The Spiritual Ladder – My Best Friend Is The One Who Brings Out The Best In Me

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The transcript describes a segment of a video where a man named Hamad bin threatened to shoot a woman at a church. He refuses to shoot the woman and instead talks about finding a friend who matches his profile. The segment ends with a statement from a woman about wanting to become a noble companion to her peers.

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. As humans as mortals we are social creatures. No human is an island. We want to connect with people around us hence we we get paid. We are married. We have children, we have friends, we have acquaintances, and it is great to have friends they add value to your life Luqman Hakim told his son or my son have one friend have 10 have 100 may have 1000 well for colleagues and trust me even 1000 friends a few

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hidden for in Nevada Kathy, but do not have one enemy because even one is too much. Islam has put great emphasis on who we befriend the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah O Allah de Neha li li a person generally takes to the trend and the habits of his friend. So be very wise calculated and circumspect before you befriend any person. Say 90 of the Allahu anhu said in the article haha man can America man yo Rona Boolean vac are many variables domani sadak schut tetapi shamballa Julio joomag, a true friend is one who takes pain upon himself to remove your pain. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said, you will feel corny frequently a marinara who a true friend is one who can

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support me in my good ventures, while you're further knee high and mighty, who can preserve my honor while I'm alive and post my demise from an Li bajada from an Li viharaya who can connect me with such a friend later and me as somebody who loves somebody to whom email has sanity. If I can find such a friend, I will sit him down and not divide my assets. I will divide my virtue my good deeds, I'll tell him you take half my good deeds and I will keep half my good days. So in other words, to find such a friend is so difficult later and need to hold on to humare minella sanity, that's a factory honey for Ghana, apella Humala, Kathie Lee Juana and Lucy Tati, but when I rotated my gaze,

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I'm afraid on my right and my left. Only two types of friends showed up one with those in whom there was evil. There was violence, there was negative energy, there was venom. So I said no, I cannot associate myself with such people. I cannot photog to as fellow whom Lika threaten Sorry, I said I need to move away from this. This is bad. This is bad energy. A person says I was sitting next to Hamad bin welted and a dog started sniffing around so I tried to move the dog around this was a you know Sage of the age and a religious gathering was taking place. So Hamad bin wanted said that who had the harem in Genesis to really leave the dog this animal is better than an evil companion. The

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animal is not harming me and evil companion harms me. So Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said I moved away from that friendship. Then I looked on the other side at my supposed friends for Torah to Allah humility.

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And I realized that they were void of good they were bereft of virtue, I wasn't getting any positive. From this side, negative from the side nothing positive. That's when he said the famous couplet, which is a stanza of a very long poem, in which he said Sarah Moana Allah dunya, a de la mia confy ha Sadiq Khan, Sol De Palma de mon sefa. I would love to have a friend and I would equally love to reciprocate friendship. But if I cannot find the friend who matches the profile of loyalty, faithfulness, honesty and integrity, then I will live as a loner and die as a loner. We ask Allah to bless us with good friends, and may we become a noble companion to our peers. I mean, your ability