Buloogh al-Maram – The Book of Zakah, Lesson 04 – Hadeeth 484 (b)

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me see one

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Caller Tune in howdy San Juan.

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Nino Salatu was salam, Al Abdullah he was slowly he may be you know Mohammed while early he was a happy edge marine. And malaria was still explaining keytab as a car from Milan, Milan. But the circumstances being as they are allies, though, gel has decreed that the only way that we are able to do the class is to do it from home. And insha Allah to Allah, what we're going to try to do is to is to still release it on YouTube at a specific time, so that inshallah people can still follow it and watch it as if it was a regular class in the masjid. Of course, we hope and we pray that very quickly, we'll be able to go back to the massage and and we'll be able to hold a class in the masjid

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but obviously the circumstances being what they are at the moment in the UK, and it's a similar situation in many places in the world, the massages are closed and we're not able to hold any classes at all. So what we're doing is recording the videos here at home and inshallah to Allah, we will upload them and I'm going to try and schedule them for a specific time. so that people can inshallah join and watch, I did think about the live stream option but decided against it. There are some issues with that in terms of equipment in terms of people not being able to hear sometimes properly and all sorts of internet issues and whatever. So I just decided what we're going to do is

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pre record the video and release it at a specific time on YouTube inshallah, so that people can watch it as though it was a regular class inshallah. Tada. So in our last class, which we did in mesilla, towhead, we reached around about halfway through the Hadeeth of ns raviolo. And regarding the letter that Abu Bakar gave to him, rather your loved one who, when he was sent to LA,

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to be

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is a car collector. And when Anis was central, the Allahu anhu Abu Bakar Robbie Allah and sent him with some instructions from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding there's a cap, and we spoke about the camels, we spoke about the different amounts of Zika that were due upon different amounts of camels.

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But there are a couple of points that I would like to start by clarifying. First of all, in the beginning of the Heidi, we spoke about the one that has five camels, we said, fee currently comes in Sha, for every five there is a Sha a sheep. Now I use the word sheep. And this is the word that is used in most of the translations. But in reality, the word share and likewise, when we talk about elevation, and, and so on, these words are generic and cover many different types of similar animals. They cover sheep, and they also cover goats as well. They cover for example, a button, which, and allies or allies, they cover sheep, and they cover goats. So I didn't want to you know, I

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just use the generic word sheep. But it just should be clear that in the previous video, whenever we refer to sheep, if the owner had goats, for example, then they could also give a goat instead of a sheep.

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The second point that I wanted to clarify is towards the end of the lesson, and towards the end of the lesson, we spoke about the statement of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam for a desert that are actually in our meter fee coolly out of our inner being Tula bone works equally hum Sienna hepco.

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When it goes over 120 it's 120 camels. We should be clear in this, that in terms of the number of camels doesn't matter about the age and it doesn't matter about the gender, it could be male camels, female camels, it could be a mix. There could be very young camels, newly born camels, all the colors, the number is is made from all the camels that the person owns.

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When the number goes over 121 we talked about something called a stickler or alpha Leela where the pattern becomes settled, there's a car pattern becomes settled. It's not something which you have to kind of memorize and learn, but it's something where you can follow a very specific pattern and that's after or once it reaches 121. For every 40 there is a there is a bin to labuan and for every 50 there is a haircut. We said the pin to Levon remember if we talked about types of camels we talked about being to my heart has passed a year and entered into the second year benteler bonus past two years and entered into the third year. And as for the healthcare, the headquarters past

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three years and

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entered into the fourth year. We also spoke about the Jetta and the Jetta, which is entered for years, which is past four years and entered into the and entered into the fifth year we spoke about the Jetta. Previously, it's completed four years and entered into the fifth year. But here for every once it gets to 121

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then for every 40 there is a bin Tula bone. And for every 50 there is a so every 40 there is a bin tillable that is a two year old camel that has gone into three years. And every time we reach 50, there is a headquarter that is a camel, which has reached three years and entered into its fourth year. How does this work though? So now we've kind of understood inshallah, to Allah. And I know, it wasn't easy. And we mentioned in the last class that the reason it wasn't easy as quite simply because none of us own camels, or at least, none of the people in the room at the time in the masjid at the time owned any camels. So we weren't really familiar with the terms and it wasn't so easy for

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us to count the camels and things like that. But here now we imagine a person gets to 121 camels. So now we have is the Corrado variable, it all comes down and settles down into a regular pattern every 40 is up until a boon, every 50 is a hit.

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Okay, how does that actually work? Well, the way that that works is let's first of all, look at what this means. First of all, once we get to 121, we don't pay any attention to what has already come before. So we don't count the two been Tyler boon, or the head katarn, the two headcollar, which was up to 120, we don't count any of those, we start again, we have a completely different method of calculation. When we reach 121. It's not like we get to 120. And we count that sucker, then we start with the one left over, it doesn't work like that. Instead, what happens is we start all over again, we don't look, we don't take any Zakah any anything different in the first 120, all we do is we

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start all over again. So someone has 121. Now we have two options every 40 or every 50. So the first, and in this, what you've got to do is kind of look at what happens when you keep adding combinations of 40 and 50 together. So it's not like just multiples of 40 or multiples of 50. But even when you combine, so for example, how can we make 121. So to get to 121, we have 40 and 40, and 40. That's three sets of 40, we have 40. And we have 40. And we have 40. And that makes 120. So for the one that has 121, we look at 40 4040. And that is three by that number. So that's three bentaleb would have been Tila Boone, remember the camel two years gone into three years. So there's three of

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them. And the reason that there's three of them is because once we hit 121, we now follow this new pattern of 40s and 50s. So at 121, what we're going to do is we can't go 5050 that makes 100. So that's, that's back in the old system. So we can't go 4040 that makes 80 that's back in the old system, we need a number that will reach 120 actually 121 and we have 40 4040. So at 121 we use the 40 4040. And we have three Burnett level and that's three she camels that have reached three years old, past two years old and into the third year, don't two years and into the third year.

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So now that will take us all the way up to 129. So 120 120 220 320 420-526-2728 and 29. Once we get to 130 we can actually make it a different way because now we can make it with 240s and a 50.

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Once we get to 130 we can make it with 240s and a 50. So that will be 40 and 40 which makes 80 and 50 which makes 130. So from 130 to 139. The pattern is going to be 40 4050 which is to be intolerable, intolerable. And one haircut because remember for every 40 there is a scintilla bone for every 50 there is a cost so it's going to be two bins lebu and one hepco which makes 130. So that's 130

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131 132 133 3430 530-637-3839 the next number we come to is 140. How can we make 140 out of 40s and 50s. So here we have 250s and a 4250s makes 140 makes 140. So that would be to hacker and one binte level, to hacker hacker time two of the hacker camels. And one of the Binti level camels. So that's fine 440 140 142 4340 440-546-4748 49 when we reach 150, we can make it with three sets of 5050 5050 makes 150 so that's going to be three HCA, three HCA camels. So that's going to be three hecka camels 50 5053.

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When we reach 160, that's fine 150 151 23456789 when we reach 160, we can make it with four Binti level and for burnetii level. So that will be four times 40 gives us 160. So that makes for over the winter level she camels.

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And the pattern continues like that. So it will then go to three vanilla bone and a HIPAA tubing level and to healthcare, three healthcare and I've been to LA born, and then I saw it. So that will take us 270 180 190, when we get to 200, we actually have a choice. Because 200, you can make two different ways, right? 200, you can make two different ways. It's a common multiple between 40 and 50. So that you can make it with 40s, you can make it with 50s. So you can either make it with 450s, that will be forehead, camels, or you can make it with five bint lebu and urbinati lavon. So that would be five of those. And the person has a choice because you can make it with either four times

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50 or five times 40. So either four of the hepco camels or five of the lagoon camels, and then you continue like that with for Burnett, lavon and headcover to her up to which is 210 to 219. And it just keeps going every 40, every 50, every 40 every 50. And of course with the number 40 and 50. Because you're doing multiples like that you're out and you're adding them together in combinations, you can go up you can just keep going up in tense. So every 10 can have a different combination. And every now and again you get to a common multiple, where you can choose like 200, where you can choose which of the two you want to give.

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So that explains the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we spoke about

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in with regard to the one who reaches 121. camels that and that is as we said for either is that an issue you know, Amir, for frequently are about and I've been to a level of equally hum Sina hepco, that once it reaches 121, then for every 40 camels, there is a level and she camel, and for every 50 camels, there is a hiccup she camel, once again, we don't look at the previous week, it just goes back to a simple pattern without any reference to what has come previously. And it's made up of 40s and 50s 40s, and 50s. So 121 to 129, then 132 130 940 to 140 950 to 150 960 269. And it just keeps going like that making out 40s and 50s 40s and 50s 40s and 50s in combination. And as we said, it's

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a little bit difficult sometimes because we're not used to that kind of thing. But for the owners of the camels it was something that people were familiar with, and indeed is no doubt the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his companions that were very familiar with that that was terms of camel herders in terms of buying and selling camels. And so this is how there's a car how Eliza gel revealed, the Zakat should be paid upon camels.

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We then have the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or lemmya Kumar, who are about a minute out of that minute mini eberly. fillet Sophie has sadhaka in Asia a robot that whoever has only four camels,

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then there is no zecca do upon them unless the owner of those camels wishes. We've already mentioned this in the previous lesson. And we've mentioned that with regards to the owner of the camels if they wish to give voluntarily, let's say

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They have four camels, and they wish to give a sheep voluntarily, then that is perfectly acceptable, and that is a good deed for them, and an act of a son an act of excellence in the religion of Islam, but they're not required to give anything until it reaches five as we had said.

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The Heidi thing continues, where he saw the cut 11 me FISA imati ha either can at auto burying, either issue in our Mia Illa issue in our me a T shirt in Sha

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as for the Zika, or aluminum, and aluminum is another one of those general words, we might translate it to sheep, but it covers sheep and goats and the likes of that FISA imati hat, here we have a really interesting issue to discuss. And that is the issue of what we call a cell phone, not a soul with a side, but a cell with a scene. And a cell as it relates to cattle

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is the fact that they graze without,

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you could say that the the owners intervention or without the owner feeding them without the owner feeding and they graze from the land. And this issue of grazing from the land is one that applies to all of the cattle in Zakah. It applies to all of the cattle in zeca. And here the scholars differed with regard to the conditions of it. A chef very Rahim Allah to Allah He said that the Psalm is a condition for Zakah. In other words, when it comes to all of the cattle, camels, cows or sheep, that a soul is a condition, they must be fed off of the land, They mustn't be from the animals that are, the owner goes and buys food for them, and feeds them. And if the owner goes and buys food, and

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feeds them, then there is no Zika do upon them. As for the HANA fear, and the HANA Bella, they said, It is not a condition for this to be the case the whole year round. But it's enough for it to be the majority of the even if it's six months and a day. So as long as they spend over six months feed in from the land, and the owner doesn't buy food for them for over six months, then they are considered to be sad. They're considered to be animals that graze from the land, and not animals that are fed from the you know, from the pocket of the owner, so to speak.

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And the reason the Hanafi and the HANA Villa, they said this, that it's the majority of the year is enough, they said, Because feeding them for a small amount of time or feeding them for a lesser amount of time doesn't change them from being grazing cattle. It doesn't change them from being grazing cattle. So the fact that for example, an animal in the in the middle of winter, for example, is brought in from the pasture and is fed from the you know, food that is purchased by the owner, then that doesn't change it being grazing cattle. It's a month it's two months, it's three months, they said up to six months. But once it reaches six months, then you can't say that that animal is a

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grazing animal an animal that grazes or eats from the pasture outside. Rather it's an animal that is it is an animal that is matted off or an animal that is fed, that is the food is purchased for the animal and given to the animal. So, as we said, the prophet SAW Selim here he mentioned FISA imati her FISA imati her

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that this applies with regard to sheep. And likewise, it applies to camels, that those animals they should be,

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they should be animals that are feeding, at least the majority of the year, they should be feeding from the land, from the grass from whatever I don't know grass hay or

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whatever it might be that the things that are growing naturally from the land and the owner is not purchasing food for them, at least for the majority of the year.

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From a number of 40 up to 120. So 40 is the minimum number

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40 is the minimum number of sheep or goats or whatever it might be 40 is the minimum number from 40 up to 122.

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sheep, there's a cat is Sha 211 sheep. So that means if someone has 39 there is no circa 38 nausicaa if they have 4041 5060 7080 90 100 110 120 up to 120 there's a car is one sheep. And once again, we have this walk us and the workers here the remainder or the allowance between the two limits is the biggest of all here, when it comes to the sheep and goats, it's the biggest one. So as you saw in the cameras, it was usually 11 sort of around 15 it was it was a fairly small number of, of cameras that were a person could have, let's say, 3630 730-839-4041 4243 4445 and then it went to the next number, like here, there's a huge, huge amount, the amount here as we know, from 40, all the way up

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to 120. So a gap of 80 in which the individual numbers don't matter, at all, anything within the bounds of 40 all the way up to 120 and this is one sheep or one goat

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30 there's a dead lrH Lena warmia Isla me attain furphy hersha tan, so from anything more than 120 that's 121 all the way up to 200 then there are two sheep do. So that's 120 120 230 140 150 6070 8090 190 999 200 all the way up to 200 including 200 the Zika is too cheap for either deserted island me attain NFL efthimia for fee hasta la fushia so from 201 anything that's more than 200 all the way up to 300 there are three sheep and again, we said sheep are interchangeable goats or whatever it is the person has of those kinds of animals 30 there's that other anatomia 50 equally meat 18 Sha

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and when there is more than 300 so that's 301 all the way up to 400 then for each 100 there is a sheep. So for each 100 there is a sheep.

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So as we said 201 would be three sheep 299 would also be three sheep. Once we get over 300 we get to 301 then we follow a very simple system from 301 for every 101 sheep, for every 101 sheep, so at 300 we'd have three sheep all the way up to 399 because at 399 we still haven't made the next 100 once we reach 400 then for every 100 we take a sheep so we take four and it continues like that.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for either qanats immortal Rajamouli now please attend in our robbery Nasha Tasha

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the Prophet sighs haven't said

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if the

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animals or the sheep here that a man owns are less than 40 sheep by even one sheep, the meaning of shared attention here is by even a sheep if they're one sheep less than the total of 40. Then finally Sophie has sada la Sharapova, there is no sidecar unless the owner wishes, so 3939 so close to so close to 40 so we've got all the way up to 40 but just one sheep short. There's no zakka illa ishara unless the owner says, by all means I only have 39 but as a sadaqa I want to give one or I want to give to them, there is no harm in that. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, while our huge metal Dana motif are ripping, while Are you Pharaoh rock bhaineann which tambien he

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things that are apart should not be brought together and or animals that are apart should not be brought together. And animals that are together should not be put pulled or should not be separated or made apart.

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He said what are you federal Kubina which tamaryn har*a sada out of a fear of Zakah so he is when we talk about what we probably

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terms that are avoidance, people who are trying to avoid this account. And particularly when it comes to cattle, the way that they avoid is a car, or they try to do the car reduction or the car avoidance, as some people do talk about tax avoidance. But as it relates to the shediac, when it comes to *tiness, matters very, very serious indeed, that a person tries to avoid this occur, how would they typically do that with cattle, what they would do is either put their cattle with someone else's cattle, or separate between two

00:25:36--> 00:25:45

between the cattle into two different groups. So let's talk about the separation. First of all, so somebody, let's say, for example, has

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78 sheep. Now, as we know, this is a calf a sheep starts at 40. So what the person wants to do with the 78 chip, they don't want to pay any luck at all. So what they do is they split it into two groups, and they make it out that this half belongs to someone and this half belongs to someone else. And so then, because the total number of each group, I, the group number one is 39. And group number two is 39. There's a car collector says there's no other car do. And in fact, it was the case that all of those 78 belonged to the same person. So it should have been one sheep, or a person that could have been any of could be 60. For example, 60, there should we do one sheep. But instead what

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the person does is cut that 60 into 30 and 30. And put them separately as though they belong to two separate different owners. And then as a car collector doesn't take any of the car from them. That's a simple example. And that could be with any number, it could be even with hundreds weights split, so that there's a remainder and it reduces the number of sheep that they have to pay. This is an example of splitting sheep that used to be together, they were together, they were raised together and they were feeding together they were in pasture together. But when there's a car collector came he or she had a soda out of a fear of the Zika they split them apart in order to reduce this account

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or to remove this occur that is due upon them. The other example is the example of joining together in order to reduce this account. So here Mohammed has 40 sheep, and ashmit has 40 sheep, how much is the cause is Mohammed Ahmed owes

00:27:32--> 00:27:36

one sheep, how many does admit or

00:27:37--> 00:27:58

amadores? One sheep? What do they do? They put them both together? So it makes at someone who owns 80 sheep how much they care do they all one sheep? So they reduce the burden of the car by one they try to cut down their account minimize this occur? And this is not allowed har*a sada

00:27:59--> 00:28:01

what am i can i mean Holly, you pay money

00:28:02--> 00:28:07

for inner home a Tara Gianni been at home every single year.

00:28:09--> 00:28:19

And whatever is from two partners, they should account for it between themselves fairly or equally.

00:28:21--> 00:28:36

So the example of this is you have a set of sheep that are grazing together that are raised together. But those sheep and it could be camels also, those sheep actually belong to to it's an investment where there are two partners.

00:28:37--> 00:29:18

There are two partners, and Holly here is their partners who raised their sheep as though they were one herd. So they're not like it's not like one's got some another one's got the other here. They're raising them together. They're looking after them together. They're sharing the work together, but they are two partners. So how do we do? Do we count each partner separately? Do we say how many sheets of these Do you own? He says I own three and how many do you own? He says, Well, I own 37. It's okay, it's not like I'm not here, we treat it as one. We treat it because they've been raised together and we're told whether you follow kobane which Tammy don't break apart, the ones that are

00:29:18--> 00:30:00

kept together. So they're kept together. However, when they save Say for example, Mohammed owns 10 sheep, and Ahmed owns 30 sheep. So Mohammed owns 10 sheep. And Ahmed owns 30 sheep. They keep them together in the same pasture and they treat them as one. When there's a car collector comes he's going to take one sheep. So who sheep does he take Mohammed sheep or sheep? Should he take admin because admin owns more of them? Or should he take Mohammed sheep? Or should he draw a lot and let them choose who she takes. Instead what we say is he takes one sheep and

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

The cost of that sheep is split according to the partnership, the shares in the partnership. So here a third of the cost or sorry, a quarter of the cost would be borne by Muhammad, because he had 10 out of 40. And three quarters of the cost would be borne by Ahmed because he had 30 out of 40. So each one according to the the amount, they own their shares in the in the partnership or their share of the partnership, they would take account of the cost of what was taken from this account. So there's a chi is taken as though it's one property as though it's one person's wealth, and they share the cost of that between them according to the shares in the partnership.

00:30:44--> 00:30:56

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, What are you Harajuku Amina sada, karate, Harry mirtron, whatever to our in while I takes Illa in Yeshua Messiah Illa shell Mossad.

00:30:59--> 00:31:02

So here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said

00:31:04--> 00:31:30

that there are three things that are not to be taken out from the animals in the sadaqa. Any they're not to be a car collector should not collect them. The first is heavy metal, heavy metal n is elk. hubiera ility, beloved l harem, the old animal that has reached the age where they are old, and they are

00:31:31--> 00:31:52

of no use unwanted, they are older than the ages that are mentioned in the shediac that are mentioned in the Zika. So they become old, they've become you know, they're not suitable for use anymore. Their their value is not the same as it was any more because of their age. That is what is meant by harima.

00:31:53--> 00:32:35

As for that two hour, the two hour is the one that has a sick, or the one that has, it has like a flaw in it. Maybe for example, it's missing a leg or it's blind in one eye, for example, or it has a sickness or a disability, then these animals are also not taken out in the cab. And that is why a lot so we just said what am mammal hobbies I mean who Tom Fukunaga less to be led in land with Wolfie Allah azza wa jal, he told us do not. Do not while I am mumble hobbies I mean,

00:32:36--> 00:33:21

the word hobby here in the ayah doesn't mean that which is filthy or impure, it means our idea the low quality, don't give the low quality in Zakah that you yourself wouldn't take unless you had your eyes closed, I unless you were just doing it out of shyness or out of just just give it just give it to me like that, you yourself wouldn't take it you yourself wouldn't want to be given one. So don't give what you wouldn't want to receive. That's basically what the ayah is talking about. And that's what the Hadeeth is talking about here that you don't take out the hajima which is the old animal, nor do you take out there to our the animal which is sick, or the animal which has

00:33:22--> 00:33:26

a flaw in it. You don't take out those animals while our tastes

00:33:27--> 00:33:53

what tastes the taste is the RAM. The taste is the the ram the meal of the sheep or the goats. So why is it that the prophets why Selim prohibited the male among the sheep from being taken out. There are two different reasons here. And it comes back to what we mentioned about animals sodic and Elmo so

00:33:55--> 00:34:03

we set them aside deck is this a car collector and I will sodic is the one who is giving this a cap. So this word what our tastes.

00:34:05--> 00:34:54

The first reason why they don't take out the RAM is because the RAM is needed by the owner of the sheep to breed the sheep. If you take away the RAM, it's harmful to the owner of the sheep, because now the owner of the sheep can't breed the sheep and they can't breed them. And so they will have a difficulty with the breeding and they will have less sheep in total. So it's harmful to the owner of the sheep. It's also harmful to the person receiving this occur the poor person because the value of the run is less than the value of the female sheep or the female goat. So here, the harm is really some of the scholars they mentioned or some of the people of knowledge, they mentioned that it means

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

here the taste, if the owner of the taste wants to give it they can give it

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

If the owner of the ram wants to give it they can give it. But here we said it's actually also harmful to the poor people as well, because the poor people don't want to receive something that they themselves, it's not worth as much money to them it's of lesser value. So we say here, that it is Indonesia and mosaddek, unless there's a car collector wishes to do that. So if there's a car collector sees there is a benefit in that, or a need for it. Or he thinks the poor person would be in need of that taste, then here, there's a car collector can make an exception and take that run. But otherwise, the RAM is not to be taken from this car because it's harmful to the owner of the

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sheep and it's harmful to the poor person, the poor person gets a low value animal and the owner of the sheep can't breed a sheep as quickly or as many as they otherwise would have done. So what do we take out from this account and we don't take out Cara Emma, and while and NASA as we had in the Heidi's of what I thought of your love and don't take out the the best of the people's welfare best cheap, their most prized camel, don't take that. And we also don't take the harima and the VAT our and the tastes we don't take the RAM. We don't take the old animals, we don't take the ones that are sick or disfigured or disabled in some way. We don't take those animals. So in that case, we take

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Elmo toss it, we take the medium level, the ones in the middle that average. However, what about if the owner wants to give their price candle, then this is fine, because that is another act of ESN. From the owner Elana shout out to her unless the owner wants to serve the owner wants to give their prized camel their most valuable camel, that's acceptable for the owner to make that decision. In shot alone Tyler

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there's still another section of the Heidi to go which talks about the zecca on silver, and also about some of the issues of what to do when a person doesn't have the right camels, the right ages of camels which are required by the circuit, but I think that we've done enough for this lesson inshallah Tada, and we can delay that part of the Heidi until the next time. So if we did kind of the first lesson we did on this Heidi, we primarily dealt with the camels. The second lesson, we've primarily dealt with the sheep and in the third lesson inshallah we're primarily going to deal with the Zakat on silver and we're going to also talk about soccer, on money as well inshallah to Allah.

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So that's what Allah made easy for us dimension and Allah knows best. Wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali was a happy educator Maria, just come along later on for watching. Please subscribe, share and you can visit Mohammed tim.com