Division and Disunity – The Tactic of Shaytan

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Alhamdulillah we praise the loss of Hannah hooter, Allah, the majestic and the Most High. In Him, we put our trust in Him do we rely, he revealed to us his speech, whose recitation with our voices we beautify. And he gave to us actually, that we strive to live by. We ask Allah to forgive our sins on the last day and our good deeds amplify, may saw that and Salah be upon the one the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to whose Prophethood we all testify, dear Muslims, Allah subhana wa tada reminds us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran, yeah, you Hello Dina Amano. topo, Lahore to Karachi mutanda illa one to Muslim moon in a hadith reported in the Sahih Muslim our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a sheath on a yes and yeah Buddhahood masala Luna features eaten out of what can fit to Harry Shiva you know whom shaitan has given up hope of being worshiped by those who prey in the Arabian Peninsula. shavon has given up hope of being worshipped by those who prey in the Arabian Peninsula. What is meant

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By the Arabian Peninsula as the Muslims because the Muslims of Arabia used to be pagans. So when he is saying the Arabian Peninsula that means the Muslims shavon has given up hope of ever being worshipped again, idolatry will not come back to the oma once a person has believed in a law once a person prays so then what is the goal of shavonne if the Muslim oma is not going to revert to idolatry, what's going to happen? Why not can fit Rishi bainer home, but instead shaitan is aiming to incite divisions between them. The goal of shavon is no longer idolatry. He has given up that hope, as a majority oma, the mainstream Muslims shall never revert to idolatry. This is a prediction

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as Mr. manoli and others have said, it is a prediction that has borne true throughout all Islamic lands. Never has any religion spread so fast, so quickly. So permanently, like Islam has never have masses of people embrace the new faith, and then remained firm on that faith from Kazakhstan all the way to underdose from the lens of Indian avani son all the way down South Africa, throughout these regions, wherever Islam spread, it's remained up until this day, accepted politics kicked it out like under this otherwise, wherever Islam spread it remained and our promises and predicted this shaytan is not going to now target you with idolatry with paganism that is gone. That's not going to

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happen as the mainstream. So then what is Plan B of shavon? If he cannot get you to worship idols, he has decided that the next biggest thing that he can succeed in is to disunite is to cause divisions is to incite of hatred, what I can fit it Shiva in a home. And this shows us dear Muslims, the evils of division, because one shavon cannot get you to worship an idol. What is the next thing he falls down to? Subhana Allah look at what is number two on the list. Worse than many of the major sins is when the oma is divided because a major sin between me and a lot when the oma is divided all of us suffer when the oma is disunited that we collectively become weak. And so the second tactic of

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shavon What can fit it she benina home. So this shows us so many things. First and foremost, it shows us that shaitan is an active enemy is not a passive enemy. shavonne is assessing shavonne is like a military general who is looking at the troops looking at the enemy's tactics, looking at what is happening and re evaluating the next strategy. shaitan tried to get the early Muslims to go back to idolatry in the reign of Abu Bakr Siddiq, there was the movement of ryda. And it seemed as if it might be successful, but the Sahaba grouped up together and a lot of preserved eemaan through the wisdom of Oba Caruso did and the Sahaba. And idolatry was permanently wiped out, as predicted by the

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prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So what did that evil that cunning military general known as shavonne do? What did that conniving entity do? He decided that if I cannot have them worship idols, I will make sure every group is bickering with another. Every person has problems with another, every society, every community is going to be at odds with another, and I am satisfied if I can get to that level. So our Prophet being the loving prophet that he is Salalah, who I think he would sell him, he's warning us all Muslims, be careful that shavon does not succeed in this plot. How are some of the ways that shaytaan will do this, first and foremost, and the worst of them, and the most

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disgusting of them and the most vile of them is by causing division based upon imaginary differences, not even real differences of skin color, differences of caste, differences of tribalism, differences of ethnic origin, differences of nation state, all of these differences are man made and superficial. All of these differences mean nothing in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Who cares where you were born? Who cares where your parents were from? Who cares what nationality you have in a Chroma come in de la he a taco, but shaitan comes along and shaytaan causes us to raise our children that we are so in so be careful of that group. Be careful of that

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ethnicity. Be careful of that person. We are this group. They are that group. We are this nation, they are that nation, we are this tribe, they are that tribe, and shaytan causes us to feel an element of superiority. There's nothing wrong with liking your culture. The problem comes

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When you think your culture your land, your language is inherently better than others. That is the problem. There's nothing wrong with being happy about you speak multiple languages, about your cuisine about your different ethnicities, no problem. But the minute you think that your race your nation state is inherently better, and you start categorizing all of those people of that land, all Pakistanis like this all Bengalis like this, all the Egyptians like that, or all skin colors like this, know that shaitan has succeeded in this issue called Irish. The Irish means inciting one group against another stereotypes caricatures. This is the tactic of shavon Be careful, do your Muslims.

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Remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to a Buddha,

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when he said something that he should not have said to be learned. He said to him that oh Buddha, you still have some jelly in your heart. You still have some jelly? Yeah, you should not have said this about a person of a different race and above without immediately apologized and asked for forgiveness. Remember what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, about tribalism leave it for it is rotting. It is infested leave it leave this tribalism my tribe better than your tribe, it is of the tactics of shape on the second way that shaitan comes in is that if he cannot succeed at the tribal level, if he cannot succeed at the community level, he will go down to the individual

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level and he will cause brother to not speak to Brother cousin to break off from cousin friends to have suspicions amongst themselves. If he cannot succeed at the community level. He will take it down to the individual level. Anytime dear Muslim, anytime you hide a friendship or the bonds of kinship with another person and you no longer have that bond realize shavon has succeeded. Realize shaytaan has one one more in his battle to cause division amongst us realize, dear Muslims of the most vicious tactics of shape bond is rumor mongering, slandering, spreading evil about another's LIBOR Mima, somebody is going to come and say so and so said this about you. And all of a sudden

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that friendship you had is broken. And that's why the one who does Riba and the one who spreads it, there are both doing things that should not be done because it breaks the bonds of society. When the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi, salaam had issues with his brother and his brothers did whatever they did at the end of the story, when he reconciled with them, what did he say, Man, by the anessa shavon obey any webinar and hottie shake on was the one who caused those evils between me and my brother He blamed shape on even though his brothers did certain things. But shavon was the one who whispered shavon was the one who caused it all to happen because the brothers felt to their jealousy. And so

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realize shavon wants you to not be friends with that Muslim brother You were friends with He wants you to have problems with your family, he wants you to break off the ties, and therefore you have to be the better of the two. The last point will mention here, and perhaps the most evil of all, of all incitement. Perhaps the worst of all, is that which takes place between the spouses between the husband and wife. In the authentic hadith in Sahih. Muslim shaitan sits on his throne every day, and he assesses his minions. I told you he's a general I told you he has his troops. I told you he sends them out. The Hadith tells us this every day or every night shaytaan welcomes the military generals

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back to his to his palace to his entourage and he asked them what did you do? And everyone says I did this I did this and he trivializes. Then this one shape on comes and he said and he says to Emily's the big herbalist. He says to him, I continued giving watsa to a person until he broke off with his wife. Notice the phrasing module two I continued, I continued pestering, continued making something small, bigger, continue telling the husband or the wife this and this was what's up until finally he ended up divorce. According to the Hadith, shaitaan stands up and embraces this devil and he says you have accomplished something today. This is the essence of of breaking up the bonds for

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something that might be trivial, of causing a marriage to come to an end for a reason that was not legitimate and who was behind it all. All of this is coming from the tactics of shaytaan. So these are three mechanisms or three areas we need to be careful in brothers and sisters number one at the community level at the level of a tribe or a nation number two at the individual level, our relatives, our friends, our families, and number three at the spouse level realized a bond is attacking all of these bonds. He's given up that we're going to worship idols, but he has not given up breaking the ties of kinship and the ties of brotherhood and the ties of husband and wife. So we

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have to be extra vigilant and make sure we do not fall prey.

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To the tactics of shaitaan May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you within through the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand unemployment is higher than heroin throughout our lifespan. I asked forgiveness you as well ask him for his level of food under a human

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hamdulillah Hanwha hadn't had a summit Aladdin, Amelia, whatever you like me akula Hakuna ahead, we're back do what are some of the ways we can counter the tactics of faith on three things, number one, number one, what we say and what we hear. The main source of tension between any two people is the tongue and then the ear for what it hears from the tongue. So we have to be very vigilant about what we say. and ignore as much as we can what we hear somebody else comes and tells us so and so said, to shut your ear ignore it. Ignore it, don't make attention to it. You as well be careful what you say about other people. In fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala explicitly links breaking of the bonds

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with what the tongue says in the Quran. wakulla everybody.

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Welcome everybody. yaku Lottie here son in

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law obey the home, tell my servants, they should speak always good speech, because she Thawne causes enmity between them via the speech, tell my servants their speech should be Noble. Their speech should not be Riba slandering, bickering, backbiting, putting people down making fun of others, keep your speech noble because when you go down shavon takes your slip and causes that slip to become much bigger than it needs to be. But you're the one who slipped up only everybody Akala t here and in the shavon Ian's albina home say the essence speech, otherwise shaytaan will come and cause problems between people. So you need to monitor your tongue and you need to ignore much of what you

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hear about others through your ears. Number two, the second thing that we need to do is to make dua to Allah subhana wa tada to have what is in Arabic called ulb. Salim a pure heart. We don't want to heart that is full of jealousy, a heart that is full of anger, a heart that is always trying to find faults of other people's know. Allah says in the Quran, that the people who will enter agenda are those who come to Alabama Taliban Salim. They come to allow with a pure heart and Ibrahim alayhis salam is praised in the Quran is Jara bin Salim, he came to Allah with a pure heart, so we need to make dua to Allah make dua O Allah give me hope, Selim. Don't give me a heart that has jealousy and

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enmity, animosity. Don't give me a heart that wants to put other people down. I want to have a pure heart to Allah so you don't get involved in the Taylor call. In the he said, she said, in the proliferation of Libra and Amoeba, your heart is pure. And the last point dear brothers and sisters, and of course, much more can be said, but time is always limited. The last point is the fact B, let t hear us and for either the bayonet Cobain or I don't know what do you mean, when something bad comes to you some news that is negative, somebody mistreats you, you be the better of the two for the sake of law. in any situation, you strive to be the better of the two. Allah says in the Quran,

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repel evil with good, repel evil with good and you will find that the one that was an enemy to you will become your closest ally. And friend, if you stand up for the sake of a law and you forgive for the sake of a law and you return that negative comment with the positive somebody says something bad and you give him a gift somebody puts you down in one gathering, you go to another gathering and you praise him behind his back you do it not for his ego, you do it not to make something for him but for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada so that you have the highest reward so that you attain the pleasure of Allah, guess what, if you do this, you will attain the pleasure of Allah and you will

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gain the friendship of the one that was your enemy. So these are the three simple tactics. Point number one is to monitor what are we saying here? Point number two have a clean heart. And point number three, repel evil with good and that will not allow you to either make us the better of the two May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those who have the Elven surname and have the pure tongue and have nothing but good thoughts for other people may I'm making duraceramic do I with me? A lot. We ask that you do not allow for any sin of ours to remain except that you have erased them. Oh Allah we ask that every worry of ours is converted and dispersed from our law convert every sick of

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ours to someone who is cured. I will love our law every deceased amongst us forgive them our law, our law our loved ones Oh Allah protect them. Oh Allah, our debts repay them. Oh Allah, our difficulties ease them with your mercy r Rahmani r Rahim. Allah bring glory to Islam and

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It's people and they make it blessed and peaceful and protected from those who desire for it evil and protect ourselves from any civil wars and upheaval with your power Yakubu Aziz servants of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala has commanded you with a matter that he began with himself. And he followed it up by asking the angels themselves and he told us to implement it ourselves for he said in the Koran in the law homiletical do so. Luna nebby Yeah, you aladeen amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Nima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik winrm, Abu Kurosawa, Mohammed Ali, he was a huge Marine, by the law in the law. Tada. Yeah. Anyway.

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Well Monica belly

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Kuru, Kuru la Lima Kuru Kuru.

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Kuru light, famous Allah