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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not giving up on one's desire for marriage, as it is a means of maintaining a connection with their partner and family. They encourage people to fast before starting their new life, as fasting is synonymous with success and happiness. The speaker also mentions the importance of not stepping forward to achieve their goals without developing their maturity and financial means.
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My brother's asking how do I know I'm ready for marriage?

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If you don't know you're ready, you're not ready. That's really the simplest way of doing it. Now the prophets I send him actually does make a criterion for whether we know we're ready or not. He says in that beautiful Hadith I said, Minister, I'm in khumba, the one who's able and capable and the commentators they comment able and capable meaning financially, emotionally, physically, intellectually capable in all respects. You know, you got your ducks in a row, you're in a place where you finished your your education somewhat, you are making your own income, or you have people who will bankroll you on having to last some of us, we have families that are willing to look after

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us and provide us a place to stay. So you know, don't look at it, in that sense. Ready. It's not just simply physical. Many of us are ready physically, but if you're ready physically and you're not ready emotionally, and you know, you're immature, it's something that becomes sinful for you to actually burden yourself on a family and a new person, who you are going to raise children with, when you yourself are not yet ready to be there. Now, I want you to consider you know, a lot of people they say, all you know, we should encourage or, you know, be encouraged to marry really, really young. Well, actually, the prophets I send them married at the age of 25, subtle Allahu,

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Allahu Allah, Allah, he was happy to sell him, according to most of the people of Sierra, that is in the kind of, you know, mentality that you see today from some 1617 year olds are like, brother, I'm ready, can you talk to my parents about it. So get ready, get your education, get a place, get a plan, get an action plan. I'm not saying don't take interest in someone that you and your family approach and kind of put on the low cooker if they're happy with that as well. Have your options available. But don't ever step forward to someone when you have not developed that maturity, that financial independence, that reliance upon yourself, which is necessitated and predicated by the

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prophets I send them for 11 years thought for him to start there. If you're unable the prophets I send them continues in the Hadith, Valley chromosome, then I encourage you to fast and the word fasting here isn't just your fasting each and every day or every other day is the student so prophets, I send them he said, Don't fast, everyday, fast every other day. Why does he say fast? Because fasting is synonymous with sub meaning the Prophet saying, relax yourself, be patient, do the things that you need to do to endure with patience until Allah subhana wa tada gives you a process and a capacity and know that there were many of the Sahaba of the prophets I said of them,

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who had to wait and wait and wait. And once they had saved up and once they had found a little bit of prosperity, they stepped forward for marriage. May Allah allow us to find our life partners are soulmates in this life that we connect with, and we connect with soulmates of our children, our parents, until we meet together again and again. That's all filled out alone.

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim discusses

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