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AI: Summary © The speaker explains the proper way to perform a hottel and the importance of memorizing certain phrases during a tour. They also discuss the use of hottels for certain issues and the importance of memorizing specific phrases in Arabic.
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What is the correct way to perform is to hottel.

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Um, the last lesson I'm also loved. So in the end that's reported by Timothy that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to teach the companions, the istikhara, just like he used to teach them a sort of the old iron. And he used to say that whoever Have you intends or commits to doing something, then let them pray today guys that are not violent, that are voluntary prayers. And then Somalia call and then let them say, Aloha, Minister, Hero cabaye Mecca and then the drought that's not so the question then becomes Is this something that this drop is it said in the salon, or is it said after the salon, the language of the headset indicates that it's said after the salon after the

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tour lock eyes are performed? Why, because of the word thumb, thumb and Arabic indicates that it indicates delay, it indicates a passage of time. It's not something that's immediate. And so the tool guys are prayed. And then after the Salah is over, then you make the drop, and you make the drop that the Prophet sublicensing taught us to make. And you insert your issue your affair in that drop. So you say oh a lot. If you know that this issue is better for me. And then you name your issue, then make it easy for me and facilitated for me and bless me in it. And if you know that this issue and then you name your issue is bad for me, then divert me away from it and prescribed for me

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to go to wherever it is, and then make me content with it. And so you make that drop after the slot is over and you include that thing that you are praying for in the actual supplication. If you can memorize that supplication in Arabic then that's wonderful because the prophets have the license I'm taught for them like he taught a sort of the Hold on. However, the person cannot memorize the Arabic then they can simply say the meaning in English and Allah Subhana Fatima

Shaykh Ammar AlShukry explains

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