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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the various ways people can contribute to charity, including donations, activism, and engagement groups. They express pride in the restrictions placed on certain groups and the importance of empowering them directly. The speaker also mentions the need for a real commitment to support projects that benefit people and empower people outside of their own communities.
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Can I give my zip code to the Dow and Islamic organizations?

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Well, yeah, there is one that you can give it to is called the willow au fund and we take donations and Mashallah, everything that makes you happy, that's fine. Now let's be serious. As I lost pounds, Allah has specified for very, very specific groups, mostly the poor, but not exclusively. And a last resort October says, in the midst of the alternate football on a second and weapon in Civil War free civilian law, Allah does actually mentioned eight specific categories, different types, different jobs, and one of them is and those in the path of Allah and write the vast majority of scholars, this is always referring to those who are the Mujahideen who are in the time of war, needing

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support, etc. However, some scholars a small minority, they try to interpret this feasibility in the path of alliances super general sense. And they basically said, well, because there are some early narrations that refer to feasterville, as the Hodge, acceptably according to a mathematic and a few others, that for the women, of course, Hajj is a Jihad as you know, then they kind of extrapolated from that that may be today, it doesn't just mean Jihad any can mean then other good ventures, and feasterville is Tao when you call them to Allah Fie civilian, and so on and so forth, and then extended from dalla to charities, and then from charities to, you know, any kind of public services

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and all kinds of, or civic engagement group, whatever. And this is nonsense. To be honest, I'm very, very strict on this myself, I'm with the majority. And I have my own opinion on this as well, it is not permissible to give it to Tao organizations, not to say thank you, not to Automarketer not to me, not to any charity, not to any dollar organization, other than what it should be given to the seven to eight categories that are mentioned and I in hand to hand as best as possible in a cash form, and to empower them directly. Listen, it's it's a shame, I'm starting to see that our community is starting to become quite stingy. When it comes to general charity, which is trying to

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write off everything that we give as far as if like, Listen, I've given 2.5%, that's enough. And the believer really, they have set up to show that they go above and beyond the obligatory 2.5%, we have to not say, Well, I'm not going to support a project unless my Zakat goes towards it knows the kind of goes towards the people who deserve it, as well as given an array. And then the rest of the things that we need to support all those great projects that help people in all different kinds of way doesn't have to be charities per se, but those people who are helping others with great ideas and education and public services, whatever will support the ourselves real test real short of our

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wealth, a real kind of commitment from us outside of our azekah our basic sadaqa General knuffel sadaqa. So please do not give us a cut to these organizations only today categories in the eye

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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