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Who Was Muhammad

Hamza Tzortzis


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I'm something very important to say to you, please go around.

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You may have noticed in the Muslim world, people have been going crazy. People have died, houses have been burned. And everybody is in a state of chaos. Why is this the case, because one of the best men to have walked this planet has been insulted and degraded. We had this vile expression of speech, this degradation, this manifestation of a morality, it was a disgrace to any civilization, to present a video about a man that billions of people love.

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Any civilization, whether it's the West, or the east, disagrees with this vile degradation. It's a manifestation of dishonesty of wellness and immorality. And we are here we are here to tell you who this man was. Because people degrade this man, because they don't know who he is. And this man is Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, upon whom bpce so who was Mohammed, Mohammed, who was a man that came 1400 years ago, into an environment in seventh century Arabia, where men were bearing the daughters alive, and he stopped this evil practice. When women were being abused, prostitution was ripe. It was everywhere, there was injustice, there was economic injustice. And this was the reality

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of seventh century Arabia, and Mohammed, upon whom VPS came and brought peace and tolerance and justice, not only to the seventh century, but to the whole world. But you may be saying to me, so what many people may have done this, but the argument is that this man will have made upon Mbps, he had a claim, not only did he do all these amazing things, but he said, I am the messenger of God, I am the messenger of Allah. So as rational human beings, and we're all thinking human beings, we're all intelligent in our own unique way. We all adopt a sense of common sense, we will never cross over cross the road blindfolded, will cross the road using our senses. So let's use our minds. And

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they approach the claim of Mohammed upon MVPs in this way, so he said, I am the messenger of God. Let's test this out. We know there are four options. He was either lying, he was deluded or crazy. He was both lying or deluded, or he was speaking the truth. These are the logical options. And let's work together as thinking human beings to see who Mohammed was. Was he a liar? Or was he speaking the truth? The first option, he was a liar? I'm going to argue, to claim Mohammed upon Mbps Elia is equivalent of claiming that no one on Earth has ever spoken the truth, no one because the psychological profile of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is does not fit the profile of Elijah.

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Why? Because he was tortured. He was boycotted. He was so hungry, he tied to rocks to stones to his stomach. He saw his beloved companions, being murdered and tortured. He was boycotted from his beloved city. He was harmed so much that people used to step on his neck and almost break his neck. He was stoned by the people he loved children and he loved children so much. He was a mercy to children. But he was stoned by children for hours, because he went to a town in Arabia, just to call them to what they believe in the one true God in the belief in La ilaha illa Allah, there is no de t worthy of worship except that deity and Illa Allah which means the deity. This was his message, but

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he was starving. There was no smoke

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Coming from the house of his wife for six months. So we see the calamity, the chaos, all, all for a simple, profound message. Also, he was offered riches, and power, and money, and women, and glory, and status. But he rejected all of that just was simple, profound message that is so intuitive to all of us, lay la lala, which means there is no object worthy of worship, but the data himself. That was the reality, but also even more profound. We know the president Mohammed upon up peace, he was a statesman. And there were battles, and these battles were to defend the Muslims and the non Muslims, because under the Medina and states, we had to protect everybody in that state, even the non Muslim,

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this is why the program Mohammed upon him VP said, Whoever have a non Muslim under our protection harms the Prophet himself. So when he was fighting in the Battle of her name, the Stiles, arrows were coming, and his companions to inevitably almost retreats, he's too much forward. And he said, I'm the Messenger of Allah, and I am not a liar. Look at the bravery. does this fit? the profile of Elia? does this fit the profile of allowed? No, it doesn't. And this is why, if this is true, then we can never claim is a liar. Sticking to claim Mohammed Elia upon MVP is to claim no one has ever spoken the truth, because no one has done all of this. Just for a simple, profound message to reject

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Mohammed uponor bpce is rejecting your own mother, because the only reason you know your mother is your mother is because she told you, your dad told you and your family told you testimony, but we have the testament of history that's far more profound, and has far more implications that says, This man could never have been a liar. Let's go to the second option. He was delusional, crazy. Well, how can we say this man is deluded or crazy? let's first go to teaching is teaching the product of a diluted man, he said upon him bpce there is no harming and no reciprocating of harm. He said, You will not truly believe unless you love for others what you love for yourself. He said, If

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you put kindness or compassion in something, it elevates it. If you remove compassion and kindness, it degrades it. He also said that we must be just he said it tacos Bulma trainable Missoula marathon Yama, Yama, which is the Arabic in the English is be conscious of oppression, be conscious of injustice, for is going to be darkness on the Day of Judgment, the problem of having appointed VP, he gave us an amazing economic theory that has transcended communism, socialism, liberalism, neoliberalism, libertarianism, unit, utilitarianism, all the isms and schisms, and the Mirage is that we chase in the political desert. He transcended all of this, because he said to us, that the

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son of Adam, you think human beings, all they need is food, shelter and clothing. He defined that essential limited needs, and therefore created an economic theory of distribution. But capitalism has failed us the disease of capitalism, because he says there's too many needs, not enough resources. But the food Agricultural Organization has said, there is enough calories on this planet to feed three planets. So 1400 years ago, his geopolitical theory transcends time. So how can we say this man was mad or deluded? Also, a deluded person who wants to believe what they're doing is truth would use any circumstance in their favor. But the problem Mohammed Apollo VPS never did this. There

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was an eclipse at the time of the death of his son. And his companions thought this clip just because of the death of his son, he said, No, I love God doesn't make nothing that clips for anyone's death, even the death of a son of a prophet. If he was deluded. If he was deluded, he would have said, Oh, yeah, this has really happened because I am really a prophet. So we see it is impossible that he is diluted. What about the third option? He's both lying and deluded? This again,

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is a logical contradiction. Can we have a square triangle? Impossible. A square has four sides, a triangle has three, Square Triangle, three becomes four, four becomes three, it's impossible. It's like justifying the Trinity. It's impossible. So how can someone lie which means they know they're not speaking the truth and maintaining a falsehood. But someone is deluded is someone who thinks they're speaking the truth, but yet is based on falsehood, these two things, these two things are contradiction. So my friends, my dear fellow human beings, my brothers and sisters, in humanity, rationally we know he must have been speaking the truth, because we've discussed that he could never

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be a liar. We discussed that he couldn't be deluded, we discussed that you could be a lie and deluded, therefore, he was speaking the truth. And if he was speaking the truth, brothers and sisters and friends, if he was speaking the truth, it means Indeed, he was a messenger of God. It is no wonder the Arabs at the time his own enemies, called him the trustworthy. So this is who Mohammed was upon whom bpce a man that change reality, a man that you may not believe in, but he's affected all your lives in a profound way. Someone give me the name.

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Calvin, Kevin Gino Mohamed, change your life in a way that you don't even know. How do you use a computer before? Have you been to court? Yes. Have you gone to science class at school?

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Well, you know these ways. In all these ways Muhammad changed your life. Do you believe in tolerance? He's changed your life and then explain why. who's gone iPhone? Who has an iPhone, or blackberry? Or compete at home? Do you have a computer at home? Yes. the very reason you could go on Twitter, you could go on Facebook, you could use iPhone, you could use your iPad is because of Mohamed. He may think I'm crazy. I am crazy. By no today. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. The reason we have the computer and iPhones because of Mohammed upon MVPs. Let me tell you why. Because of his teachings of tranquility, tolerance, justice, economic distribution,

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bringing people together. Because of these teachings, we developed an amazing his dynamic environment in Islamic Spain, Who's heard of Islamic Spain. Before many of us there was a convenience here, which literally means a coexistence. And this coexistence facilitated the progress that we needed to develop theories and to develop notions and assertions like the algorithm and go rhythm. Without the algorithm, you will never have a computer, an iPhone, or an iPad. And this came, this came from Mohamed Salah low while he was telling him because he gave us the teaching to facilitate that progress. Who's got a 20 pound note? Who's gonna 20 pound note.

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He's gonna 20 pound note. Well, if you look behind your 20 pound note, there is a non code item Smith, Adam Smith wrote, and he was 18th century founder of capitalism. And Adam Smith wrote that if it wasn't for the Empire of the Canaanites, the Empire of the caylus, the Muslims, we wouldn't have the tranquil environment, to look into the interconnecting principles of nature. And this is why Professor Thomas honored historian and Arabic, what did he say? He said, brothers and sisters and friends, he said that if he was the voice, dynamic Spain and Islam, we will not have the Renaissance, and we wouldn't have had the scientific revolution. So, Calvin, he's affected your life

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from that perspective. You've been to court. the very reason you can walk into court and say that I am innocent. That presumption of innocence came from the Muslims. And we don't even know this. We don't even know this. If we read the academic works of Muslim boy sod in his 1980s article on the political influence on of Islam on the presumption of innocence, he writes, that King Louie the ninth King Louie the night, traveled to the east and met a monk and this question

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To the chroniclers, and he spoke to this monk. And this monk taught King Louie the ninth, a prophetic tradition of program Mohammed upon MVPs. about justice, and the presumption of innocence. And kingley. The ninth went back to Europe, and he was accused, he was the source of the European idea of the presumption of innocence. So you went into court, you assume dissent, that was from Mohammed upon him. bpce also tolerance. What about tolerance? We see different colors here, different nations and races and religion. Britain is based upon tolerance. We see America is based upon a form of tolerance.

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Who, who influenced them, john Locke, john Locke was the post enlightenment thinker. And he influenced the founding fathers of America and Western politics, especially on civil governance. And john Locke writes personally and said, I am influenced by one man, and this man was called Edward pokok, Edward poco, traveled to the east, I took my new script. He was the first orientalist and a scholar of Islam in Oxford University. And john Locke used to sit in front of Edward pokok and learn about what happened in Islam, concerning tolerance and justice. And john Locke wrote the treaties, tolerance, and john Locke, he wrote on civil governance and civil governance, he discusses

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government in the following way, as the vice chair and see everybody translate, translate Vice 13 Arabic khilafah Keilar for the political institution of Islam, john Locke, influenced by Mohammad upon up peace. So this man that you don't even know, he influenced scientific revolution, he influenced the presumption of innocence and influence tolerance in the West. So now you know who this man is? investigate him. Don't shoot the messenger. Text, the message

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that says.com and I like to say something to everybody.

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Well, I'd like to say everyone is not what you've heard, that has an open heart and an open mind. And if you don't know then ask as the president Mohammed upon Ubp said, the cure to ignorance is to ask and learn. So in this slide, let us proceed

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to Blake May Allah guide you and bless you and shower you with His mercy and His love for me