Yasir Qadhi – Palestine Under Attack Our Hope Amidst Tragedy

Yasir Qadhi
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When the law when Mr. Wilkie has won a law when I met Joaquin Nirman Mola, when I'm in nasiha, we ask Allah azza wa jal to give the baton Sava to our brothers and sisters and hodza. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to accept their Shahada. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give them supper. We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect them to send down His Sakina and Rama to make their Iman means the fortification for them. We ask Allah to forgive us for our own shortcomings and for our own incapacity to Allah we complain of our weakness it Allah Hill Mustika sisters and brothers set times like these that our iman is tested. It's at times like these that our iman is tested these trials

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these tribulations. One of the main wisdoms behind them is that through these trials Eman is manifested faith in Allah subhana wa Tada is demonstrated it is only Iman that can give us hope during times of darkness. It is only eemaan that can possibly make us optimistic when we feel that there is no help on this world. Then our Eman will remind us we don't need help of this world when Allah azza wa jal is our Mo Allah. Allah is our Mola we don't need anyone else's help in young political Mullah who Fidel holiday.com It is only eemaan that will help us overcome these types of tragedies. Allah azza wa jal reminds us in the Quran, Huseby tomb and halal Jana Did you think you

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will enter Jannah for free? Do you think Jana is there for the taking? Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says while I'm taking methodology in the following a cappella comm you have yet to really recognize and see the examples of those before you you haven't been tested the way they have been tested. Masetto waldoboro every type of trial came down upon them trials in their monetary interest in their sustenance. Trials of bloodshed came down was Zulu Zulu, they were shaken to the core Hector your color Rasulullah Dena Amina Muhammad Nasir Allah until even their prophets and the believers they're going they were asking where is the help of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and then Allah reminds us, Allah

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in the Nasir Allah He studied, this idea was revealed when the Muslims were being persecuted to death. This idea was revealed when they would see Bilal being dragged in the streets of Makkah, when multiple Sahaba including the one I had been named after Yasser and his wife, Somalia, they were literally shredded to bits and the Muslims were saying, Where is the help of Allah and Allah subhana wa Tada revealed? Did you think Jana is cheap Jana is free. You have yet to be tested like the people before you were tested. And so Allah azza wa jal tested them and Allah azza wa jal through their tests and trials and tribulations showed us what happens when you put your trust in Allah.

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What happens at the end of tests and trials, Nasir only comes after solver. Allah's help only comes after suburb and when you have solver and when you have to work cool, then and only then will Allah's Nasser come unto you, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that we must always think good thoughts of Allah subhanho wa taala. No matter what the situation, it is our iman that gives us hope for those that have gone on. For those that have lost their lives, we have to console ourselves that indeed what they have with Allah is infinitely better than what they had over here. They had been released from the prisons of the dunya. They have been released from the

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starvation of the dunya. And they are not dead. But at home. Yeah, on and robbing your account. We have your queen in Allah that all 1000 plus people who passed away in the last few days, and all of the shahada of all of these decades, we have Yaqeen certainly, again, they are not dead, their lives now are more real than our lives and their enjoyment, and their near image that they are in is infinitely better than anything we can imagine. And so for those that have gone on, we make dua for them, and we know they're in a better place. And for those who are remaining we make dua that Allah gives them suburb and for those who are perpetrating the volume for those that are doing these

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deeds, I just recited the verses one to seven Allah has often and I'm going to have volume one never think never think that Allah is unaware of what the volume is doing in nama you a hero whom Allah is delaying them for the day of his sub, our prophets, Allah Allahu Allah, he was selling them said, Allah azza wa jal sometimes allow some time for the volume, but he never lets go with him. He gives him some leeway, but he never lets go of him until finally when he holds on to him he will give him a severe Reckoning and accounting and Allah subhanho wa Taala gave comfort to the believers in Surah Surah ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says in Surah

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that there are two options all Muslims, there are two options you will get one of the two of them for emodnet Habana Vika for in minuman Turkey Moon Oh new Rihanna calorie Weida home for Inada him Mahkota Iran. Allah azza wa jal says either you will live in this world

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And don't worry, we shall get vengeance on your behalf. This is an amazing verse. Allah speaking to the earlier Muslims, Allah speaking to the first batch and Allah is saying not all of you are going to see the conquest of Makkah. Not all of you are going to see the results in this world. But don't worry for him mana Habana because if we take you away if your lives are going to be gone, oh Muslims for in Minho, Mahkota Iran, we are Moontak the moon we are going to extract our vengeance from them. Your lives will not be in vain. Allah will deal with those who took your lives or if you're allowed to remain here and you stay in this world then we will show you our power over them. One of two

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options is Naina Sudha Toba says one of two options either you go in this world and in the era you will see judgment or in this world you will see the power that ALLAH SubhanA wa either has over them what is our job? Sudo Zakuro says for STEM sick builder Do you think you have to hold on to what Allah subhana wa Tada has given you? So sisters and brothers in light of the tragedies today and Allah who are then what we're going to be seeing in the next few days and weeks I have three disjointed talks three quick points to make they're not exactly related, but they are inshallah to Allah relevant together. First and foremost. First and foremost, we have to recognize that there is

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wisdom in what is going on. It's painful Wallahi it's painful, but the Quran teaches us. The Sunnah teaches us the Sierra teaches us that we must always presume every calamity has more pros than cons. Even if life is lost. Even if honor is taken even as harm is done. The net result will always be better for the ummah. This is a consistent theme of the Sierra for example, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions when one of the most tragic incidents of the Sierra the the slander of Isha happen ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed in the Quran la tassa whoo hoo shall Rolla combined with Allah come don't think what happened is bad it is for your benefit. You're gonna see the good and we saw the good

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that came out of that as well. For example after Arabia, which was one of the lowest of lows the Sahaba were so tragically depressed they were sad so much so even would have no Hata bro the Allahu ang he raised his voice and he said how can this be happening out of school Allah are we not upon the truth and they upon Boulton even he somewhat lost his school and he raised us with a bucket had to calm him down, literally drag him down and basically tell him be quiet. Yeah, Omar Abu Bakr had to tell him this, his emotions got the better of him. How can this be happening? And what did Allah revealed? What did Allah reveal when the Sahaba were feeling so low? When they thought this is a

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manifest loss? Allah revealed one of the most optimistic sorrows and verses in the whole Quran in Fatah, Hannah laka fretheim Medina, this is not a defeat. This is a victory. This is not a defeat. This is a victory, even though when it happened, they had no idea how can this be a victory but as the zero shows as we went over, this incident turned out to be the biggest victory, even though it was not a military victory. But it was a victory of politics of victory of the media victory of Dawa as I explained what I went over this, the point is that when they were down, Allah subhanaw taala says, no, no, this is a victory. It is not a defeat. The same happen in the Battle of Oakland as

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well. Once again, a very tragic time once again a very sad time and yet ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed that there is a wisdom in this and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said that one of the wisdoms is that you're going to see Leanna Medina, Armando Walia, anima Lydian enough for all you will see the real believers from the real hypocrites. There was a wisdom in the Battle of what was that wisdom? The Muslims did not see and recognize how evil this fifth column within their own ranks was this group that was later called the hypocrites when it happened. They didn't know the term hypocrites when it happened. They never thought there's something called hypocrites. And Allah says in the

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Quran, basically, in the words that I'm rephrasing, I needed to show you how evil these people were. You needed to see that in the 11th hour they would backstab you they would literally turn their backs and walk out on you, I need you to recognize how evil the hypocrites were. And in the Quran, therefore, Allah mentions one of the wisdoms of the Battle of that and whether your anima Lydian enough ago so that you may know the reality of those who have done Nipah who have done hypocrisy, and therefore brothers and sisters, one of the wisdoms that especially for us outside of the area taking place, one of the wisdoms that we need to appreciate in the light of the battle of wills is

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the reality of those who are on the side of Allah on the side of the messenger on the side of the OMA versus those who are on the side of the oppressor. It is now time to call

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All out to name and shame. It is now time to see the reality who is speaking in defense of the people that are being killed and whose silence is loud and deafening, who silence is loud and deafening, it is now time to call out those people who are instead of siding with the oppressed, they're jumping over them, and wanting to establish ties with the apartheid regime. They want to establish relationships with the very oppressors and turn their backs upon a cause that was one of the most important causes of the ummah. For 80 years, the OMA had been united for 80 years, the Muslim and the faster the one who was practicing, and even the one who was not practicing, the

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entire Ummah, had been united that this cause is a cause that is deep to our hearts. Only in the last few years has the rhetoric changed. And we've seen groups of people, they want to normalize with the oppressor, they want to turn their backs on the oppressed while law he this is a blessing in disguise for us to see the reality of what is going on here. And I gave a sermon or a quarter a few weeks ago, a few months ago about red lines. And I mentioned one of these red lines of this notion of combining all the face of this notion of normalizing and we see this reality now how can you normalize with groups of people who are going to bomb children in hospitals? How can you

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normalize with the most oppressive regime on the face of this earth currently? So we have to call it out and say that if this is not Nefab then what is NIFA? And you know, sisters and brothers, I'm somebody who by and large, I don't mention politics too much well, Allah He not because I'm scared, but because the reality is Allah will ask us about us more than the politicians that's the reality. There is no fear Inshallah, to Allah. In the end of the day, I find always commenting on politicians and rulers and bad mouthing them, even if they deserve it, even if they deserve it, what did I gain? What did you gain? But once in a while, we do need to call this out. While law he it is shameful, it

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is shameful that those in positions of power have neglected their power. How will they answer Allah? Of what value was that power? Of what value? Was that army of what value was that? Is that they have? Where are the kingdoms? And where are the moonwalk? And where are the Presidents right now. And I say this as a matter of shame Wallahi not to single person has stood up that has been given as a we are using our minor platforms, we're using our voices, whatever we have, how about those that have been given a much more powerful voice? How about those that have an actual an actual piece on the table of politics? How can at this stage, you ignore what is going on, but we see the reality of

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such people. And so we pay heed just like the Sahaba understood in the Battle of the reality of the group of one of your own. So to we call out such people and say if now your politics and if now your positions are not going to be handy, then why do we need you have what value are you actually Your presence is more harmful to us, then your absence? And I especially call on those Muslims who have been elected to positions of power in western lands. We all said there's some benefit in Muslims being there and inshallah there is some benefit for those who do something. But if you are absolutely silent, if you are doing absolutely nothing. And I want to be clear here, I understand

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elected politicians cannot speak like I'm speaking right now. Wallahi I understand, but something something has to be done. Show your conscience you have to answer Allah, not me, not your constituents, we put you there, Allah put you there. This is Allah azza wa jal giving you power, Allah has given you a modicum of visa and respect in all of these lands, in every single western country, there are Muslim politicians, I call out to them, in particular, of what value is your presence in politics, if when we need you the most, we hear nothing but silence. And I say loudly and boldly. Everybody here make a note of who is silence, make a note of who's not saying anything,

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so that we don't need these people. I am not somebody who's saying just because a Muslim is in politics that is good for us. No, by Allah. If at this stage in time, these people can do nothing, then we'd rather have a non Muslim and do as you please so that we don't have a traitor and that corsi that somebody else can occupy. And I'm not a person who generally gets involved in politics, but once in a while that's debate needs to be called a spade. So this is one of the benefits that actually comes out of these types of trials and tribulations. A second reality and again, these are awkward realities, but Wallahi you know, I was debating even to say this or not, I recognize

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emotions are high. I recognize that sometimes things are said, Allah, Allah protect all of us. I'm going to make some comments in the second point. If you disagree with me, no problem. Let's have a back and forth. But I feel very strongly about this very strongly about this right now. Right now especially when I'm on like, it is crystal clear who the

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presser isn't who the oppressed is, this is like night and day black and white at this stage of the game, if there are people out there that are calling for disunity, if there are people out there that are actually pointing fingers at the oppressed right now and blaming the oppressed in any way, fashion or form, then I'm sorry, but you have lost the plot completely. Now what am I referring to here? This is an awkward topic. Just bear with me a little bit. As you know, this is my Masjid I know my my videos go viral, but you are my Masjid you know me. And you know me, I've been here four and a half, five years, I'm always calling for Muslim unity as much as possible, you know this, and

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I've never once you know, badmouth in a group or a name or scholar and not gonna do it today as well. It's not my methodology, I look at the good in every trend and every month have been every Maslak. But there are certain ideas that are harmful. There are certain ideas that are harmful to the OMA. And at times like this, that harm is manifested. What do I mean without mentioning any groups or names? Some people have a very simplistic understanding of how to analyze these very complex issues. And they will say, for example, the problem is that we don't have enough. That's why this is happening. Or they will say the problem is that these philosophy, angioedema are not

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preaching to heat, that's where they're being punished. Or they will say this group is full of bit and frisk. And that's why this is happening. Now, this type of rhetoric at this stage, even if it comes from good intention, Wallah, you are harming the OMA, you are harming the OMA. Now I understand that some people find comfort in simplistic analysis, because it's very complicated. And to just jump on a very easy solution. The problem is, those are the math follow a different understanding of Islam. The problem is that we these people are not calling for a kidnapper. The problem is, these people are not preaching my version of tau aid. I understand some people's minds

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like to find comfort in really simplistic notions. And so it's a really complicated world. So they come across the simple slogan, and they say, yes, if they only call for totally, then this would not be happening. But I have to say, sisters and brothers who follow any of these interpretations, I'm trying to be gentle here. For the love of Allah, ask your fitrah ask your common sense that Allah has given you, you're gonna blame those people, because they follow a different understanding of Islam, you're going to blame bombs being falling on them, because you think that they're not establishing a Khilafah. And because of this, the priority now is to ignore them, but to think of a

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Khilafah and I speak from experience here. Last time this happened, I was raising funds for Lyza. Last time this happened. And one famous person, I'm not going to mention names here. He literally opposed the raising of funds for horses. And he said, This is a waste of time, until you guys established the Khilafah. This is a joke, and it made my blood boil. Not only is he himself doing nothing, as he lives in Donald Cofer, and takes benefits from the government, not only is he doing nothing except talk, he's actively preventing people from doing good. Another famous chef again, no names mentioned, I'm not going to mention names here. Another famous chef, again, these are well

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known people, they this person said the problem is they haven't understood to hate. And if they understood to hate, this is the solution. And again, I'm trying to be not too harsh here. But the Howard hotel up in law, a generation whose women are willing to sacrifice their children for Allah subhanho wa taala, a generation who 80 years has been giving their blood for the sake of the Kalima an entire show, who's your cleaning Allah has not been shaken after all that has happened? And you dare come and you say they don't understand to eat, I am sorry, but the how Allah will equate to illa biLlah they have manifested Iman and Tauheed a million times better than all of you and your

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Cotabato. He's I'm sorry to be blunt here. But that is the reality. This is a disease and a problem where you're gonna blame a population that is being bombed because they follow a different understanding of Islam. Please sisters and brothers. I don't want to be too harsh here. But open your minds I was a bit harsh, I know but open your minds open your minds. The problem is not in a very simplistic understanding that they have this they know the problem is the occupier. The problem is the bombs The problem is clear. So if you at this stage of the game, are actually blaming internal Muslims, if you are problematizing, your Muslim brother and sister at this stage that I'm

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sorry, even if your Neo might be good. You're falling prey to exactly what the when I feel wounded in the Battle of Orford, I'm sorry, but learned from the Sierra in the Battle of budder Allah praise the Sahaba for coming together the ensemble how'd you do?

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United despite their differences in the Battle of What did Allah criticize had data for children what time Zach from Phil Emery when you differ amongst yourselves that was the cause of your downfall. This is not the time to defer all Muslims who believe in Allah, get your differences aside set your differences aside for another time in place. This is not the time to internalize whether it's political and yes while law he whether it is aka The man had you differences. We can all be united that people have the Kalima are being bombed because of the Kalima let us be united in this the real enemy. The real threat is not another Muslim was a different understanding of Islam, the

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real threat are the people who are bombing the people who are occupying and if you cannot see this now then honestly, either your Eman or your sincerity one of the two. Either you have to learn more Iman or I be honest, we doubt your sincerity. We wonder where you're coming from here. So I have to call out this radical is simplistic Uber fundamentalist trans trends of Islam. They want to analyze this complex and they say and they literally say, Oh, the Federal Sidious or whoever they might be, you know, they're al Qaeda is wrong, or they have been or their teachers are like this or they're fisken food is happening there that how without our quota Biller, so Allah is gonna bomb children

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because they have minor fiscal for June Wallah he wasn't understanding these people have and I'm sorry you're wrong intellectually you're wrong emotionally you're wrong logistically. So I have to call out these simplistic understandings and say please, for the sake of Allah study more deeply come together. And I say even even if you're passionate about the Khilafah, or your version of Tawheed, okay, Preach it or call for it, but still help other causes as well. You don't have to problematize other Muslims who disagree with your particular methodology, because this is the problem. The problem is once you have given a solution that is incorrect to the head off or to eat,

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for example, once you believe the solution is xy and z, then you come across other Muslims and those Muslims are not calling for your solution. If you are that narrow minded, that you think your solution is the only solution, then I understand you will problematize other Muslims and I've seen this right now as this is happening right now there are people releasing videos against other dua to you can scholars, oh, these people are saying write letters to the politicians. Those are the real enemies. SubhanAllah. Even if you disagree, you don't want to write letters to politicians. You don't need to call other Muslims enemies you do you you follow something good. But don't create

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division within the OMA, this is my second point we need to be united. And this leads me to my third and final point, what then can be done? Again? This is the big question. Right. And I have spoken in more detail in other lectures about my understanding of revival, my understanding of the reality of Eman and politics. And I admit and I confess my opinion is one opinion. I could be right I could be wrong. I'm willing to talk and if you come to me with good manners and sincerity, you are my brother, even if you disagree, this is my attitude, my philosophy you don't have to agree 100% I could be wrong. My reading and analysis is that there is no doubt at the individual level. The

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priority for all of us at the individual level is that we should be motivated to be more spiritual our iman should be stronger our prayer Our dua our in our Taqwa there is no question. This is a priority. And every one of us has to do this. I firmly believe this is the main mechanism. There is nothing that competes with this. But I also believe this is not enough. This is my understanding. I know some segments of the OMA disagree, and they think we should only make dua and pray and I'm trying to be respectful here. That's not the Syrah that's not the life of the prophet Sallallahu Sallam never, never did the process of just go and pray and do nothing for the dunya he prayed to

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her job. And then in the daytime, he will go knocking on doors he will be preaching, he will be negotiating, he will be fighting if need be in the night tahajjud in the daytime tactics. So I humbly submit and I know there are trends that have other interpretations. Let's discuss don't make me the enemy. If I disagree, I'm quoting you the Sierra but in my humble opinion, prayer and dua tahajjud enough, is not enough. That's step one. I agree that stage one I agree, but there must be more you must go beyond prayer and rituals. Now what is beyond prayer and rituals here once again, we have a whole plethora of groups here. Some groups say that Khilafah some groups say internal

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politics, some groups say campaign media, some groups say activism, and some groups have other things not legal to mention over here. But you get this point here. I say fee couldn't hire. There is a point of legitimacy and all of these ideas. It's not one right opinion. And I my humble advice to myself and all of you. What are you most passionate and what are you most capable of doing in the end of

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The day had we been over there, maybe our priorities would be different. We are in this land, and this land, our land, it is our country. It is the primary umbilical cord for that apartheid regime. That is the brutal fact of the matter. Without this country support. And this country, whether we like it or not this country, we are living in it, we are paying taxes to it. I know some of us have difficulty saying this, but I will say it bluntly, I was born here. This is my nation state, I have American citizenship, and I appreciate much of the positives. But I call out these negatives, and I must on the Day of Judgment answer to Allah, how was I living here? And I will answer Allah azza wa

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jal, and I hope Allah forgives me by saying, I tried my best to speak out and say not in my name. I tried my best to preach and teach. I tried my best to influence people in politics, in the media amongst our society, I want change to come from within Wallahi I want good for this country. I don't want evil for it. And a part of that good. I don't want my country to be supporting an apartheid regime. And if all of us came together, millions of us came together, and we educated and we influence other Americans. And we saw and we, we started an actual campaign, no more support to this apartheid regime. We don't want our tax dollars going there. I really believe the tide is changing.

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Look at the next generation, especially the younger generation, especially, they are much more aware. They're much more open minded. It is my humble contention. The reason why we're seeing such ferocity in the media, the reason why we're seeing such a stark, stark contrast is because they are desperate. They know they've lost the battle for the next generation. Even today, right after the bombing. They praised it. When they saw the reaction. they backtracked Look, why did they backtrack, because they saw the reaction. This is a reality. Even those regimes that are normalizing ties, they have to do some token effects because of public opinion, do not underestimate public opinion. Do not

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underestimate the power of our own voices. So my humble ask to myself and all of you, what are you the most capable of doing? What are you passionate about? What are your resources, whether it's in the media, whether it's in campaigning, whether it is in politics, whether it is an activism, from my perspective, fee, coolin, higher, there's good in all of them, but you have to do something, you cannot just sit back and ignore. And the road ahead is very long. It's not going to be short here. But I tell you, as somebody who studies history, never before Never before have the Palestinian voices and the Palestinian side been given the amount of attention that has been given never. Yes,

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relatively, it's small. It's not equal 5050 Right now, it's maybe 2080 or 3070. Right now, it's definitely not 5050. But this is leaps and bounds ahead of even 10 years ago, for the very first time, Palestinians and Arabs are being put on mainstream media, even if partially, even if they're being interrogated. For the very first time. Look at the comments underneath. Look at the reality of social media, and especially the youth and the second generation, we find a mass movement of genuine sympathy amongst people outside of our faith. And even amongst many Israelis and many Jewish people of the next generation. There are protests by Jewish people against Zionism. Again, this is new, it

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didn't happen before in the White House today. And in Washington, DC, a Jewish group lobbied and they said, We don't want this to happen to our money to be to be spent over there. We don't want more lives to be lost. This is the first time it is happening. And so my third and final point is very simple. I don't have a one path solution. I don't believe there's a one pet solution. I actually believe diversity is healthy. I'm not like the people in the second point that I mentioned, only one way, my way or the highway. No, I actually believe if some people want to do one thing, and other people want to do another thing. There is actually good in this, our heart should be united.

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The goal is one, that goal is one and that is the humane treatment of over 2 million people that are living there. And as I said in the hotbar you don't even need to necessarily bring in Islam when you talk to your neighbors and relatives. You can bring in the humanitarian but of course if we're talking to Muslims will bring in Islam, but the bottom line sisters and brothers, we should not be discouraged. We should not be disheartened. Yes, well Allah hate is painful as the prophets have said, the heart is sad, the eyes cry, but the tongue will only say what Allah is pleased with, in sha Allah Who two out of the future is bright in sha Allah Who to other as Allah says in the Quran,

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don't think it is overall negative, it shall be positive. So every one of us be motivated, be inspired, learn, study, read, listen to lectures, and then ask yourself how can I contribute speak to others as well, Oregon

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lobby protests at every single level things are happening in the public schools in the higher Institute's incorporation things are happening. You can do a small bit, do not trivialize if you can change one to five people. And if every one of us changes one to five people right here in this audience, we've changed 5000 Right there. If everybody does this slowly, but surely the tide will change. That is our battle. I call all of you to do what you can be proud of being Muslim. Be proud of standing up for the truth. Do not be discouraged by the temporary setbacks because the help of Allah shall come we shall see victory from Allah subhanho wa taala. If I don't see it, my children

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will see it. We have to lay the foundations for that. There is no question that Allah's help is going to come. It's just a question of when and we firmly believe ALLAH in Nasir Allah Hikari. So we make dua to Allah subhana wa Taala to show us that Nossal with us will make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to be instruments of the Nasir, we ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those whose piety and Taqwa and Eman become role models for others. We ask Allah to give us the courage to speak the truth to act the truth to call to the truth. We seek refuge in Allah from the cowardice of hypocrisy. We seek refuge in Allah from hiding our iman in these times we seek refuge in Allah from

00:31:17 --> 00:31:33

shining away and running away from our intellectual battles. And we ask Allah for wisdom we ask Allah for attack, we ask Allah for victory, and indeed haspin Allah who are working who will meet with a woman who knows what is aka Allah who played on was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want to meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it that thing was slowed in Pina was slowed importante was on duty no Slavia at all do you want to for sharing you know

00:31:55 --> 00:32:11

what unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside the party was all me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentleman one Hatfield lot the ones that get enough love.

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What's going on? I don't know hula hoop

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