Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 241E Tafsir Al-Zumar 10-16

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Allah subhanaw taala says cool say yeah a birdie all my servants with servants and Lavina Alma no those who have believed it Dakota back home, you should Fear your Lord. So, the zumo is a Surah which is very simple to understand in the sense that the concepts are very,

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very easy, no complicated concepts, right easy concept to understand this surah is a Surah which a person needs to reflect upon. So, you will notice that the scene is not heavy, but what the sort of demands from us is reflection.

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Only Yeah, you bear the Levina manual note pistol word Yeah, either the, the castle RPN indicates, my my servants. Look at how Allah subhanaw taala addresses the servants, my servants who have believed, you should have fear of your Lord, you should protect yourselves, because Linda Lena Asano, for those who do Xand for those who do good, fie, how the dunya in this world is how Santa is goodness. What does this mean? Those who do Xand those who do good, were in this worldly life. They will have hashanah where in the next life, meeting you do good in this life, and Allah subhanaw taala will recompense you with good reward in the next life.

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Another meaning of this ayah is Lilina arsenal, for those who do good,

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the heavy hit dunya husana. They shall have good even in this world.

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For those who do good, they shall be rewarded, not just in the next life that also were

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also aware in this life.

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Because when a person busies himself in the worship of Allah in the remembrance of Allah, and what happens Allah subhanaw taala he fixes his affairs for him.

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When a person makes himself busy in the worship of Allah, so much so that he doesn't even have you know, that moment that time to think about what he wants. And so ask Allah for that matter, Allah subhanaw taala will give him what he needs. Allah subhanaw taala will remove difficulties from him, without the person even asking. So little Medina Arsinoe fee have the dunya Hassan, what are Billa he was here, Allah says and the land of Allah of the earth, of Allah V that belongs to Allah that has been created by Allah. It is why Sierra, it is vast, it's huge. You think the world is very small? Because we look at pictures of the world compared to the sun and things like that. It's

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somewhere in the universe somewhere in space, but compare the world with yourself? What's your size compared to the planet Earth? It's so small, isn't it? So the world this earth is huge? What does it mean? There are endless opportunities in this dunya? Why are you afraid of taking the step in the way of Allah? subhanaw taala? Why are you making excuses? Because whenever we have to do something good, and we find it difficult, we make excuses. I can't pray here. Because, you know, in this building, nobody allows well go to the parking lot. Understand? Is this building the only place that exists in the world? Is it? No, we apply somewhere for work. Alright, and that will probably maybe

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with our hijab will maybe with our race or whatever it may be our ethnicity. And then we feel so bad about our religion, or about our religiosity and urban USA.

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Do you want to say something?

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I remember reading recently about how you were saying about us being smaller in the world being big.

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I was reading this last year if the entire world's population got together for quote, unquote, class photo, we could all of us all 8 billion of us fit inside just the city limits of Los Angeles.

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The rest of the world would be empty. It is a wide, wide world. Definitely it is.

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We have limited vision. Right. And we think all the doors are closed. But what we're looking at is just one door that's closed in front of us and so many other opportunities that Allah subhanaw taala has created for us has made available for us. So um, below us, Yara, remember the surah is a very early solar early makansutra. And this idea was what encourage the Sahaba to do Hijra to me, Cynthia, because you see out of all the places that you could live in

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At that time, the best place was the city of

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the city of Makkah.

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Right. I mean, if you had a house there,

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lucky you, right? If you knew the people of Makkah, they knew you. You were well said established everything was good for you. But what happened with Manuel Dillard who when he embraced Islam to Musa women are made up Dillo when he embraced Islam, so many things were made difficult for them. Right? So this was an I have to encourage them to look for other opportunities just because life is hard over here. It doesn't mean life is hard period. Look for other places. So what are the Llahi? Were Sierra? In nama? Indeed only you are so sabe rune, the sabe rune, those who are patient will be given in full, what will they be given in full ajira, whom they reward, how belatedly sab without

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any account? Allah who will recompense them without account without account. What does it mean the lady herself two meanings, the first meaning is without account of their deeds, they will not be questioned about their deeds.

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Allah subhanaw taala will give them reward because of their southern without calling them to account for their deeds and the other meaning is the lady herself, meaning the reward will not be measured, the reward will not be accounted for.

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Otherwise what happens

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when you go to a hotel for example, and they say breakfast for one is included. And you have to pay for the second one right? And only breakfast no lunch no dinner, even if you want to you have to pay you have to do this you have to do everything you there is a bill for everything is available. But in general, the lady who said there's no bills. Isn't that beautiful? In NAMA, you were facade the room but what's the condition sub? What is sub sub is basically to when you're feeling weak, to hold yourself together. When you want to give up hold yourself together not let yourself give up. This is why summer is divided into three categories southern one doing something good. When you're feeling

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weak when you're feeling lazy when you're feeling tired, Sagar is that you make yourself get up and do what you have to do.

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When you're reciting the Quran, for example, it requires some southern

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it's Friday, you're reciting so little cough and you know, there the phone is buzzing, and you want to look around and you want to go talk to somebody and you want to go see what's going on Southern is that you hold yourself together and you focus on the recitation of the Quran. So someone went doing something good.

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wearing the hijab, when you're going outside, heavy, changing your clothes a little bit when you're going outside, maybe wearing something you know additional when you're going outside. This requires solver, even though you're going to stand out this requires solver

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isn't any good that a person wants to do it requires SABR. The second is in holding oneself back from committing sin.

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You're angry, you're at the verge of saying something extremely harsh, but you you suck, you hold your tongue back.

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You're upset, you want to write something that's not appropriate. So you do suffer and you close the computer at that time. Right?

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You are attempted to lie to get out of trouble. But hold yourself back at that time southern at the time when you are able to do something wrong when you're about to do something wrong.

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And then southern also the third category. When a person is afflicted with some trials and difficulty in life that hurts him that pains him and he's crying he's hurt, but southern at that time to think only positively about Allah subhanaw taala have a hope in Allah. Do not say anything that's inappropriate, this is Southern.

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So those who do sub

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they shall be given the reward in full without any measure. This is Allah a shackle

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that for a person's sovereign he will give unlimited reward.

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Because sovereign is it easy.

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It can be very, very difficult.

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And Allah subhanaw taala looks at the effort that a person puts in. So in the manual for sabe Runa de la home belaid herself and especially looking at the context of this aisle. The encouragement for Hitler. I mean, it wasn't easy for the Sahaba to do.

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What was most difficult for them was the fact that they will be away from the prophets of Allah. Where do you send them that was extremely painful. They will be away from the city of MK

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cuz I mean as when we visit Makkah who wants to leave Makkah seriously, nobody wants to leave Makkah. So imagine the locals of Makkah who are born and raised there, how difficult it was for them to go elsewhere. to Indonesia you also saw the Runa ADRA home the lady herself.

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You it must have been the first one because the the first is what was most difficult. It was unprecedented before for anybody to leave the city of Mecca and go elsewhere and are local to leave and go and live elsewhere. Right and once it's been done, and it's easy for others to follow. So in the manual for sub Runa at your home the lady herself the thing is that you see at the beginning of the I look at the connection yeah a birdie Lavina Dakota Paco, oh my servants who have believed Fear your Lord, what does it mean? Do the right thing. Don't be afraid of people.

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Fear Allah and do what is right. And when you're doing what is right and remember that little Nadine has Sanofi had the dunya Hassan at this effort of yours is not going to go waste Allah will reward in this life and in the next then if it's getting harder again don't give up because opportunities are many will have Allah He was here and it requires so much southern so much patience. It's not going to go in vain. In the manual facade it's gonna be later he said so why not have open Allah? How can a person not have a

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say in need indeed I will need to I haven't commanded and that are Buddha Allah I worship Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has instructed over here to proclaim this, that I have been commanded to worship Allah how mostly Salah who Deen one who's making all worship sincerely for who? For Allah. And remember the word deem it means religion as well as worship, meaning I have been commanded that I must worship Allah alone sincerely. And you see sincerity, what does that require from a person consistency also, because our status as Allah's servants, does not change with time, place, or work that we are doing. We are always Allah's servants.

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Isn't a top and if we are His servants, and we are worshipping Him, only then we are to worship him at school, at work at a masjid, in the supermarket, in the mall with friends at a party wherever we are. At a wedding.

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Wherever we are, we are His servants. So in the mail to God, Allah hamaca Salah who were only two and I have been ordered Leon so that Hakuna IV a well Muslimeen The first of those who surrender because most of the time we're waiting for others.

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Right? We're waiting for somebody else to begin the trend. Will Slim is the one who surrenders meaning surrenders to the Command of Allah. So even if nobody else is doing the right thing, I have been ordered to be the first of the Muslims create the change. Don't just wait for it to happen. On say, in the a half indeed, I'm afraid in our slate to be if I disobey my Lord, I'm afraid of either the Yeoman I'll lean the punishment, have a great day, a tremendous day. What is this day, the day of judgment, and who is being instructed over here to proclaim this? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that if I disobey my lord, I fear punishment on that tremendous day.

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Consequences are real

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consequences of our actions they are real.

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Oh say Allah, it is Allah or boo I worship, meaning it is only Allah that I worship, how mostly Salah Houdini making my religion, my worship sincere to him alone. Again, this has mentioned in a different way to emphasize though hate to emphasize a class, that this is my, this is my way of life. I worship Allah alone. So let me do what I want. As for you, Ferragudo go ahead and worship, mash it down wherever you wish, man Dooney besides Him, the monkey surah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wasn't Makkah. And the main problem the machine had with the profits on the long side was hey, why don't you worship our idols? Why do you worship Allah Hello? So tell them I only worship

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Allah as for you frog will do

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My ship to Indonesia go ahead and worship whatever you want. But remember, people say meaning tell these people that in Aloha city in indeed the losers, those who will suffer loss, real loss, what is loss? That's something you have. It's taken away from you. You no longer have it with you. So the real losers are who Alladhina Hussey Rue and foster home those who will lose themselves what Lee him and also their families, when young woman piano on the Day of Judgment.

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We are losers

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are those who will lose themselves and their families on the Day of Judgment?

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What do we think was a loser someone who doesn't look good in their appearance in their clothes, doesn't look that hot,

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doesn't have the right kind of makeup doesn't have the right kind of body figure doesn't have the right kind of worldly education or status or nice car or the spouse or children or whatever it may be whatever is important to us, whatever we like, if somebody doesn't have it, they're not good enough, they're a loser.

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Maybe we think a loser is a person who doesn't have the right shaped eyebrows. Well seriously, because it is on these bases that we judge other people, we have certain standards of perfection. And we want those at at all costs, even if it goes against the deen of Allah.

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So, we are loss is of the one who will lose himself on the day of judgment, and not just himself, but also his family. How would a person lose himself on the Day of Judgment?

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Losing oneself means you have no control. You cannot even protect yourself. You cannot even comfort yourself. You cannot even save yourself from some kind of hardship. You see in this world if we are in some kind of things, somebody's bothering us. We have some control. We haven't lost ourselves we have some authority we can walk away, we can get away.

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Alright if anything called the police, if anything, pull out your Canadian passport or do something to show that you have rights and demand them.

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You have some rights in this world.

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In Hellfire person will have zero rights.

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This is loss Alladhina hosue and Fusa. Home Lee him they will truly lose their families that they because why would a person care about their family member when both are in punishment? For if one is in Jannah the other is in punishment. I mean lost connection is lost finished.

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Allah unquestionably there Lika that is who well who's Ronald Moby and it is the clear loss this is real loss, this is manifest loss.

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When these people will be separated from their families never to meet again.

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Never to meet again just imagine this loss. Further the hole for them, men fall for him above them Varuna alone will be canopies Mina now of fire Gulaal is a portion of the word Woodleigh and guna is one that gives well what is little shade shadow. So that which is above like a canopy attempt and umbrella, whatever it may be something from above a shade that covers what is beneath it. So the home in Philippi Luna Alon Lena now above them canopies of fire, warming the hills Lulu and beneath them will also be canopies meaning of fire above and below ie they'll be enclosed within surrounded with fire Valley cars that you how we formula. You how we feel he frightens

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you have we've always to make someone

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here, take someone afraid.

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Understand what the word you have with who is.

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And generally what do we say, Oh, don't frighten me.

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Don't find me. And Allah says you have with Allah.

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Because we like to hear what we want and we like to tell others about what they will like.

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But it's better to know the truth even if it hurts, even if it frightens them to be deceived by lies. So you have with Allah who be here he by the who Allah warns his servants with this meaning with this punishment yeah everybody all my servants but

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Taccone severely fear me and leave since

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Allah has warning you against this consequence this result it is real. In Soto Arafa 41 We learn the hoomin Johanna mummy had one woman felt the hem of a lash, a bed of fire and above a blanket of fire into Israel. I ate what y'all know Johanna Emeril Katherina hasira Jahannam is a prison bed for those who deny

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so this is reality. Don't forget it don't be deceived by this world and leave since out of fear of Allah. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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of the Quran Levina movie

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has we're all here he was in a coma he was known for being a jumbo Be ye

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we'll see we'll need to move

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on the wire will mean truly an akuna

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slimming looking me up awful in Napoli Mouton. biaza.

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Moodle MOOC

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moodini Moodle Mashi.

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Pase o

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li Mia woman the

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You love will be here.

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Anybody like to share their affection?

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Sam, in the first row last night, I was talking about the truth believers that turned to us how they live regardless, even throughout the difficulty. And even afterwards, it actually reminded me I have a friend, she's Hindu. And she actually was kind of turned away from religion because she's like, you know, what all I see, from my family's from, you know, everyone who's attending the temple is they only go so they can ask for things. You know, it feels like a very ungrateful religion. And she's like, I couldn't stand it. I'm like, you know, what if I want to, like there was no concept of thanking God just for sake of thanking him. You know, she's like, there was no concept like that in

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her religion. And it really bothered her. And, you know, she left in a sense, she sort of left her religion because of that, that she's like, I just feel so selfish. And I feel like Subhanallah it's a complete contrast. Islam is one of the few religions in which there's actually the concept of gratefulness, that you're not praying to Allah Smith that I just because you're want something or you need something, you're praying to Him because He deserves it. And he you know, it is his right to be worshipped to mean Oh, God begins with Alhamdulillah

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every Salah five times a day, and Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Raka. Why? Because whatever we are, whatever we have is from Allah. So first gratitude,

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subclinical, long will be handed a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and the stuff we look forward to reading as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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