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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a strong faith in one's life and not losing it if they get married. They explain that exercises of faith and responsibility are necessary for achieving success in marriage, and that having faith and trust is crucial to achieving success. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of having a strong faith in one's life and not losing it if they get married.
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somebody asks, Will I not complete half of my Deen? If I don't ever get married? And does that mean that if I don't get married, I'll be lacking in my religion.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a very beautiful Hadith. He talks about the fact that somebody who marries properly and does right by that marriage and does right by their spouse, and the responsibilities that come with a family, then for the stickman and his from him and and that person has completed half of their faith, not half the deen half of their faith. Okay, there's a difference here, there's a significance, right? That he's not talking about necessarily the dean the religion, right, but more so he's talking about a man. And again, somebody less has asked a follow up question, then does that mean that if I don't get married for whatever the reason may be, that I

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will be lacking half my emaan? No more. So what it means is that there's just a lot of exercises of faith, that family, having a family being married, having responsibilities that come along with having a family, there are certain exercises of faith that that facilitates, right. So for instance, there's a certain amount of patience, that you can only truly know, when you share every single aspect of your life with another person. Right? When somebody invades your personal area, your personal space, your life, right, even your thoughts, your time, to the extent where they're completely merged together, there are certain elements of patience, or certain elements of

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selflessness, or certain elements of kindness, mercy, generosity, forgiveness, that you will only be able to exercise and practice in those types of circumstances. Not necessarily, but for the most part of absolutely, right, there are certain elements of responsibility. And again, you know, kindness and mercy, that is only possible to really, really practice when you are completely and solely responsible for the existence and kind of the the the health and the maintenance of another human being like having a child, right, where all the responsibility of that human being is upon you, like holding a little newborn in your hand. And you're solely responsible for the survival of

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this little baby and child, of course, the life is in the hands of Allah, but all of us put that responsibility in your hands. So that's what the process was referring to when he talked about you really learn a lot about your faith in those moments, you learn to have faith. Do you understand I still remember when my first child was born, me and my wife, Miriam, my oldest daughter, may Allah protect her.

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You know, we were just enamored with this gift and this treasure, this blessing from Allah. And we were like, just, you know, around the baby for as long as we could 16 hours, 18 hours, 20 hours. And when it was time to put the baby to sleep, we couldn't physically go to sleep. What if something happens? What if she doesn't breathe? What if she calls? What if she sneezes and that's when you learn to put your faith and your trust in Allah. So those are the types of things I'm talking about. But no, if you do not end up getting married, you do not lack in your religion in any way, shape or form and Allah knows best

Our deen encourages us to get married. Marriage has been said to be half of one’s deen. Nowadays, there are a handful of people out there who find it difficult to find someone. If a person does not get married, are they lacking half of their deen?

Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda answers.

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