Can A Husband And Wife Both Work

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The speakers discuss the issue of working together during the pandemic and the need for mutual agreement. They also touch on the importance of treating family members and working conditions, as it is considered normal behavior. The speakers emphasize that it is not about rules and that it is a matter of case-by-case.

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In a Muslim home, is it advisable to for a husband wife to both work?

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Now islamically there is no halal haram on this issue. It's a matter of mutual understanding and mutual agreement. Allah subhana wa Taala says, wash your mouth, that you treat them and you live with them and that which is considered customary or equitable. People have different circumstances. Many people they give answers to this question by saying no, should have tradition and household roles. The man is the breadwinner, and the woman should sit at home mom and so on. So, I mean, that is easier said than done in many, many cases for many, many people who believe that you know what one income was not sufficient for them due to their own circumstances. Obviously, it's ideal, that

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initial load of her husband wife to divide the rules, so they help and assist each other. But if they both need to work, then that's fine. It's Islam. It's halal. And Haram, we cannot say that it's haram but it's acceptable as long as they both agree on this in sha Allah and also the working condition is permissible on holiday for both of them in sha Allah azza wa jal is it advisable. Again, it's case by case scenario. People have different circumstances and make it easy for them.