Do Any Actions During Wudhu Break Wudhu

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Wudhu is an action that we do everyday. During the process of wudhu, is there any specific actions that could invalidate the wudhu?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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Doing actions during World War like pulling up my sleeves or turning the top break the rulebook

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this short period of time between the actions of fubu will not break the book in Salalah value it was setting them as some of the allow and said that he so a person and he saw in that person's foot appeared a portion like the size of a nail, which was not touched by water. Then the Prophet Salim said go back and perfect your robot. Some of the LMS said that he ordered him to go back and to wash that part in particular and that's why Rama Rama mala all of them agree if they're fasten if the period between one wash in one part of the blue and the other is a small period of time, it is okay and it is valid. And what how the basically considered that they will be said if he wait until dry

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by itself that's considered a long period of time

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by itself in a normal

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climate environment. But if it is not that long and still will not that's not enough time for it to dry. They said even that break will be allowed let's say you answered your phone but you didn't stay for half an hour. You say like you know what? Yes, you shall I will do let me finish my last call you back and you put it back then you continue. It is fine.

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Not a human law. And that's the majority of the fuqaha even the Hanafi scholars and upon before Abu hanifa say even if it hasn't met a minimum that many scholars they said that Allah Allah is not even a condition they said it is similar to do it right after another but even if the break is long, it is still acceptable. Okay, so there is even some scholar go that far. I don't take that position. I do believe that you should not make a long break between the body parts that you make and vote for.

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So in the matter of rolling your sleeves or removing a job to wipe over your head or put it back then washer or things of that nature and Sharla to be sufficient. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from us our active portion