Faith IQ – Common Mistakes During Ramadan #11 – Being Fair To Women In Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses common mistakes made by siblings during the month of Brah, including demanding during busy months and not focusing on family time. They emphasize the importance of having time for praying and not investing too much in things. The speaker also encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel and share their videos.
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Whoa bycatch Welcome to a new episode of our series, common mistakes in Ramadan.

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And the point that I want to mention today is regarding to

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our sisters. So many times I feel bad when

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I see a lot of load put on our sisters during the month of Ramadan by demanding so many things of them during this month, to the extent that they don't have time to focus on the Nevada, I will never forget that sister who called me, she said, Chef, do you think I'm sinful because I have not read anything. And I'm a BA from the Quran, didn't pray a single Torah, we're here, and today is the 15th or so. And I'm about he said, why she's CIF. I've every day people come to eat in my house. You know, five kids and I have to take care of all of them. And it's so exhausted by the time I finish. I said, What is your husband, she kind of laughed. She said, Oh,

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he's there, I guess. You know, this is really sad. During the month of Ramadan, I expect from all couples to help one another. Please make sure that you help your wife to have enough time to reach for and to pray. You know, even if you come to the taraweeh prayer, make sure that other time you still I'll take care of the kids, I'll put them to sleep so you can have time for you to pray you're with her and you enjoy your pmla make sure that you spend time allowed her to go to attend some classes, maybe or attend some programs or even some nights I have seen couples in my community where the brother would set up right away at home, or I will be with the kids and you can you know, go

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pray with the sisters and enjoy. Maybe there is a pm night and the message that night and I'll take care of the kids. I've seen that I remember our mustard. We used to have

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like a playground for the kids. And we said in this room Yvonne we're going to designated some days were not the mothers watch the kids Fathers will watch the kids and let the mother enjoy that experience from Yvonne in domestic praying together. You know, if you're going to invite guests, that's a great thing and inshallah you will give the intention of offering people a spark but if you're going to do that, make sure that you offer help, and you be there for for her. So she will have time to pray she will have time to enjoy the experience with them Yvonne as well. In the other hand, I want to also say we should not

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invest or or or I don't want to say waste but I don't want to use most of the daytime in cooking and making food and and overdoing that inshallah with the good intention you will be rewarded for that, you know, but also I think it is important to have time for you to read important for you to have time to solve to make Salah to pray to to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala to make deker to make dua and so forth.

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Know that in this area I've found too extreme I found people said chef, my wife or or home and when Ramadan comes, you know or there's certain family Ramadan comes, they think that it is became like, you know, we don't do anything and Ramadan. Now I want this to be bounced but I think the mistake that I want to mention here is not to helping and to use most of the time in things which is mobile. And there is no time for that about that like salon, or on and Decker and learning and listening to lectures and so forth. May Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from all of us sallallahu wasallam and maybe in a moment, subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that

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you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ is not gonna lie to us and I want to

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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