Is It Permissible To Keep Toys And Books With Pictures On Them

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Today, we find a lot of the toys and books you buy for small children contain pictures on them. Does this prevent from angels entering the house if one has these toys and books in their house?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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The customer is asking if they can keep certain toys in their house during the prophets ofster's time. The agent confirms that they are allowed to keep the toys and suggests that they can keep them in the kids room or in the house. The customer agrees to this policy.

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Is it permissible to keep toys or books that has pictures on them in one's house

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during the prophets of Salaam time, and this hadith is hot in others that didn't sell a lot you seldom walk into his house and the wind move a curtain and he saw behind the curtains, you know, he has dolls that she kept she used to be she used to play with them when she was younger, she kept among them a horse with wings and maybe some said horse with Wayne you know with wings I should do is silly man used to have horses with wings and maybe some law so

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from this narration many other narration also allowed me to my Howard also didn't say that they used to bring the kids to the mustard and during the fasting days, and it is during the day of Ashura and they will give dolls okay to the

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children to play with them to keep them distracted until the time of Salah comes also I shall have the alarm on how a woman who solemn order her to remove a curtain that has two software images in it, she cut it and she put it on the pillow some scars said like a case for a pillow or it was basically stuffed inside the pillow. So these books if it has a cover of pictures and appropriate pictures, I would say

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and these toys, which is I would assume it basically figure like animals or stuffed animals or dolls or anything of that nature. It is allowed because of this holiday malasadas there is exceptions when it comes to the toys, so it will not prevent the answer from entering the house or anything of that nature. So the answer is yes, you're allowed to keep them and to keep these books in your library and to keep these toys in the kids room or in the house.