How Do I Use The Names Of Allah When I’m Making Dua

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Allah (SWT) has numerous beautiful names. How can we utilize these beautiful names when we are supplicating? How do we use the names?

Ustadh Ammar AlShukry answers.

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How do I use the names of Allah while I am making

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him de la sala cinema, a lot of suitors that when you invoke the names of Allah in your supplication, it's very, very simple. You simply say, yeah, insert the name of Allah and remove the law. And so for example, if I want to say, I want to call upon a law by his name of a man, I say, Yeah, man, I don't say, man. I say, Yeah, man, if I want to invoke a law by his name, oh, Katie. I say, Yeah, I remove the lamp. And I say Kareem, or sometimes the opposite is done. We're at the end of the day. You say in NACA, enter Allah for Rahim O Allah, you are editor for or Rahim or if I'm saying it in English. I say Oh, man, oh, Rahim. O kt, like that. And that is the way that you make

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dua to Allah Subhana data using his names. The most important thing to remember is to remove the Edit flap and to include what's called the the, the article of calling or how often need that which is Yeah, or Oh, and the loss of Hannah dynamism.