Adnan Rajeh – The Glorious Names of Allah – Names of support and aid – Al-Wakeel – The Trustee

Adnan Rajeh
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somebody else Manuel Hamer hamdulillah helping Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam wa barik ala Nabi you know have you been a local Dotty Ioannina Mohan Medina Juan early he also he as you may know about

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this Mala Hill wiki

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is Mala heelwork heel.

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This is a very dynamic name

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that comes in the Quran a number of times

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12 times and it's always alone never comes

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associated with any other name and the word Makita isn't the correct way more than 12 but it's not always in the Quran as a name of Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes it's not sometimes it comes in the form of Well, I'm not into it, you can be lucky and you are not a trustee or Mohamed Salah is made over others. But it comes into all sizes in the Quran, it comes as the name of Allah subhanaw taala. And just to kind of remind you that we're now going to cover names and within the attributes of aid and support, and the 12 categories of his name subhanaw taala, recovering a name or two within the names of

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that, that are regarding aid and support that Allah subhanaw taala shows Eva is servants and there's a lot of names that I could, I could honestly run this whole series within within Ramadan just from that category alone, Belichick but I want to go through the whole cut all the categories in Charlottetown until the end of the month. So I'll choose two names from from that.

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And the definition of a loci will let you get through and everybody here will be it well yesterday when I came home Elahi here is the one who takes upon himself subhanho wa Taala

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to take care of the affairs of his of his servants.

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This is a name that you get to

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affiliate yourself with you can choose the choice is yours regarding your affiliation or in association with this name.

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In contrary to the method for example, his name is Willie Subhana wa Tada we won't be talking about this year, but really he has to choose you. You can only present yourself and hope that Allah subhanaw taala looks at you and chooses you as his as his ally I just really, but Loki does the opposite. Loki he presents himself to you Subhana wa Tada and you and you have to choose.

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So in that sense, it's a very, it's a name that that is very much

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dependent on your choice, whether this name is going to mean something to you or not something that you have to choose. If you don't, then then you don't.

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And when you find follow the name within the Quran, you'll find a lot of content, it almost never uses it, to describe himself without an introduction, without there being at least a verse at least diverse where Allah talks about himself, where he praises himself and he speaks of his strength. And he speaks of His magnificence as if he is subhanaw taala presenting himself to you so that you may choose the concept of Joaquin and I'll give you this example. If you ever go into a shaman okati, or if you go to a notary public, for example, and you're

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entrusting someone to be your wiki, meaning you're giving this person power of attorney, this person is going to be your POA.

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Or they're going to be able to make decisions on your behalf. Whenever you sit down to to put this in place before you sign the contract.

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They'll ask you are you sure? Like

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they're actually they have to,

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you're confident about this. Because the moment you signed the contract, basically this person can make decisions on your behalf.

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They can sell everything you own and take the money and leave. They can do whatever they want. You're giving them your power over your over your assets and over your decisions. So it's a big deal. So let us get your shirt. I mean, did you look into this, you know this person well, and there are certain there are certain attributes that are required in order for you to actually do this for you for you to sign this contract. And for you to offer this person this ability. When you look for someone who has experience, because even if there's if the person loves you, but if they're unexperienced and they don't know what they're doing, they'll just blow all your money or they ruin

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your assets because they don't know what they're doing. They have to be people who have wisdom and the experience has to be someone who has time for you. If you choose a power of attorney who is someone who does not have time to focus on you and your needs, then you're going to be hanging hanging sometimes waiting for someone to come in, but they don't have but they just don't have the time has to be someone who cares about you. But they don't love you at all then then basically you're putting yourself you're jeopardizing yourself. So these are the choices you would make regarding someone regarding a human being that you would entrust your your assets and your life

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with. So Allah subhanaw taala That being the case, he talks about himself

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Hey, Rob Boone machete. Well Melville EB Illa Illa who,

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who Akela The Lord of the East and the West, there is no god but him. So choose him as you're lucky. Choose him as the trustee, the one that you entrust your affairs.

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He always gives that little bit of a description so you know who it is that you're choosing. So you know who it is that you're choosing to entrust your life with? US Rob will mesh directly with the Lord of the East and the West, is there anyone else that you feel would be qualified to take upon this?

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This desert designation aside from him Subhanallah without when Allah He labels some words you will early, where he later la he old, your old Amro, Kulu, fat Buddha, who whatever Cali

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and the unseen of everything returned is known only by Allah, and all matters returned to him. So serve Him and choose him as your wiki depend on him subhanho wa taala, the legal Mullah who are bukem Illa Illa, who call the Hokulea shade, but I will do well who are other cool Alicia in the kill. That is your Lord.

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There is no law there is no god but him is he created everything. So serve Him and He is the one who is the trustee over everything jelajah

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well me yet our Cal Allah Allah He, for whoever husband,

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whoever decides that they will depend upon Allah subhanaw taala then that's all that he is all they will ever need. Then he talks to in Allah, Burley, who Emery indeed Allah subhanaw taala will reach all of his goals, all that which he wants will occur the way he wants it to occur. So Hana Wattana he says, what are what can I see is of a healer, a lady or aka Hina Takuma what are called Lubeck F is GD in who who has semi or legally and depends upon the unfathomable and the Most Merciful, the one who sees you when you get up and you establish yourself and sees you as you move back and forth during your prostration and sujood Indeed, He is the All Hearing and he is the omniscience upon

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whatever can handle how you lay the moods and dependent upon the one who is always was all living was ever living. The one who never dies

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he is presenting himself to you Subhana wa Tada

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he's presenting himself to you for you to choose you choose him as your trustee. Or do you not per interval the call has to be Allah hula either Illa who either you hit our kill to or who Arambol outershell even if everyone turns their back to you oh Mohamed Salah Han is Irish mine has been told if everyone turns their back to you everyone then say it has to be Allahu La

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La heater killed has been mean

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something's enough for me.

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Something is enough for me I'm satisfied I'm it's suffices. I don't need anything else has to be Allah Allah subhanaw taala is more than enough for me. The Illa Illa who there is no god but am I late he took guilt I have dependent upon him. So that is basically how you sign the contract. If you decide that Allah subhanaw taala is your trustee. Then the signature that is required is for you to say has to be Allah who when am I lucky Alladhina Paul Allahumma NASA in the NASA but the Gemma showhome.

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Eman the people this is talking about the the Sahaba after the day when they were told in the nursery meaning polish that Gemma will come they have gathered for you another army show when we should be very afraid of them.

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These words caused them to increase their ima and visa who EMA Anna and their response was wakad husband Allah who went to Milwaukee.

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So if you decide that Allah subhanaw taala is worthy of being your trustee, and you believe that there is no one better to be your trustee, than the way that you do this, you say everyday husband Allahu enamelware and then you sign that contract. You offer your you put your matters in his hands. The Prophet Allah your salatu salam said has to be Allah Who and Emily Joaquin Kelly Mattoon, Farah Ibrahim, and then it will pay off in Okada house hobbying and Emma who will be at uj chiffonade polish has to be Allahu Allah mo he is the word that Ibrahim said as he was being thrown into the fire.

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And the author as Ibrahim was on his way, kind of midair.

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He was catapulted into this fire that was could be seen from miles away. As he is in midair.

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You'll be able to come to him and say I like a hijab. Is there anything I can do for you?

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For God, I'm a Laker fella. As a

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As regarding you know, I don't need anything from you. Well I'm elite here and as far as it goes with the hitmen for has to be Allah Who Annamma lucky

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as for him, it has to be Allah Who and me lucky because Allah Who ya know Guney about dealing with them and I label him. So Allah subhanaw taala said oh fire be peaceful and cool upon our servants Ibrahim. So he's asked Ibrahim Ali said I was asked Yanni at the end of his life, but what were the best times of your life on a cloudy elliptical day to have enough the days I stayed I was stuck in the fire. Those are the best days.

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Cooney better than was Salomon

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ala salatu salam

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has to be Allah who when am I lucky? This is your part of that he presents himself to us subhanho wa Taala with multi level labels some of it will.

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Illa who Holly Hokulea che and he presents himself to you in this in this form in this manner. And then you choose whether you say has to be Allah who went to Milwaukee or not. The problem is a lot of us didn't need it did me the and others is known long Hadith where he took a bus and put him right behind him on the on the mule and tells him Oh, we've been on a bus, follow the law, Volker all the law. They did go to Jack either le la junta Vesta in Billa, LM and Metalla wisdom Atala info cubby che in lemon for Oka. Ellerbee che in particular Rahula who I like whether we stand on your wall Kobe che in Labrador rule que la vie che in particular turbo hula who I like both Yahtzee la

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Palermo. Jeff I also hope within a few words a Prophet alayhi salatu salam would teach even Abbas how to understand and how to perform proper to what could

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be mindful of Allah carry Allah subhanaw taala in your heart, nevertheless, you can protect Allah, He doesn't need your protection, you have other lives, you're protecting his status in your heart. That's what this means. So that you don't ever lose that connection. And that understanding Yeah, felt good, you'll do the same for you and he'll protect you and you'll keep you.

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You do that for you. You keep it you protect the status of Allah on your heart, and you'll find him always in your way. I mean, he's always on your side. If you ask, ask Allah first. And if you seek aid seeking aid, and Allah subhanaw taala first, and know that at the end, no one can benefit you if he does not want you to be benefited. And no one can harm you if he does not want you to be harmed, or if you hated UCLA and there is nothing to be written after this, which I've just thought of all, all the ink on the on the pages of dried. And this is the final this is the bottom line is what he's explained to him it is the bottom line.

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When Allah subhanaw taala spoke to me, it's about eating. And you go to the beginning of suits, or suits when he is about you.

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18 Musella keytab or Gianna, who they live in East La Isla El Cerrito in Duni Joaquina. The first thing they were taught through Saudi cinema, the purpose of why they were going to be taught or what they're going to be taught through Musashi salaam, in terms of the sort of in terms of, I'll tell you, the women do any work here that you would not choose, aside from me will kill, you would not choose a trustee other than me, it would always depend depend upon me, but they didn't learn that piece. And when they were told to enter the gates of Jerusalem, they couldn't. When they were told to open the gates of Jerusalem and enter, they couldn't do it. And they said have entered a book of

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aquatera they stayed where they were, because they didn't have the ability to make that decision.

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You find, even when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was being spoken to in the Quran. So in the same Surah, when he pointed out to him that if you make certain mistakes, or if you decide to Mala G do raka be hearing Joaquina you won't find anyone to be a trustee better than us if you make certain mistakes, or if you decide, even the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam being pointed, if you don't make the right decisions. When you lose that affinity, you lose me as your trusty to be careful.

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How do we how do we, when you say has to be Allahu anamod rookie what is what is what comes with that? What comes with that. So three things come with that in order for you to perform to look good, which is probably one of the most important if not the most important, single most important

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act of worship that is internal, the single most important act of internal worship that you'll ever perform is delicate. There's a toolkit that you have as Muslims and Muslim you have Dakota, colon, taqwa, and SB and all these other dogs has a specific importance and sort of thought of as the student that kind of covers all of it. And it wasn't for time, I would go through it for you.

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But there are three things that you need to always remember. And this is important. And the earlier you learn this in life, the better off you are number one, in order for you to perform to occur. You have to be someone who is always performing doing their best. You have to be someone who's trying their best, who's exhausting all their resources and putting in all all their efforts. And if you're not doing that, then you can't use the word typical. The word could can't be used when you decide that you're not going to do anything

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This is when telecoil is usually used. You have, I have an exam tomorrow I didn't study for, I don't know, I don't know. Just just write the exam and make dua that Allah subhanaw taala shows you some mercy. But you can't use that term. You can't use that term. If you didn't, if you didn't do your part, that's not difficult, really, unless you have a very good reason for why it is that you couldn't do typical requires in it like it requires within the understanding of it, that you put in your full effort. The second thing is, is and that's the piece that most people focus on. Is the dependence in your heart upon Allah subhanaw taala knowing that no one delivers the results aside

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from him.

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No one has the ability to deliver a result besides Allah.

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That even if some people tell me Well, why would I need to turn to work? Well, if I if I know you know, the, if I know the material, cover to cover, exactly. If you can figure that piece out, then you understand Islam. Right, all of it. If you can understand this piece, then you know, this is what Islam is. Islam is this balance that you still you do your 100% And yes, you know, the book cover to cover and in your heart Mottola can you know that it's upon Allah subhanaw taala to deliver the results, that is what Islam is about. It's understanding that balance, because easily, you can still not pass easily things can can go the opposite way easily. You do your best, and then you

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depend in your heart upon Allah. And then third pieces, you accept the results, whatever they may be, whatever their results are, you accept them. You're okay. If you do well, you're okay. If you don't do well, you're okay, then what good isn't typical, if when you don't get what you want, you don't, you're in a state, you're disgruntled, or you're upset, or you're in a state of objection to Allah. So I know what cool means that your whatever he gives you, you worked really hard towards the goal, and just, you didn't get it.

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And you worked really hard and the whole time you were meant to look good and your heart to love him. But it's not difficult if you don't accept whatever he gives you a subpoena with your eye. You entrusted him, did you not? He's your trustee, you've except because you you take care of my affairs. I'll do my part. I'll try my best. I'll plan things out to the best of my ability and move forward. And I'll leave things in your hands. And whatever you choose for me, I'm good. I don't know what's best for me anyways. I don't I don't know. You're the Hakeem. You're the one who knows what's best for me. I trust I trust you fully.

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You want to understand to study his his body, his stilettos.

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Watch how he how he what he did on the night of hula how he actually got the proper value salatu salam in order for him to do here, you know,

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this is what he did. He put a lid on the Allahu Anhu in his place. But after two months of him sleeping outside, on an outside bed, like he put a bed outside and he slept in it every day, because he knew people were watching him so that when he put it in it, it wouldn't be weird. He didn't like bring a bed out one day of his urine and put someone inside outside. No, that would be too obvious. He took his bed outside and slept in it for a month or two. And they would throw rocks at him it used to lie to us when he was sleeping there. But he did this so that when the morning of his when he put it there it was it was business as usual. Right. So for two months, he would do that he would

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do this so that you're able to put a lid on the aligners please. Then he left in the middle. Right he left at noon.

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When this he No one leaves their house at noon in Arabia, you stay if I find a place where we have a little bit of shade and you stay put until the sun moves a little bit from the middle of the sky because it's deadly. He left he left. Alia salatu salam in the opposite direction of Medina in the absolute opposite direction.

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He left Alia salatu salam and he made sure that the direction he was going to go with obika There was a shepherd with sheep without go back and forth upon their trucks, I would have been for hayleigh we'd go back and forth with the with the with the sheep upon the track so that you could not you can't you couldn't follow the tracks of the camels. And then they let the camels loose.

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And they walked for two and a half hours to the top of a mountain that is surrounded by other mountains. And they went and they stayed inside a cave in the opposite direction of Medina for three days and three nights.

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That's that's how he planned that was his planning on it. He also lied to us about that. That is his form of Tilak Kurata. You salatu salam

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he did every plan this out to the best of his ability. He planned it out to perfection. Did it work?

00:19:37 --> 00:19:52

No, it didn't. It didn't work. They came they stood in front of this. They came into this cave. They stood and they stood in front of him and he just thought was dinner. And then Allah subhanaw taala just didn't grant them the ability to look down like this and see him

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that's the trustee subhanaw taala

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you want it all working that's still working. They used

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sit there in front of him and on top of the there was a person who was urinating Forgive me on top of the cave and people standing in front of the cave and they just failed to go like that.

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They just failed to look down.

00:20:15 --> 00:20:19

I always wondered what type of conversation occurred later on between them.

00:20:21 --> 00:20:31

I would have loved to listen to that conversation. When they when they discussed the fact that they were there when they find out a year later that he was actually in the cave that we stopped and

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we stopped for a few minutes and drank water and put on you need to go to the bathroom was right here in Abu Bakr were right there

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Subhanallah What do you mean they were there? Didn't you look into the thing? No, I thought you looked into the pullout didn't you? Look? No I thought if we thought it was going No one looked just start to go like this. Just look down. The worker was a Lonavala Illa Sherlockian ally.

00:20:57 --> 00:21:02

If someone decided to fix his, his shoes, just tie his shoes they would have seen us

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from calling them our new COVID-19 in LA who 32 Houma What do you think of the status of to where Allah subhanaw taala is standing by them as a third generation Allah, Allah, Allah keep.

00:21:13 --> 00:21:47

He taught this the story of Lagos to teach us you can plan everything else. But at the end Allah subhanaw taala either delivers or doesn't. It's his choice Subhanallah which is not yours. You plan things out to perfection. He did everything he could allocate. Salatu Salam, he planned it out every detail, he made sure he planned out every detail properly. And he subhanaw taala brings Qureshi and puts them right in the cave where he is and then has them walk away without seeing him. They thought they were they were gone for both the profit out of your thoughts and they thought it was over the strength like that person is being don't be sad. They caught us don't be sad. We did our we did our

00:21:47 --> 00:21:50

part has to be Allah Who enamored with it is what Allah subhanaw taala wants.

00:21:52 --> 00:22:21

The examples are many, I'll tell you this one, when he went on the journey of Israel, he went to the masjid look for Allah Salatu was Salam under Buraq. And this creature that we can all We've only heard of will never see the speed of light this. He gets there on Easter Latos RAM and Brock stops in front of the door of admissions officer. So he gets off how to use the law to his RAM. And he ties Brock, he ties him when I was gonna leave, you're gonna run away.

00:22:23 --> 00:22:56

What is he going to do? This is a creature that was sent specifically by Allah for you to take you back and forth. But he ties in money and Salatu was set up. It's almost like a reflex. They always do your part. You always do your thing, or everything in the hands of Allah. So I'm gonna do your part. Always make sure that you take your steps, the steps that what what can you do? What is your what is the extent of your effort, make sure that that is always there, make sure it's always there. That's the first piece of Tilak if you don't have that, then it's not really a call to look good anymore. That negligence and lack of care of indifference. That's not to look good. You have to put

00:22:56 --> 00:23:04

in your effort. And then you know, it's whatever Allah subhanaw taala wants whatever he gives me, I'm okay with it. He gives me what I want. Hamdulillah He gives me something I don't want Al Hamdulillah

00:23:06 --> 00:23:09

so how do you live with the workload simple number one to work good grants you courage.

00:23:10 --> 00:23:45

It grants you courage. It's actually his name's opponents. That allows you to be brave, because you know that your matters are so it's not to be reckless. It's not. I'm not allowed to be an imbecile and go ahead and do anything I want and hope for know and hope, just hope for the best because I don't know, the issue is being courageous. If you take all the steps that are required, if you do everything you can and you're not scared anymore, you're not crippled by fear of something not working out because you have to. So courage. It's it's rooted in your taqwa ALLAH SubhanA wa. And if you know who the trustee is, and you say it has to be Allah, who enamored with you and try your

00:23:45 --> 00:24:22

best, then you're someone who should be brave and should be able to take risks, calculated risks, but that courage comes from your knowing that Allah subhanaw taala continues to watch over your affairs, got confidence that you walked the earth with confidence. You're someone who who feels that No, I'm not alone. And yet, no matter where I am, or what I'm doing, I'm never alone, really. And there is someone who is watching over me and there is someone who cares about my outcomes. Even though things may go very wrong for me in life, but someone's watching over it, it will not be forgotten and it will not be let alone.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:30

It grants you the calmness that is required in this life to actually make calculated decisions.

00:24:31 --> 00:24:43

And then finally, it grants you acceptance. I can't emphasize the concept of acceptance enough. I've seen people talk about dog girl but then when it comes to acceptance, they they fall short comes to acceptance. They can't do it.

00:24:45 --> 00:24:55

They're only going to work will only work for them. If they get what they want. They get the outcome. They get the result. No, no, no. The essence of debacle is that I'm okay with whatever you give me.

00:24:56 --> 00:25:00

I worked really hard towards this. I did everything right. I didn't get it. That's all right.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:33

If I trust you if this is what you think is best for me then that's what's best for me Hamdulillah you move on because I don't know what's best for me I think I do I would like to believe that I have some idea of it but I don't know I don't you do. And if you are if this is what you think is best, it is what you believe is best for me then I accept that that's a really powerful tool to have you have no idea how powerful that is. As a human being because that means no matter how many times you fall, when 100 times you fail, you always get up again always keep on trying keep on moving forward because you know that your issue affairs are entrusted. The trustees are lucky and Subhanallah that

00:25:33 --> 00:25:39

takes care of it. You're very calm, you're a confident you feel you know, it's okay. I got this I got something else. All right, handy, like keep on going.

00:25:41 --> 00:25:56

And that's his name Subhana wa Tada. You know, what was that was that was a benefit to you. So thank you hamdulillah and just so you know, today was that Allah who was telling them all about like Allah, Allah beginner Muhammad, you know how to early you're so I mean, it's like Malachy Baraka Luffy from Sarah Manik Warahmatullah autoboca barakato

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