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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of women being allowed to engage in allivaiva or other ritual, as it is not allowed to happen. They also mention the importance of women being able to make off work and avoid being forced to do so, as it is not a condition for women to continue their period. The speaker encourages viewers to share their views and donate towards the series.
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This is a question from sister asking if a woman

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got or started her period before head on before the art going for had, what she is allowed to do and what is the ruling? And also what if she got her period after she did that?

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And she made Tell me what had

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what will be the rulings? And is it allowed for a woman who has her menses to enter a home

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ministration or period should not stop woman from entering into her arm and calling for the Hajj or Umrah by seeing the baker Lama behead or love Baker lahoma be so I'm not one of its conditions to be free from menses or even to be in Bahasa, and there is an agreement between all those colors on this issue. And in abhi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told that I shall be allowed unhappy when a woman has her period on he told her you do what every Hajj does. You do what all people doing except a lot of goofy bill bait, except you don't circle it around al Qaeda are mixed off around a cabin head tag that authority and tell you you are purified and another this revile Bukhari Muslim, and Muslim

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Rahim Allah has an aeration cutter destiny until you take a shower. Then after that you can go make the law. So from this Hadith, we understand that the woman who has menses or period she's allowed to engage in all the ritual of the head everything except one thing that she's not allowed to make the off on on cabinet, she delayed it off until she finished her period. So she can go to autofac she can go to his deli fast she can throw the stones, even she can do a set a between soft our model should go between Safa and Marwa and to do the site,

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that's according to the strongest opinion among the scholars.

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Haha. Basically having power is not a condition is not a condition for that. She can read the Koran she can make Vicar, Magda

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do whatever she wants, the only thing she's not allowed to do, obviously to pray or to make off around al Qaeda until she finished. And that's why if a woman has started her period while she's were making pull off, she had to cut that off, and to stop and to leave, because she can't continue while she has her menses and this has been set. Also, it is important to mention something here at if the woman can't wait until she finished her period, let's say her group or the traveling companions or the you know the headgroup that she's Well, they're going to leave and she can come back to make this off later on. It doesn't make any sense to say that you're going to stay home

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until a year or two or three or whatever. In this case. We say that even Tamia Rahim Allah give a fatwa that in case like this, a woman is allowed to go on to make the offer, even if she has her period. And she basically cleaners off and she goes on she makes off Why? Because Allah Subhana Allah said, live, you can live long enough sin Illa WUSA with Allah. Hi, Mr. partum, a lot order us to do what we are capable of what is possible for us the process, I'm so happy that I'm able to convey amrani already to do something to men who must apothem fulfill this order according to your ability. So according to this woman's ability, and what she's capable of, is to wait five days, if

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it didn't finish, you know what I can come back. So in this case, I've handled a lot with hardship, comes ease. And that's why I continue to have a loss of the foundations or that the principle of Sharia lead to that conclusion that we allowed for such women to make up off if she absolutely cannot wait and absolutely cannot come back for the staff later on.

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And I know that this is not the popular opinion among the focal hop

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from the dive. But definitely It is a very strong opinion, in my opinion, especially with the complicity of traveling and visas and things of that nature today.

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So if the woman has started her period before or after her arm, really it doesn't make a difference much. The only thing that she has to avoid is to make the law and to make a law, but she should engage in all the other ritual mailscanner

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Accept from all of us.

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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