Is Joking Between Men And Women Okay In Islam

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What are the guidelines when speaking with the opposite gender? To what extent is joking allowed? Does culture or the country where you live play a role at all?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni explains

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banter or joking between men and woman acceptable in Islam

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Lao salatu salam ala rasulillah

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when it comes to interacting between men and women,

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there is a general guidelines in Islam especially when it comes to talking to each other.

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So the question is about his banter or joking, you know, I was meant to either use a very unique word of the Parana which is the word

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well known or known to be customly known to be acceptable or good. So, I would say some of the way we talk with each others, some of the words that we might do with each others can be different from one culture to another from one country to another.

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So it depends, but the guidelines is this, that no flirting in any shape or form. So if you talk to the opposite gender with any shape or form of flirting, that will not be allowed. flirting can be through words, gestures, the way you ask your question, the way you look at the opposite gender. This is absolutely not allowed to this now. But if Bonneville Power failed to be a model, we're not allowed to speak in a seductive white woman when they speak to men as almost out of order them. And so any joke, which is improper jokes, like you know, sexual jokes or anything of that nature will not be allowed to ask for casual conversation.

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As long as the horse are clean, as long as it is in the clear area, as long as it says, No suspicious around it, you don't feel something wrong with your heart, or sometimes many sister will not have something in her heart, but maybe it will affect other person who's talking to her or affect the girl that she's talking to you so you don't know about other people as well. So I'll be careful how I conduct myself around the opposite gender, it should be based on respect. And

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basically, in the realm of what is customer culture in order to be acceptable. I mean, I was panel to guide all of us to add our path to have pure hearts some allow us in the mountains