Stop glorifying Drug Dealers

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We find it strange to say that people who practice their team who are addicted to drugs, what do you practicing? You haven't purified yourself. There will be a few rare individuals who have exceptions to the rule. But we find it common you see it, you'll see people coming out of the center, walking towards Salah, walking around the street trying to shut down is taking shape around around the whole environment that makes it wrong. If I Muslim start to make an excuse, it's a business. What decent business is done with Muslim rocks, drugs, alcohol, women wine, every type of thing surrounded him and you can this is a business a Muslim doesn't run such type of businesses inside their life. A

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Muslim who sins remember this inside a Muslim who commit sins yeah Sheila disobeyed the last panda disobey Allah we're in secret disobeys online secret. If I forgot mentioned a person sitting in a gathering, you're taking substance which is haram. What should you say to your brother? What do we become we encourage our own blood brothers to take drugs to take alcohol to traffic, it can live that life. There's no shame, your own blood brother. You think this is a form of a movement that you've become an allegiance together? Using a word that it mentioned the streets that no one messes about?

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You see what will happen to you inside?

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You'll see what happened inside the crate, you're worried about no one mess about with you. Imagine the angel decide the grain when they mess about with you. When they mess about inside the grave. One strike, that every living thing, every element every creature has to hear it would drop down dead, one strike inside the cover. And we worry that we think about the people around us the street credit that no one should touch me. No one should take our substances. Nobody should walk on after no one should come in as own no one should mess about with us. These are the cliche that our Muslim youth are living in. How can we intermediary people, the so called a new even placed kinds of weapons and

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a table in front of a man to say what to us that if you speak will shoot you as well. Look how shallow Muslims have become even to say to Islamic clerics, that if you come in the way of our lifestyle, we will shoot up the so called Muslims, so called Muslim who threatened other emails threatening that you get in the way we will shoot and kill you to protect our honor. What honor what dignity What are you protecting inside your life? How long do you think it's going to last on read the statistics of the amount of young youth their lives have been taken amongst Muslim young individuals 60 7080 lives have been taken and those who think they're super smart individuals who

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think they're super smart animal trafficking drugs. Study the results of these individuals. 1920 2530 years play six others said that's the end of their life. Everything stripped away from them, stripped away from them. And we like to say thing this is a life. We like to glorify these other youth that glorify this life. That this is a life that we want to live. This is not a life that a Muslim wants to live. Muslims live a life of obedience. Goodness, encouraging other individuals come to goodness, the person sins keeps it to themselves stays away from it pays to keep me away from me.