you can only make this point in time. The Muslims were completely hopeless, not hopeless, but they only hope was now we can only make dua and Allah speaks about the look at these ayat and we think we are in a bit of a panic. Allah says this is when it comes to love me No, this is how Allah tested the believers was zoodles he loses his Island shalida and he shook them with a severe shaking. If Joe come in focus on that when your enemies came from above you and from below you and when the eyes What exotic episode when the eyes began to shift in fear. Now look at the panic. This is haba these are the mighty Sahaba that they

00:29:59--> 00:29:59


00:30:00--> 00:30:39

are shaking left and right, and the hearts are better off until kulu will have energy that your throat your hearts are in your throats meaning you are in such a fear water the new Nebula is on Luna and some of you had some assumptions of Allah. Maybe some of you had thought perhaps now also going to help us perhaps now situation is over it is completely hopeless. And so the Muslims are basically waiting to be exterminated. All you can do now is make the good and now if you find yourself in such a situation, we find ourselves in a bad situation now we take the precautions we lock down we do the best we can. Now we just wait yeah Allah, even the best of plans. Allah subhanho

00:30:39--> 00:30:39


00:30:40--> 00:31:15

Taala Can, can can help but needs to help us if not even the best of plans might not work. And so the Muslims are now on this hopeless situation, waiting for a lot to do something waiting for a miracle. And Allah subhanho wa Taala now since since a miracle that could not have been foreseen could not have been predicted Allah would defeat the whole HAZOP with one person, one man would defeat the entire Isaiah. Also what is happening is a man called No Man's Sky is called Sahaba he is not in Medina, he came with

00:31:16--> 00:31:55

me there were three groups it was the Jews. There was the kurush is the Hata fan. No I am is of the Fatah fan. And he came with the Hata fan to invade Medina. And I am says, I came one day I was there to invade Medina. I went to sleep one night I woke up remains on the other side of the trench. And I woke up a Muslim. I don't know how a lot just made me a Muslim. And I felt this overwhelming urge to help the prophets of Salaam and so the answer is I scrambled over the trench behind enemy lines. And I come to the enemy so Salaam and Sierra solo Salah I want to be a Muslim, I want to embrace Islam. So for some accepts if you're a Muslim, and he says I want to help solve this problem. Suppose is

00:31:55--> 00:32:31

your one man what what are you going to do? So he says I've got a plan, but you give me permission to use deception. Like trickery promises fine, you can do what you need to do. problem doesn't know what this man has installed. But Allah subhanaw taala would completely destroy that has happened as one person How so? This man noraim he of course is from the Hata fine, which means he has a relationship with him. He also has a very close relationship with the Quran. And he has a close relationship with the Jews of Medina. He's the one man that is actually connected with everyone. And so he goes to the Jews of Medina. And he says to the Jews of Medina, we're just Filipino Pereira. He

00:32:31--> 00:33:14

says, I come to you as a friend that the you guys you guys are in the middle of Medina. Yes, you are with the kurush. But what guarantees do you have that liquidation will support you if the Qureshi leave tomorrow, when you are stuck in Medina alone with Muhammad, that means you people will be exterminated. So if I was if I was if I were you, I would not do anything until the Qureshi sends you. collateral, let them send you 70 of the main as guarantees that they will not flee when things get bad, so that if they flee, you execute the 70. And the juicer that's a good idea. We should never went out for our policies. We don't leave without collateral, we don't take a risk without you

00:33:14--> 00:33:52

giving me some collateral. So he said that's a good idea. Then nine goes to go to Abu Sufyan, koresh, and he says Abu sufian How can you trust these people? Yesterday they with Muhammad, now they flipped with you. Tomorrow, they might flip again, and they basically going for the highest bidder. And if rumors are true, they want to go back with Muhammad. And the only way they can do this is they will, they will tell that the Senate will go on with you. And as a show of our loyalty will execute 70 correlations. So if they ask you to send them mean as collateral, don't do it, they're going to execute these mean as a way to get back with Mohamed Salah. So Abu sufian says this

00:33:52--> 00:34:34

is a good idea. This is good thing. And lo and behold what happens just as they have this conversation, a delegation from a new curator arrives to Abu sufian and they say to him, we are not going to do anything until you send us 70 hostages to make sure you are locked in with us subwoofer is raw, it is true no is telling the truth. These guys who are not interested in fighting, they actually want to flip once again, and we will never ever give our main over to them. And so now it's a lot of stalemate, but they're not going to assist the Quraysh until they give these these hostages and the Qureshi are not going to give oxygen. And so these go by when no one is taking action, and

00:34:34--> 00:35:00

back and forth. It's arguing and the entire job is now thrown into this. This this this the laugh eventually abusively answered I've had enough. already enough of us fighting. We are going to invade on Saturday morning. So it's Friday, Friday night. We're going to invade tomorrow. So let's say off the Juma the convenient emergency counsel the Jews that HAZOP get together and Abu sufian says to them tomorrow, Saturday. We are organizing

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

No more talking we are going to enter Medina and fight against the Muslims. And the Jews have been acquaintances. We can't fight tomorrow. Tomorrow we can't fight. Why not? It's Saturday, the sub, we don't fight on a Saturday. So I'm also fiancees. What nonsense is this? What difference is Saturday from Friday and Sunday it is the day so none of this day is a holy day for us. We're not allowed to fight. So this is our house now it's I'm very, very sure that you people are completely not interested in fighting you people have flipped a new and abusive and became so angry that he himself he leaves Abu sufian and he goes and hides with the Jews in Bukhara because he feels the complete

00:35:37--> 00:35:50

Azov is now falling apart. Abu sufian Musto decide what to do, am I going to invade tomorrow or not? And he still on the opinion, I need tomorrow, Saturday, we're going to send our army we're going to invade and destroy the Muslims.

00:35:51--> 00:36:23

Sahaba say that night something very strange happened many, many years later, with a pharaoh the topical believer he sitting with new converts new Muslims this offer the approximate cost away. And these converts say yeah, you know, they talk about the visa Salam and they said, if we were alive back in the day with an emphasis on them, we would have loved them so much that we would have carried him on our backs. We wouldn't even allow him to walk on the floor. So who ever heard them? And he says, are you people think your demand is so high that we tell you about an incident on Friday night.

00:36:25--> 00:37:04

We heard the Muslim the Jews and the Qureshi were about to invade us on Saturday, we are preparing for the worst. All we can do is make liquor now nothing more we can do. And even rose the storm. This strange wind comes in and it's pitch black. It's so dark that if your hand is put out you can't even see your hand and the wind is howling and it's chilly. it's you know it's cutting It's cold. And we are all sitting shivering not knowing what to do tomorrow is the in the culture going to invade us. And so then Elisa Lam is certainly the Sahaba and he says to them, who will go into the across the trench into curvaceous army and see what's happening. Bring me the news, we need to know

00:37:04--> 00:37:42

if they're gonna invade us or not. Who is going to go and give me some news. Now usually the Sahaba they are very quick to, to respond to this. And so no one puts up their hand. The Prophet says who will go and I will be with him on the deaf piano. I will support them with FGM no one stands up no abubaker no, Omar, no one wants to censor, everyone escaped. You're going through enemy lines and so forth overseas. And then there'll be some looked at penises Oh Khalifa stand up. So what is your law? He can now that he calls me. I can't say no. You know, before he was an option, he said it would volunteers. I could say no. But now he gave me called me my name. Now I have to go other shows

00:37:42--> 00:38:22

you the amount of hubbub is he's not saying I'm a macho guy. You know, I was I wasn't scared. I was scared. I didn't want to go. But the problem points to me and says you need to go and his halifa go inspect, don't fight, just bring news and come back, don't engage. And the professor lamb puts his hand to his chest. And he makes it to Africa. They have a low protect you and so forth a versus pitch black, Cold, windy screaming and I crawl over through the trench under the trench into the army of the crush. And I'm now looking around to see what's going on and he sees the wind is blowing. The tents are falling over the fire is being tumbled over. And I see in the distance a man

00:38:22--> 00:38:58

that kind of looks like he's in charge. You know, he looks like people are sitting around him giving a speech. And so I go and I said and I realized this Abu sufian and Abu sufian is now giving a speech and he says to the Quran Oh kurush. By now you've come to know that the Jews have betrayed us. They are not going to fight. And we were going to go into model but in this window has come in and our fires have been blown out. We've been waiting here for more than a month, more than a month. We are outside here. Our provisions have run up. So I don't know what you guys have decided. But I have given up on this whole whole battle. I'm going to I'm going to take my camera and I'm going

00:38:58--> 00:39:03

back to Medina you come back to Makkah you can decide what you want to do. And so

00:39:05--> 00:39:45

the the the the whole day versus I was about to shoot him with an arrow when I realized that the proxim Don't do this. And so Abu sufian leaves and one by one the people have the courage to pack the bags and they they leave and he says I was so excited to go and tell them to be so solemn the good news. I scrambled back to Medina and I find the officer Salam in Salah, so you see them a visa salam, the assistant is looking for is in Salah I've done my part all we can do now is make dua the Prophet system is making Salah standing dadgad asking Allah for assistance are they versus next to him is getting very very cold and the Prophet Allah made a blanket over him and he opens the blanket

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

and puts her Eva inside the blanket and when the Salat when the problem is done with solder, but he wants to tell them the good news, the Quraysh have decided to pack their bags and leave and the Prophet says to whatever I know already Allah subhanho wa Taala has informed me that

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

That he will assist them assist us and the kurush have left. And so a lot since is this in the Quran, oh you have believed, remember the favor of Allah upon you when the armies came to you, and all these armies came upon you, you had no way of defeating them. And so we sent upon them a wind and armies that you could not see. Allah says Don't, don't think you're alone. Allah has soldiers from which you cannot even see the spiders for example. It's such a small thing we don't know but it's a servant of Allah. And Eva is a lot of what you do, always watching over you. Allah subhanho wa Taala saying this Harbor, remember, you were in a hopeless situation, there was no way out for

00:40:40--> 00:41:21

you and a lot open you away from a place you could not see Allah St. You know, Allah sent you this wind and completely brought you out of this difficulty. Tu Tu, Tu Tu, Tu ease. When you look at this bicycle, you realize, when you're confronted with a crisis like this, you we take the precautions we tie Oh camel, we do what we need to do to safeguard ourselves. That might not be enough. But that's all that's required of you. panicking, losing your mind going crazy is not going to make the situation any better. The best you can do is tie your camel take the precautions and now you leave the meta analysis Yala, you have brought me to this, you have brought me here. I have done my part.

00:41:21--> 00:41:56

Now the meta is in your hands. And if it is the decree of a law for you to come out of it, then he will open away for you that you could not understand. Someone you know said to me. You know, we should believe in a miracle that this can just overnight. Yes, we should believe in a miracle. We should make the other tomorrow someone can find a cure tomorrow. This thing can as quickly as it came in swana how quickly this thing arrived as quickly as it arrived. It can be blown away literally by law tomorrow through and through so far, but allow us to go through to the 100% alone wants us to push us to the brink. How far will you go before you imagine breaks? And so Allah

00:41:56--> 00:42:37

subhanaw taala puts the Sahaba in the most This is this harbor we are not tested like that. But they are put into the extreme. Are you going to remain Are you going to run away? Are you going to are you going to follow even the path no matter how difficult it gets. And so the Sahaba do that. And Allah Now once you've done your part, then Allah subhanaw taala takes over and Los Angeles today even in eat, you know on eat, we still make this to obviously remember the sinner eat almost La Ilaha Illa De Anza rhabdo azova It is Allah who fulfill this promise, and he supported his his servants we servant and he defeated that has defeated the owner has up himself alone. Not one single

00:42:37--> 00:43:14

Muslim had to stand up and fight with Allah subhanho wa Taala it completely defeated them overnight. without them even the Sahaba were thinking we're gonna be killed tomorrow. They woke up the next morning, they found that Hassan had been gone and completely lift the battlefield. And this is the power of a lot. And so many lessons come out from this in the stock situation that we're in now. We put our faith and trust in Allah and we believe that Allah subhana wa Taala has brought us to this there's a reason why is the reason why Allah has done this is everything is a wisdom. Our job is to reform with a problem to fix it. If there is a need for the community to come together to take

00:43:14--> 00:43:53

charge to we and we realize we can only get through this crisis together, everyone needs to play their role. And once we've done that, we turn to Allah for assistance and support. And no matter how hopeless The situation is, we don't lose hope. Because a lot of his power and his mercy and His Greatness is bigger than all of this becoming any virus or any calamity. And if we do what Allah wants us to do, either you bring us out of it, or if something last time or something, you know this persists. And in that even there is a reason for that alone one something good to come. Not every have some of these CDs we're going to do not everything was happily ever after. Sometimes the worst

00:43:53--> 00:44:33

actually happened. But ultimately from that bad thing, something much better would arise. We see even the Sahaba even the prophets of Salaam doesn't know what's going to happen tomorrow. All he can do is make dua and hope for the best. And so for us, we don't know what tomorrow brings. We don't know how the story will play out. Everyone plays their role even plays their part. If your next day two hours and make the stuffer and we turn to Allah, we are subservient to him Allah and we are in your key. And so when we see these, these these these things we know we are as Harbison This is what you had promised us you had promised us that this life is going to be difficult and our purpose is

00:44:33--> 00:44:59

not changed. Our purpose was to worship you in good times and in bad times. And in these bad times. It was an opportunity to come closer to you when we thank you for these bad times. But we also pray to you and repeat to Allah. Save us as you had saved the Muslims at the Battle level as up seen your support and your help from a place that we cannot perceive. A lot of sponsors will make tequila a jello Maharajah will ever has Tukwila

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

He will open up away from a place you could not have even imagined. You could have thought that this is a dead end. Allah has brought me here and he brought me to a cul de sac of data and there's no way to go. Let's start from you and me to decide. We just follow the path where the path leads is for a lot to decide. You might think that you come to a dead end like the bunnies or you will get to the Red Sea. And they say to Moosa, you brought us here, it's the sea in front of us without behind us, it's a complete dead end. And Mashallah Islam says to them, a lot is with me, and a lot opens let's see from a way they could not have imagined. So from this something amazing can happen. And

00:45:36--> 00:46:01

But for us, what is the requirement? You and me, we continue our, our ecfr we continue our environment we continue with our daily lives as best we can. We look after our families, we tend to love with forgiveness, and we put our trust in Him and our faith with him. Ultimately, in him we put our trust and in him we put our faith does Allah Allah bless you and bless us? my locker aren't as goodness until we meet again Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh