Do I Have To Follow A Specific Madhab

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Do we have to follow a single mishap or following the majority opinion is fine.

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If a person choose to follow a certain mishap from the form that is known today, there is no blame for the person, there is nothing wrong with that person's

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choice. If you choose to follow that opinion, it's like you choose the opinion of that item of that item, it is fine. What does not allow for a person to be rigid, and to be extreme, and to dismiss other scholars or other opinions. That's not allowed in Islam, also not allowed to believe that the truth and the Help is always in the sight of one particular person to believe that, and even never make mistakes, or the the Help is only in what the Shafi said or what Akhmad said, that's also not allowed, and to believe it's haram to go outside the matter. That's not a lot. And but the big question for me, when people ask, I asked, Are you capable of understanding even the meta, because

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inside every method, there is multiple opinions, multiple positions, so which one you will choose from? Are you educated enough to claim that you're a follower of that method to study and to analyze, but what's the layman person's asked to do? Very simple, I lost my data set. First, I had a degree in quantum data. And I won't ask the people of Vicar, if you don't know. So if you don't know, ruling, he just got asked someone that you trust someone that you think he is an older person? And whatever answer he gives you, and you show see that he's a person of knowledge and this answer based on a knowledge, and you feel comfortable with that, you take that answers, and that's

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sufficient for you. You don't need to ask which method you're following or anything of that nature. The majority of opinions are not necessarily always to be the correct By the way, and the word majority is an ambiguous words, because many people claim that this the majority, but it may be the majority in this manner, the majority according to that person, but it's not a majority in reality, because at the end, you know how hard it is to count the number of scholars and to really look at the majority is it 51% is a 60%. It's very ambiguous word.

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And one more thing I want to cite. When it comes to issues, make sure that you ask people who are more if this has to do with culture, make sure that you ask people understand the culture. It doesn't matter in this case, which men have the values but what they understand the reality in the western basically, culture so he gives you a photo that fits that the time and the place, where do you live. Also, when it comes to the majority, anything has to do with the general public, that collective is too hot. The photo that giving by a measurement, a council or a committee effect, it is much better than a fatwa given by one individual, especially in things that are related to

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businesses or related to centers related to the general public. I asked a las panatela always to give us guidance or some allow us to live out in India.