When Abu Bakr (R) Upset Umar (R)

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AI: Summary © The importance of honoring the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam is emphasized, along with acknowledging one's own actions for others. The need for people to address their feelings and recognize their own actions for others is also emphasized. Consciously reminding oneself of one's actions is also emphasized, as it can lead to pride and misogyny. The importance of sharing experiences and values to avoid embarrassment and fear is emphasized, along with not apologizing for anyone who refuses to admit their crimes. A framework for rectifying relationships with others is offered.
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In flathead Makati, my brothers and sisters, there is a profound exchange that takes place between the two greatest human beings in this room after its Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Abu Dhabi there are the hola Juan he narrates about this incident between Abu Bakr and Umar, Radi Allahu Anhu ummah. He says one time we're sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anh comes dashing in with his clothes on top of his knees like he was in such a rush. He lifts it to run full speed, flustered He barges in, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sees he sees reverence Abu Bakr out of his element. And so he says ml Sahiwal confer heard of armor. Your friend has gotten into something. He's gotten himself into some drama. It's clear, he doesn't behave like this.

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And so Booker's immediately says, Yeah, rasool Allah, I was having a conversation with Omar, and it sort of escalated, and I lost my temper, and I said something I shouldn't have said, and then I regretted it.

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I messed up, I upset Omar

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Falstaff, he noticed that he upset his brother. That's already a lesson to learn.

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He did not add insult to injury, it did not take him a month or a year or meeting him coincidentally, to Janessa. At some point, 30 years later, it means I upset my brother.

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And admitting to your brother or about your brother or sister that you've upset them doesn't mean that you weren't necessarily wrong in your position that caused the argument. Some people say I don't want people to think I was wrong. And so I'm not going to admit that I've upset my brother or sister. That's not true. Even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was never unfair, he was never unjust. But at times, his wives would get upset at him. And he would tell them, I'm noticing that you're upset. It's me. That's called magnanimous character. That's called leading by example. That's called True prophetic manhood as a quality, not just gender specific. When he used to come to

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it, shut up. Delana. And he would say,

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Oh, I wish I know when you're pleased with me. And I know when you're upset at me very famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, meaning without you even admitting it, I noticed it.

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When you're pleased with me,

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you say, I swear by the Lord of Muhammad, when you need to swear and I'm on your good side, you swear by the Lord of Muhammad. And when you're upset with me, you say by the Lord of Ibrahim, it's the same Lord but I swear by the God of Abraham.

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She appreciated it so deeply. She would say, Ledger OMA Andrew, inasmuch, believe me, I'm only giving up in those moments, the use of your name, meaning you never left my heart. I'm just trying to like, express my frustration. But he noticed, and if he noticed, then we got to notice because he wasn't wrong. And if the whole world is upset with the Prophet SAW Salem, it doesn't harm him yet he's still noticed, and he still made people realize that I care about your feelings. So Buckley cared about the feelings of Omar has nothing to do with the issue they were arguing about, I upset my brother and that is not right. Then he continued to say, yeah rasool Allah I regretted what I

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said. And so I rushed to his door and I knocked on his door to seek an apology to apologize to seek his forgiveness. And he shut the door in my face

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so Why did Obama shut the door in his face? Or Omar was not ready to forgive him?

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When you want to repair a relationship, it's not on your clock. Sometimes some people most people need time to forgive others right or wrong

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it's not like oh I apologize they didn't accept the apology right their problem now right or wrong? These are people think these these with this sort of self centered mindset know some people need time you know, even leave now have you thought about the Allah Juan, this is true. And of course, some other factions may sort of misuse this hadith, but the hadith is true. He got upset at Abu Bakr so he did keep it to himself. He still pledged allegiance to him after the prophets death, but he got upset because he didn't yet know why. How did you guys vote on a leader without me like I'm the profits cousin. People are talking that I'm like a nobody like I'm just I'm chopped liver. I was

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busy washing the prophets body. La Salatu was Salam and you

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I went and had a council to pick the leader without me. He wasn't asking for leadership, but he was asking to at least have some be regarded. I deserve that much and he certainly did. It was only months later when Al Booker's visited him in his house to pay respects to the loss of fought them out of the Alana. He explained to him I was trying to prevent the Civil War the same way you had to watch the Prophet's body. It couldn't wait. I had to interrupt this infighting from happening, and they forced it on me. And that's when our ally you know, the other one, publicly now resumed his relationship with our bucket. People need time. Why did Yakov Ali salaam tell his sons when they

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said, oh our Father, forgive us at the end of the story, after everything they've done and decades of lies and cover ups? They said seek forgiveness for us our father Yahuwah Salam said What, sir, as far as the federal law calm, I shall in the future. Why in the future, some scholars said he wanted to wait to make sure they were genuine. You've lied before, right? One of the reasons could be I'm waiting for the end of the night to pray for you right before veggie the best time. It's not clear. One of the reasons could have been I got to wait and see. You got to prove it to me not just hey, I'm sorry. Take it or leave it. I got to see it. So people no matter who they are, deserve to be

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given time after we hurt them. To find it in their heart to forgive us.

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Maybe they're just not ready and we have to accept that. And so when he said this to the Prophet SAW Selim, I knocked on his door and I and then he shut the door in my face. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me May Allah forgive you? I will buckler. May Allah forgive you. Albuquerque. May Allah forgive you, oh, Bucher, he reminded him of something that is even better than the forgiveness of Omar. If Allah forgives you, everything else is solvable. Right? They will eventually forgive you or Allah will compensate them on the Day of Judgment. But why did Abu Bakar go? I want you to think about this. I will Bucky knows that. Not the Allah Juan. Yes, a reminder

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helps refresh it. But he knows that because he escalated it to the province, Australia. I'm not complaining of aroma, but one thing a resolution he was asking for the profits help to get her Omar to forgive him. He wanted Omar to forgive him.

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And that is the whole issue. The number one ingredient to repairing our relationships. You have to want to do it. You have to really want it. Want resolution.

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It's not tit for tat it's for Allah. No such thing is like having a nice life. The Prophet SAW Salem even said lace and Walsall will McAfee. You want to be in Allah's eyes. Someone who kept ties with family that's not the person he said I'll McAfee who reciprocates you did good by me. So I'm gonna do good by you. You ignore me. I'm gonna ignore you. That's not him. That's not her. He said well, I can allow sila men either boatyard Rahim Allah who was Allah. The one in Allah's eyes, who is the keeper of ties is the one that when his family severs ties with him, he insists, he keeps wanting keeps trying to rebuild ties with them. And it's not just family. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam reminded us that all of the believers are a single brotherhood. And before him Allah did in the Quran, subhanho wa taala. And he said, enamel made me know that

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the believers are no less than a single brotherhood. For us little been awakened, so reconcile between your brothers mend those relationships between your brothers, it's gonna take work, you gotta want it, it's easier to damage things than to repair them. So rectify with your with your brothers, what type Allah And fear Allah if you want His mercy if you really want it, then you want to reconcile between your brothers and sisters in Islam.

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And then also what you learned from the bucket here is that when he sought it from the Prophet SAW Salem, you should also do that go tell someone who can help I mess up can you help? That takes crushing the ego a little bit more, right? Even in this scenario is when Islam permitted harass or lying. When it doesn't come at the expense of anyone's rights, you're allowed to sort of Islamically defined white lie, not culturally defined white lies. That is when you're allowed to lie because of the greater benefit of keeping that fabric intact and solidifying it. What we know in this hadith as time is chasing me off the member now and other narrations that sort of fill in the rest of the

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pixels behind this picture. Is that Omar after he shut the door in Abu Bakr his face and Al boquerones Running complaining to the Prophet SAW Selim seeking his assistance.

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Abu Bakr Omar then regretted it.

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I shouldn't have done that. He came all the way over here. You Millie did himself in a sense at my door

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So Omar went to Abu Bakr his house, what a beautiful companionship they had. He went to his house and he didn't find him there.

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And Omar is a wise man. He knows that our book is so dear only exists in two places. Either he's at home, or he's in the masjid with the Prophet SAW Salah because no other place. So he went running to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he entered and when he entered, the Prophet SAW Salem His face changed, became visibly angry. He refused to make eye contact with Omar Omar is coming to everything later. So Allah Allah

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and the Prophet SAW Selim kept repeating your brother comes to your door and you don't forgive him. Abu Bakar himself comes to you, and you don't forgive him to the point that Abu Bakr Siddiq himself, the one who came complaining falls to his knees and repeats twice yeah rasool Allah Anna can to avoid them, and can to avoid them and I can to avoid them. I mean, who I was more in the wrong than him. I was me it was me. He felt bad for his brother. And that's, that's called the bare minimum. By the way. You can be upset at whoever you want.

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Even justifiably. But when your brother or sister are in trouble, there are rights you must dispense to them. When they are in need, you're still obligated to be there as the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam reminded us the right of a Muslim upon any Muslim when they give salaam you return this lamps right when they die you pray on them when you they're sick, you visit them.

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When they ask you for advice you advise them sincerely in goodwill of the rights is that when they're in trouble, you come to their aid, whether you like them or you don't.

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And so the Prophet SAW Selim continue to tell Omar and tomb tadi Cooley Sahibi, won't you leave my companion alone?

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They're all his companions. But compared to Abu Bakr, that's a league of its own of companionship right? between first and second place, there is too much of a distance Won't you leave my companion for me? I came to you and said oh people I am the messenger of Allah. And you meaning in general said you lie. And Abu Bakr said you said the truth. And he supported me in those days with his wealth and with his family, leave a bucket alone.

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And in that is a final lesson for us all. When you get upset at someone that does not give you the right to forget their virtue and to color them all with one brush. Nobility is recognizing the virtue, the history, the merits, the value of people, even when there's a rift, even when there's friction between you and them.

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give people room to be human, even if they were ever book about the Allah Allah gymea a cola COLA that was stuck for Allah Allah.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala manana vivadent Shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa de julio Shadi Keller, who are shadowing them, Mohammed Abdullah, who whenever you are a solo, there is really so much more beauty. This is like a snapshot of the splendid nature of the true sociable brothers fill in the gaps as best you can, inshallah will be done in three, four minutes with me, let's bear a little bit of tightness so that our brothers and sisters don't have to bear standing altogether outside.

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This is just a microcosm, a sample of the swab

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of Abu Bakr and Omar. And so it is a reminder for us all I cannot imagine there being someone in the messenger today, who cannot spend two three minutes in their car on their way home or back to work or wherever you need to get to, and not see a place where you can apply this right now with someone close or a little farther from you.

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That's what we do right? When we say Dena Seraph and Mr. Team so rapa Latina and underlay him The path of those you favored, you should intend by that Abu Bakr.

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That's of the earliest people that should come to your mind. Because Allah said, Whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, they're going to be with those whom Allah favored and Allahu Allah him from the prophets was Cydia clean and he is the utmost so deep within this OMA he is the greatest of severe so when you say and I'm telling him you mean so do you mean Abu Bakr

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Oh Allah allow me to be a little bit like Abu Bakar gives me the strength Oh Allah, to stop telling myself the relationships over give me the strength Oh Allah to make it work we've seen through Abu Bakr and Omar that our Dean gave us a framework where it can be effective and it has been effective. So my brothers and sisters rectify your relationships, never submit to the whisper that

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It's over. It's not over. So long as we have a breath left in us to rectify our deen we will rectify our relationships with Allah with them with me later Allah Oh Allah forgive us for not only you know about us, oh Allah ends the wars and conflicts and cycles of tensions within us all Allah protect us and guide us and guide others through us. Oh Allah grant us life so long as you know that life is good for us and put us to death whenever you know that death is better for us.