Guidelines For Learning Quran From The Opposite Gender

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Are there any guidelines when it comes to learning Quran from the opposite gender?

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Our religion teaches us the etiquette of interacting with the opposite gender. And this is something that we should keep in mind, no matter what situation we are in. So even when it comes to learning or teaching from the opposite gender to the opposite gender, a person should observe the same guidelines. What are those guidelines? Just a quick reminder, first of all, make sure that you're not alone with the other person, even if you're just learning from them. Secondly, watch your language that how are you speaking with them. And here there is an important guideline we get from the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala advises the wives of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, that

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when you speak with the men will call Nicola Mara lufa. Speak that or say that which is appropriate. So be careful with your words, and also with your expressions, as well as the tone of your voice. Make sure that you're professional, and you avoid the extremes of being rude or harsh, or being overly friendly, be professional. Thirdly, mind your gaze also, this doesn't mean that you're not allowed to look at your teacher, your student. But what this means is that when you know that you're not looking at them with the right intentions or that shaitan is whispering certain thoughts in your mind or heart, then be careful. Allah subhanaw taala advises both the men and the women in the Quran

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that they should lower some of their gazes. And some of their gazes means the gazes which are with temptation. So the moment you feel anything like that, just turn your gaze away. Finally, even though the relationship between a student and a teacher is a professional one, remember that che pawns temptation is real. So the moment you feel that this relationship is no longer appropriate, or you sense any kind of danger, or temptation from shaitan, then allow yourself to walk away from that setting. Do not force yourself to be in a situation where you will slip. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know what somewhere over

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