Is It Allowed To Sit Where Alcohol Is Served?

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the rules of alcohol law in certain countries, including restrictions on public transportation and certain activities. They also mention the importance of avoiding certain activities and avoid alcohol served in general. The speaker emphasizes the need for students to learn about alcohol policy and avoid any negative consequences.
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This questions is about the editing Obi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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It's not permissible for somebody to sit on a table where alcohol is served. That means you're not allowed to be in a restaurant where alcohol is served, or it's only not allowed for you to be at the bar, sitting at the bar where alcohol is served. But you can sit for example on tables, private table, and what this means exactly

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah arioso happy woman What about this hadith is a hereditary portrait by tirmidhi. And it's a sound headman hijab. But on the other hand, they tend to be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, it's not allowed for someone who believes in a line the day of judgment to be sitting in a place or in a, in a setting where alcohol is served around a table where alcohol is served.

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So this habit in particular is speaking about you being on a table on a place where alcohol is served around you. So this is like if you are sitting at the bar, and the bar attendant serving everybody, and you're sitting there, that will not be allowed, or you're sitting in a table. And this is a round table that has people left and right

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drinking or served the table that had it will include it. Or sometimes people go to restaurants and different customers like be around the grill. And the food is cooked, but also Hamada served, so people around you are drinking.

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All these scenarios can be included in this heading. And the default rules are the person should avoid places where alcohol is served in general, even if it's not so particular to your table. But for those who are living in a non Muslim country in especially in a western country, where serving alcohol is a common thing, and so many restaurants in so many places, even in coffee shops and stuff like that,

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I do believe that the rules will be specifically limited to that table that you're sitting at. So if your own table that has no alcohol served in it, you're not Shouldn't you should not be included in that Hadith or the pronunciation of this honey. But it's always better for the person to avoid places where alcohol is served in general, because some places our restaurant slash bar personal should not should avoid that as much as they can, especially those who are role models and leaders in the Muslim community.

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Especially if they do that in front of young or youth or community members who can be misled by seeing them in such places. So all these are things that should be taken in consideration as we talk about the ruling and attending a place where alcohol is served.

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Also, another thing that I will not want to say here, that sometimes you will be in a place where you can just grab something from the bar, like a lot of restaurants, when you make an order, you go pick the food from the bar, and that's fine, or you pay for it, but just don't sit on the bar or don't be waiting there. And even if you have to wait to collect your food or to sign the bill, that's fine. But the point is, is to enjoy yourself and you just even if you're drinking non alcoholic

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beverage beverages, but you are there next to those who are like no served alcohol, it's something you should avoid, and not to be there. Another scenario also known as sometimes you went to places where you can be in a place like an alcohol a serve in the place that you're in, even though you have your own space, let's say and some theaters or some. I'm not talking about the rule theater now but next to you somebody else who drinking or an airplane, you know, were you sitting next to you somebody who was drinking, you're not responsible for that person because your own seat became like your own space and you're responsible for it specifically. So this is in regard to the issue of

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being in a place where alcohol is our final point on a site. And sometimes a person can be in a situation where he will be sitting in an actual table, like a large table. And in this table like in work

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for work reasons. And alcohol is served somebody ordered a beer or somebody order wine on the table among the guests and it is something that maybe you have to be in that place because due to work related or because of an event that organized by your own

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business or work. And in this case we cite to speaking, we encourage people to avoid such gathering and social Academy. But sometimes I understand that these social gathering and this gathering is something that is important for the employee to be part of it, and can be absent from all of them otherwise, it can actually affect his performance, his his work. And remember,

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being in that table is not forbidden for itself, it's forbidden because other reason, when you're sitting in a table, humble as serve, that means you're close to it, that means that you might be passing the Hummer to someone that means you might, you know, fall into this because if you sit in a table Hummer is a serve, that means this your friends, this your body is this, your people, the kind of people that you hang out with. And next thing you find yourself drinking like them. And there is many stories I'm aware of, of people, you know, did not care much about the rules, and they ended up actually trying it and say, friends influence and ended up drinking from it. So it's not forbidden

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for itself. But in fact, it can lead to. So whenever they're saying they surely are forbidden because of what's lead to, we're not allowed to do it unless there is a need over there is a great need for it or necessity, obviously. And he some people for their job or the work the kind of put in situation with him very, very needed for them to be present and such Gavin. So those people on site, you limit the amount of participation to the minimum, and making sure that you don't, you know, serve it yourself, you don't participate in that, and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for all of us and to forgive us and to keep us away from a hammer. And in all this hadith is to make us

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have this, you know, natural rejection to a hammer. And that's why it is important for us to learn that and to teach our kids this as well. And I will end up with this point. Sometimes I found it's important for our kids to know that the hammer is something that either don't teach you because cheers and you know, shots and all kinds of, you know the language of a hammer. That's not right.

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You should not teach your kids or should teach your kids from the early to avoid to hate to hate Hmong and to basically feel that there is something bad and something I should avoid, I would have lost all federal law. And that's important part of this is not to make your kids or your children also very relaxed around a hammer on the environmental camera served. May Allah protect us our children Salalah Selamat and ebina Mohammed subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video and faith. Thank you. Hello Hi Dustin. I want to go