How Can One Perform The 4 Rak’ahs Sunnah Before Dhur Prayer

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How can a person perform the forecasts and before

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I come to the last slide

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if a person wants to pray that for dark eyes be foldable or any forelock as let's say in the daytime for a prayer or for a car before also as well it does Sydney but is not as interactive as regular Sydney but the one for DACA before is how you can perform that the answer for this the best way is to pray to Raka then he says Santa Monica de la then another tierracast because if nutrimost said that the prophets Allah wa sallam said Salatu Lamia, nadie methanol, methanol, the night prayer and the De Pere daytime prayers or to aka to Raka Raka

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and this hadith is authentic hadith. If you want to pray the forearc together, you are allowed and by the way you are allowed to have to shut out in the middle or you don't have to shower you can pray them together. There is a hadith people used to say you cannot sit in the middle of the shower. But this hadith is very weak as an amendment no your Rahim Allah said that a pond and a Buddha would and her father a human will not consider tweet generation where the prophets of Salaam said for Raka before the notice slim in the middle will make the gates of heaven widely open for the person but this is weak as I just said But there is another Hadith in eternity that the editor of the Alliance

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said that in every society needs to pray before I saw for Raka you have seen will be hidden a bit asleep in the middle These four are kind of in the middle He will say to sleep on the melodica Robin woman Tammy Amina Muslim gift asleep on the angels and the believing men and woman

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and eliminate debated what's break the four marker with this lean with destiny means saying assalamu to on the angel or sending salon and peace on the angels are are praising for the angels and the believing men and woman is happening on our Hawaii Rahim Allah sad that that basically This means you say the shout out as well as an Imam and bow to him. Allah said this is the Shahada. It doesn't mean the slim or Solomonic or Allah but it means that the shadow that you say in the middle and some other element said no, actually at the sling here it means you say Santa Monica Rahmatullah. Then you come up and bring other two Raka so as you see it isn't Sharla easy. If you want to do the two

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and two. This is in my opinion the best but if you want to continue the forelock together with Tisha hood or without the shot, it will be also find as well.