Is It Better To Overeat In Order To Finish Food/Throw It Away – Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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The speaker discusses the issue of eating healthy food in public settings, including restaurant and homes. They emphasize the importance of not overdoing what one doesn't want to eat and not overdoing what one doesn't want to eat. The speaker also mentions the benefits of sharing good eating habits on social media and sharing good eating habits on YouTube.

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Is it better to overeat in order to finish food or throw it away?

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First of all, I would like to cite that the person should not purposely put on his plate or her plate food that they're not going to eat, over serve themselves and better to serve less than to take more than to take more and you stuck with it, you didn't know what to do with it. You know, that's absolutely something you should care for. The other point that I want to start with as well, that is not allowed by all the scholars rahimullah agreed, it is absolutely hold on absolutely not acceptable behavior that the person purposely waste food purposely will dump food, that it is beneficial something can people benefit from it, and you have the ability to make this food benefit

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others you have the ability to do that. But you know what, you just dump it in the trash, and you just wasting it. And that's absolutely not allowed. It is a form of slough on the last 1001 or 234 in the LA Habermas repeat, wasting and wasting it Islam is how long an individual Salam sent that Allah hates that, that to see someone who is Muslim, he's the one who wastes. And this is a big problems nationwide. And I hope was as the Muslims that we have a good influence in society around us. If we see the amount of food that we waste in America, restaurants and homes. It's unbelievable amount of waste that we do every day. Tons and tons and hundreds and millions of tons of food and

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drinks that can irrigate hunger in the world if this food would be basically served in the right way. That's why I want us to take that in consideration I want you to remember, I want you to remember that the process of selling once was walking and he saw the data on the floor. He picked it up from the ground. And in the visa selling mode if he did, if I know that it's not from the Sonata is not from this a cat term, or maybe it was dropped from the collection of as a cat and as you know, and I'm not allowed to eat from the food or anything that been giving us in the form of zakat. As it bodenham Allah reported it. So if this is the case, individual will not let this date go for

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weeks, just single day. And in every so Salam said, if something fall from your hand from your food, pick it up, clean it and eat it.

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And don't live leave it for the shaman. So if this is the attitude that Islam won't asked us, it wouldn't go with those who go in the buffet and overstuff their plates. And after that they waste most of this food. That's not the etiquette of Muslims. They What if I try my best and I have leftover food what they do with it, we say one, if you can give it as a form of gift of soda to someone else do that. And so Sallam said if you have extra food, give it to those who don't have or give it to the people who might need it. Okay, number two, if you can save it, and box it and eat it later on, that's another option. And if you can't do any of this too, and you know if your box is

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gonna be just a stink and you know nobody gonna re eat it. If you can give it to an animal can benefit from it, you can do that we'll take in consideration please don't go waste food and drop food in the streets and then the to cause more bigger problems than wasting the food which is diseases and make that animal sex are all sick around us because these are food with spice and stuff like that I'm talking about something that is suitable unsafe for animal to eat, because I don't want you to cause another problem as well. You will do that let's say some people have for gimble in their homes, chickens or some you know type of animals that they might eat this food you will give

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it to the animals if none of these options are is an option basically in this case we say you know don't overstuff yourself don't overreach assault because Islam also said La da da da da da da you should not harm yourself and you should not overstuff yourself and punish yourself by eating it in your stomach is not a garbage or garbage can that you just dumped everything leftover but you should learn from this next time to take the portion that you can eat Allah subhanaw taala plus all the network that we have and help us to

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