Do I Need To Cover My Feet & Toes During Salaah

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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Do I need to cover my feet and my toes during Salah.

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So this is referring to women but when it comes to men, no problem at all. This is a question about our the areas of the body that are permissible to be seen by non Muslims. Okay? So when it comes to the male actually, when it comes to the hour and the prayer, technically speaking, as long as they are covering from their navel to their knee, and it's good to cover at least a shoulder, you're good to go bear arms bear shoulder, bear knee down, everything you'll find, but for a woman, of course, is very, very different. A woman has to cover her entire body, other than her face and her hands, and then the feet is where the scholars differ, the majority of the scholars insist that the feet

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should be covered, okay, so socks should be worn effectively for a woman, however, the position of a member of hanifa Allah, Allah, and the position of even Tamia Allah, Allah, based upon the hadith of cinema, and some of the scholars said that is headed has a bit of weakness, but the progress of lies I love when he was asked about a woman

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wearing a what clothes she could wear, with respect to the bottom half of her body, the progress of life, indicated a thought that came to the top of the feet. And if the professor Lyceum has signed off on a thorough that covers the top of the fees, without having the feet of requesting the feet to be covered themselves. And this indicates that this indicates, of course, that the feet will be uncovered, because when a person goes into search there, even if a third, while standing covers the top of the feet, it doesn't cover the bottom, when you go into search, that the soles of the feet will become uncovered, the residents feet will be uncovered, I follow this opinion, meaning that it

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is permissible for a woman to pray without having to cover her feet. Having said that, I believe that always to go with the majority of scholars is this, even though to me is a lazy approach, in fact, but it's a safer approach. In fact, I'm not saying it's the most exciting I'm not saying it's the most correct. I'm not saying it's the most academically interesting. But is it the safer way? Is it the more better for the masses to be told? Yeah, it is. There are many issues that I might hold person, which I don't tell people about. But for the masses, I'll say something else, to keep the people simple to keep it simple for the people to keep them in a safe zone. We all agree with the

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majority of the scholars that a woman should cover her feet when she's outside in the public outside of the prayer, when it comes to the pray does seem strange that she would take their shoes off or wouldn't need to socks off or whether it needs to cover those feet. So I think consistent approach is good. It makes sense. It fits into the general principles of Sharia as well, that she should cover her feet. But is it a condition? If someone was to ask me? Is it a condition for a woman to cover her feet and toes in the prayer? I would say no according to the minority opinion and I'm on the opinion and Allah knows best. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to

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